Hey everyone! I have just found my log in details for this account, which is my old account from when I was in high school - which is officially no longer being updated as of 2017 (though seeing as my last update here was 2009, you may have guessed that already!)

If you'd like to read my more recent fics, you can find me at the following websites:

AO3 - booksblanketsandtea (this is my main account for my writing).

Wattpad - booksblanketsandtea (I tend to only post my favourite stories that I've written here).

Livejournal - booksblnktsandt (updated infrequently).

- booksblanketsandtea (updated infrequently).

I will not be deleting this account, so any fic currently available on this account can still be read (though keep in mind that some of the fics are incomplete and abandoned). However, I am toying with the idea of re-writing Love Stays the Same, which was my most popular fanfiction and still holds a dear place in my heart (and I still have the plot sitting all planned out in my head, so if I do come back to any old stories, it will be this one). If I ever do decide to return to that story (or any others) they will likely be re-written entirely rather than added to, as these stories were written when I was a teenager and my writing style and ability has changed dramatically since then. If I ever return to a story, I will update the original on this account by adding a new chapter which will include a link to where I have posted the new version (likely my AO3 account, which is my main account). I will be posting this message to my most popular stories so that on the off chance I do get around to re-writing or completing them, people will know that they will be posted to my current account and not this one (though again, I'll update said story with a link to the new posting).

Please note that just because this account has been abandoned does not mean my fics are not my own - I will not tolerate anyone stealing my fics and posting them as their own. I spent many, many hours on these stories when I was younger, and they are important to me as a part of my own personal history - as a way of looking at my writing and seeing how I have grown since then. So feel free to enjoy these stories and share links to them - but please do not copy and take them.

Thanks very much for everything guys - I really appreciate the support, the reviews and the love you all shared with me. You helped me become a better writer, a better reader, and a better fan - and I'll always be grateful for that.

Signing off from this account for the last time!