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Monday. The day Elena had been dreading for weeks. Monday was the day she was going to be introduced to Reno of the Turks, the man she had filled in for when he became injured by Avalanche. She had heard many stories about the 'Redheaded Turk', as people so kindly said it. He was sharp witted, cunning, arrogant, and worst of all, a flirt.

Though Elena got the feeling he wasn't going to be doing any flirting with her. In fact, she would have been surprised if he didn't hate her guts. A female rookie, filling in for him. Of all people.

Life as a Turk was about to get a hell of a lot harder-that she knew for sure. But she wouldn't let herself fall prey to the caniving jaws of Reno. Not on her life. No, she would prove her worth as a Turk to this man-he would soon accept her for who she was.

Yet she couldn't muster up the courage to knock on Tseng's office door. Thoughts, worries, kept encircling her restless mind, and each time she attempted to knock on that door, something faltered inside.

"Elena, come in."

Seemed like she had been saved by Tseng. She was growing rather fond of her boss, actually, though she couldn't place why on her life.

Elena swallowed her nerves down, silencing herself, before opening the door and entering the room in a manner that made her appear snobbish.

To her surprise, she didn't catch sight of any signs of red at all. She was alone in Tseng's office with...Tseng.

"Sir...?" The simple statement was enough to start up the raven-haired man, who was straightening his tie and clearing his throat.

"Tseng." He was surprisingly picky when it came to titles, and Elena had been having trouble remembering that little fact. "The first thing you should know about Reno is that he is always late. If he's ever early, you make sure to tell me, alright?"

It seemed a bit of an over-the-top thing to say, but Elena knew better than to argue with a superior. And she was becoming too curious as to what this 'Reno' was like to even bother questioning him.

"Yes Si-Tseng." Unfortunately, her reply came out as a mere squeak-a sound she was glad Reno wasn't there to hear. Instinctively, to stop it from reoccouring, she cleared her throat, but the reaction ending in a chesty sounding cough that only embarrassed her further.

"Take a seat." Tseng finally offered, motioning towards the chairs that faced his desk, and after watching her stand awkwardly in one place for the past minute.

It was an offer that she took without hesitation, though as soon as she did so, the office door burst open in unison.

"Where's the Rookie?"

Elena turned 'round to observe the face she would soon grow to know. His was a strikingly handsome face, with mischevious aquamarine eyes that glinted knowledgibly at her own. His carefree smirk was framed by two crescent moon tattoos and a small scratch, camouflaged beneath his shock of fiery red hair that trailed down his back in a ponytail. By the slightly exhausted look on his face and the scratches and bruises evident on his face, she could tell that he had been healing well from his injuries.

Reno was really a sight to behold. Elena had never seen anyone so...unique.

Reno scowled then. It wasn't anywhere near as satisfying as his smirk, although neither of them comforted her in the slightest. He looked both furious and disgusted.

"That's the Rookie? Shit Tseng, I know you said you got a female, but you didn't mention the word girl. She's...puny! Looks more like a florist than a Turk. Heh, I bet she couldn't strike up the guts to kill a fly!" His scowl morphed into a grin, though it didn't make the slightest difference to Elena. "How pathetic."

Elena might have been nervous, jittery and quiet a few moments ago, but she could never stand for someone saying such things about her. You could call her a feminist, in fact.

Faster than a stroke of lighting, she stood up and grasped Reno's uninjured wrist, twisting it so that his entire hand was paralysed. "Was my sister as pathetic as me?" She spat, her chocolate brown eyes darkening into a mask of rage.

For a brief moment, Elena thought she witnessed Reno wince. Though just as she thought she was on top, her arm became forced around her back, making her instinctively want to let out a gasp of pain. She held it in, to her relief, but she couldn't ignore the sharp shooting pain that was flowing through her body.

"Your sister," Reno murmured into her ear, "Was a Turk. You are..."

"A Turk in training." Tseng was her lifesaver. She really didn't know how she'd cope without him. "Reno, release her. She's learnt her lesson, correct?"

The fire that burnt in Elena's heart was too fierce to be put out. She wouldn't-couldn't let it overrun her body, but she couldn't extinguish it, either. Not yet.

The glare she burnt into Reno's endless blue ones were full of pure hatred, and a silent promise that she would make him pay for what he had said, some way or another.

"Correct." She replied, not releasing her glare until Reno's lanky body became seated next to her.

Elena hated this guy already, and she was certain he shared those feelings. Life as a Turk was going to be tough with him around.

"Elena." Tseng began, glancing sternly at the woman as if to express the serious of the situation. "I have arranged a schedule that you are to use in your training. I have placed it on your office desk, though I will briefly explain. As Reno is your most experienced and unoccupied superior, he will be your personal trainer every Monday and Friday until he considers you a professional Turk. This will include gym, shooting, and self-defence lessons for both of these days, which will make up a total of 3 hours each day from 3pm until 6pm. Unless of course, Reno sees it fit that you require an extra hour or two of training each day. Is that clear?"

Life as a Turk just got a hell of a lot tougher.

Resisting the urge to smack her head against the desk, Elena gave a slow nod in reply. The loathe was blatantly evident on her face, however, and Reno couldn't help but sneer at her.

She gave a huff, but didn't deny him an answer."Clear as crystal, Sir."

"Tseng." He corrected her yet again.

"Rookie, let's get one thing straight." Reno followed up, shuffling deep into his chair as if in preparation of a long and important conversation. "Tseng wants you calling him by his first name, but I on the other hand, don't accept that from a Rookie. You gotta earn the right. So you call me 'Sir', 'kay, Rookie?"

Elena felt sick rather suddenly, as she realised the name 'Rookie' would be coming up a lot from now on. And she couldn't stand names that made her feel inexperienced-even if she was.

"Yes Sir, though I'll have to insist that you call me by my proper name. That's Elena, just to let you know."

Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! You've just earned yourself a big talking to from the bastard now, idiot. Elena realised the moment the words came out, and she cursed herself in every word of every language she could think of.

Reno looked at her in a patronising way, though she could see it in his eyes that he was surprised with how outright she had sounded.

"That's another thing you gotta earn, Rookie. And if I were you, I'd shut your mouth. Unless you're a fan of sit-ups, 'course."

Reno's threat shut her up instantly. She knew this guy had complete power over her position as a Turk. Now she really regretted talking smart-ass to him. Things were gonna get lengthy in the gym room this afternoon.

"Yes Sir." Elena replied, all hints of pretentiousness gone. She wouldn't let herself stuff up any more than she already had, nor would she let herself appear any more of a fool.

Reno rewarded her with a proud and patronising smirk. "That'a girl. Now run along and go do the stack of paperwork I put on your desk."

He was talking to her like one would to a pet dog, and she hated it.

"Yes Sir..." Elena sighed, leaving the office as silently as a mouse. A mouse was what she felt like. Small, annoying, weak and insignificant.

And it was all thanks to Reno. Ten minutes and she felt like she already knew every inch of the guy. So predictable.

Or so she thought.


"She's got one hell of a temper, Tseng." Reno commented, leaning back in his swivelling chair. "Why'd ya choose her?"

The raven haired Wutian scrunched up a piece of scribbled paper and sighed heavily. "I've seen her many times before-she is a very capable woman. Gun even suggested her to me, a fair while back. And her temper...It could prove to be useful, if she can learn who to direct it to. It's a very good quality to have for interrogations. The fact that you share it too, however, isn't exactly perfect...although I'm sure you'll both learn to get over it."

The two of them chuckled, though it was mostly to break the tension, and then sat without a word in companiable silence for the next few moments.

There was a lot of work to be done, and in little time. The Turks and Scarlet were heading to Gonanga the following morning, and Reno wanted to make sure Elena was ready for anything.

"Reno," Tseng added, in a tone that seemed almost sheepish, "I'd like you to call Elena by her first name, if you don't mind."

Reno smiled, soft enough for it to go unnoticed. Tseng had just implied a lot more than that.


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