'Ello fellow readers :3

I'm really sorry to say, but I don't think I'll be continuing this anymore :/ Who knows, maybe in the distant future...*gets shot* DD:

The reason is that it's almost been half a year since I've updated, and I just don't know how to continue. I can't find the information I need . Lazy bastard I am .

However, I will be writing a chaptered Relena called "It's Not Over", a fic that I'm enjoying writing and actually has a future. Chapter one is posted, if you're interested xD

So, I'm sorry again to all those who read this ;-; And I'm also sorry for if you were hoping for this to be an actual chapter...Ohmai D: SORRY!

In fact, I think these author's notes aren't allowed to be posted as full chapters. –cough- Well, FF can pull this story down for all I care ~_~

Bye for now~ 33