Chapter 9: Dancing, Drinking and Decisions

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Coach Masen

I woke up early the next morning with my arm around Bella. Her back was pressed into my chest as I listened to the little noises that Bella always made while she slept.

I propped myself up on my elbow and looked down at her sleeping face. A small smile was forming and I wondered if she was starting to wake up. Very quickly, I shifted my lower body, hoping that if she was awake that she hadn't felt the fucker that would not go away. Yeah, I referred to my cock as the fucker. As always, when I was around Bella, I was hard. It was like I was a teenager all over again, dreaming of my English teacher. Maybe I just had a thing for English teachers? No, it was definitely just Bella.

I turned over onto my other side, facing away from Bella, trying to think about anything other than fucking the sexy woman next to me. Soon after I moved away, I felt Bella's body moving around behind me.

"Oh my god," Bella whispered with a groan. "What is wrong with me?" She whispered again.

I didn't know if she knew I was awake or not, but when I spoke my voice startled her. "Everything okay?"

Bella jumped slightly and let out a sigh. "Yeah, I'm… good." A few seconds later, Bella moved off of the bed and grabbed her overnight bag. "I'm gonna go take a shower."

"Okay," I replied, wondering what had Bella all flustered.

After Bella was finished I took my shower as well. We met everyone down in the hotel lobby. Everyone piled in Emmett's truck to go to breakfast. The girls made plans to spend the day at the mall, though I knew from the look on Bella's face that she was not looking forward to that. The guys were just going to a movie or something close by, since we were dropping the girls off.

I knew that Emmett was ready to get some answers as soon as Bella and the girls got out of the truck.

"So… what the fuck man? You're just going to sit there and act like a fucking girl… being all quiet and shit?" Emmett began, which made me and Jasper both laugh.

"I don't want to hear it," Jasper said. "Bella is like a little sister to me and I really don't want to hear about-"

"We haven't even done anything," I interrupted. "Are you guys seriously going to ask me this shit every time? I don't know what else to tell you other than the fact that Bella has labeled us as 'good friends' and I can't get the girl out of my fucking head twenty-four hours a day."

I had strong feelings for Bella, not just sexual, either. Yes, she turned me on just by walking into the room, but there was so much more to her. I had hope that one day something more would happen between us, but with my future being undecided at the moment, I really didn't know how to handle the situation with Bella. How could I start a relationship with her when there was a very good chance of me leaving Forks to go back to playing football? It would just make things harder for both of us.

"Well, sorry asshole, but you're with Bella all the fucking time… so of course we're going to assume something," Emmett answered.

"Great," I groaned. "Rose and Alice are probably doing the same thing you're doing right now… but making it fifty fucking times worse for her."

I didn't want Bella to be pressured. If things had to stay this way between us, then I would be happy with whatever I got from Bella. I knew that if Rose and Alice made Bella question what we were actually doing, it would cause her to back off and I didn't want that. As hard as it was to hold myself back from the things I wanted to do with Bella, I really enjoyed what we had. I really never knew I could be friends with another woman the way I was with Bella.

A couple of hours later, after wandering around town, we met the girls for a late lunch. Each one of them had a few bags, all of which looked fully loaded. Bella blushed when I grabbed her bags to put them in the truck.

"Did you have a good time?" I asked as we took our time walking into the restaurant to join our friends.

"Yeah… but now I need a nap," Bella sighed, letting out a small laugh.

"Me, too… we didn't do very much, but I'm exhausted."

"Oh, please… you try going into every store in the mall and trying on tons of clothes. Then you can say you're exhausted," Bella teased, nudging my arm with her elbow.

I opened the door for her, smiling crookedly as she entered.

We enjoyed our time with our friends; however, Rose and Alice had to make the comment that I was stealing Bella away from them, preventing them from having enough girl time. I was shocked when Bella pretty much told them she would rather be at home watching movies with me rather than shopping. Rose and Alice knew Bella loved them very much, but from what I could tell and from what I had heard previously, Bella had changed quite a bit since her parents' deaths.

After we finished lunch, we headed back over to the hotel. Bella convinced everyone that we should rest up for a bit, considering we were going to be out pretty late. We had plans to go to a few clubs after the concert and I really couldn't wait to see Bella's dance moves. I was sure she would be the sexiest woman I had ever seen on the dance floor. Her body was unlike any I had seen. She was perfectly proportioned… amazing breasts, long legs, a toned stomach, and curves that I wanted to run my hands over.

Bella and I both slept for a couple of hours before we got up to start getting ready for the concert. I dressed casually – khaki shorts and a t-shirt. Bella on the other hand, was fucking hot as usual. She blushed almost instantly when she walked out of the bathroom, dressed in a pair of sinfully short shorts and a black tank top. My hands literally shook as I watched her move across the room, brushing her long strands of hair. I didn't know how I was going to keep my hands off of her that night.

"Ready?" I was finally able to speak after watching Bella put the finishing touches on her hair and light make up. I loved that she didn't wear a thick coating of make up like most of the women I had dated. She was a natural beauty and didn't need anything to enhance her features.

Bella nodded and grabbed her jacket, slipping her arms in. Without thinking, I pulled the jacket over her shoulders, assisting her and trying to be a gentleman, although I wished that I could "accidentally" graze her breasts. I seriously thought she was trying to kill me. Her cleavage was visible as the top she wore was tight across that area. Fuck… what was I going to do?

"Oh, hey… can I give you my money to put in your wallet? I don't want to carry my purse, but Rose said we're going out right after the concert…"

"Don't worry about it… I've got you covered for tonight."

"I can't let you do that," Bella groaned. One thing I had learned about Bella, she did not like anyone paying for her. The entire way to Portland, she insisted on paying for gas, even though I would have been traveling down there anyway, so it didn't make a difference to me; plus, I wanted to "provide" for her. I was afraid it was just because I was offering, but Rose and Alice assured me that she was the same way with everyone.

"Yes, Bella… you can. I found out that you cancelled my card with the hotel and placed the bill on yours… am I right?"

Bella blushed, looking down at her feet as a small grin crept up on her face. "Yes," she admitted shyly.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the hotel room gently. "Well then, your drinks are on me tonight."

Bella and I waited in the hotel lobby for our group. Emmett was driving all of us in his truck. I didn't want to take the bike, knowing there were going to be a lot of drunk assholes out on the road after the concert.

Rose sat in the front seat as Emmett drove. Alice and Jasper were going at each other as though they were fucking teenagers, so Alice was perched in his lap in the backseat with me and Bella. Bella smashed herself against me as much as she could, considering she didn't want to go anywhere near Alice and Jasper's lovefest, or whatever the fuck it was.

I didn't mind at all that Bella sat so close to me. I caught myself glancing down her shirt a few times and mentally argued with myself, knowing that I could get caught and then it'd be a really awkward situation.

Emmett hit just about every bump he could, trying to break up Alice and Jasper, and it worked a few times, though most of the time it just caused Bella's body to jerk awkwardly next to mine. When Bella's arm accidentally flew into the air, landing on my inner thigh, I just about came in my shorts. Damn it, she was so close to where I wanted her hand… so fucking close.

We had to park pretty far away from the concert area. It was actually at an outdoor theater that was tucked away behind a thick bunch of trees. Carolina Liar was one of Bella's favorite bands and she was very excited as we walked towards the theater. Bella and I walked ahead of everyone else, both of us wanting to get a good spot.

Every now and then, Bella would trip or stumble over a rock, which caused me to reach out and grab her hand. "So you won't fall…" That was my explanation.

"Thanks, Edward," Bella said softly. Her face blushed once again. With every blush, I felt like maybe she wanted me like I wanted her. I hoped that was it.

Ms. Swan

There were so many people at the concert. I never dreamed it would be this jam packed. We were an hour early, but it looked like several people had been at the theater all day camping out or something.

Edward was still holding my hand once we reached our location as we searched for a good place to stand. I couldn't wipe the goofy grin off my face as I realized that Edward Masen was actually holding my hand. I thought I was past my teen years, but that time in my life felt like it was happening now. I had not crushed on any guy the way I did with Edward.

We finally found a good spot, pretty close to the stage, but off to the side. The guys left us for a few minutes while they searched for the concession stand that was selling bottled water. And that's when the questioning started.

"You look like you're in a daze or something, Bella," Alice giggled.

"Yeah, sweetie… are you okay?" Rose asked sarcastically.

They knew what I was thinking and feeling. I didn't want to admit it yet because I felt like as soon as I admitted it, things would start to become complicated.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I mumbled, looking around at the crowd.

"We're not going to tease… or pry information out of you… just admit it, though… you like him," Rose said with a serious face.

I groaned and looked up at the sky. "Yes… I fucking like him. I have the biggest damn crush on him and it's really embarrassing because I'm just making a fool out of myself."

Rose and Alice's smiles grew. Alice clapped her hands together and Rose nodded, grinning smugly at me as if she was saying 'I knew it'. Of course she knew it, though. It was fucking obvious, but I just hoped that Edward didn't know.

"Okay, that's all we wanted to know. We'll drop the subject now," Rose said calmly.

Yeah, I bet they were just going to drop the subject. If I told them I saw a hot guy at the grocery store, they were ready to help me hunt down the mystery guy to ask him out. Me crushing on Edward…? That would not be forgotten.

The guys came back with water for us a few minutes later. I thanked Edward as he handed the bottle to me, grinning crookedly. He definitely knew how to charm the pants off a woman. That smile would make me do just about anything. And yes, I do mean anything.

The band finally came out and did a short intro before starting their series of songs. I loved their music and was so excited when Emmett told me who was playing. Edward stood behind me as we listened to the music. Emmett and Rose and Alice and Jasper were in their own little worlds. And I guess you could say Edward and I were also in our own little world.

Just as my favorite song was about to be played, a tall ass man and his tall ass wife stood in front of us, blocking our perfect view. Edward looked around us, shifting me to his side, hoping I could see then. I didn't really care as long as I heard the music, but it was still irritating.

Edward squatted down beside me suddenly and tugged on my hand to look down at him. "Get on my shoulders."

"I can't do that! What if I hurt your bad shoulder?"

"It's fine, Bella. I promise."

I had never been on a man's shoulders before. I remember vaguely, riding on my father's shoulders. I didn't want to put too much weight on his shoulder, so I resisted at first, but Edward insisted. I awkwardly climbed onto Edward, feeling so nervous because… well, his freaking head was between my legs. And just as Edward stood up, wrapping his large hands around my thighs, Rose had that fucking smirk on her face as I looked down.

I rolled my eyes and looked away from her, still feeling so self conscious and nervous. I didn't know if Edward was trying to break me or what, but his hands slowly moved down my legs, where he ended up holding my calves. Just feeling his hands roam my legs turned me on more than ever before.

Rose and Alice ended up sitting on Emmett and Jasper's shoulders as well and as soon as Rose was level with me, she leaned over and whispered, "Well, his head is between your legs… too bad he's facing the wrong way, huh, Bella?"

My mouth hung open in shock and though the sun was already setting, my face burned like I was standing right next to it. "You… I can't believe you're going to-"

"Love you, Bella!" Rose squealed with excitement. She was excited over me being so flustered.

Edward moved his head slightly, looking up at me. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah," I answered, nodding my head. Edward grinned before turning back to the stage.

I looked over to Alice and Rose who couldn't stop laughing. Silently, I mouthed 'bitch' to both of them, which made them laugh even harder.

"You love us, Bella!" Alice giggled. Emmett and Jasper both rolled their eyes, probably knowing what I was being teased about. I was extremely surprised that Emmett hadn't joined in on the teasing.

Every time I felt that Edward and I were getting closer, things would pop into my head, making me wish I could pull myself away from him. I still cringed every time I thought of him telling Lauren that I wasn't his girlfriend and we weren't 'fucking'. I don't know why it bothered me so much, but it did. For once I would love to see the skank be jealous. I wished that she was right…

One of my favorite songs was playing and everyone was encouraged to sing along, making it very loud. Edward reached up and patted my side, tickling me slightly. My legs were against Edward's sides and I could feel the vibrations of his deep voice singing along. Everything about him was sexy.

Save me, I'm lost
Oh lord, I've been waiting for you
I'll pay any cost
Just save me from being confused
Wait, I'm wrong
I can't do better than this
I'll pay any cost
Save me from being confused
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for…oh lord

To any strangers, we looked like a couple. Not just at the concert, but at home as well. I wasn't even paying attention to the concert as I thought about the past month, spending all my time with him. Edward and I ran together in the morning, cooked dinner together, watched movies at night and during the day, if I was at school, he would keep me company. It wasn't normal for a guy to spend all of his time around a girl if he wasn't interested. The thought of Edward actually liking me thrilled me.

As the songs continued, I absentmindedly ran my hands through Edward's hair. I had never done this before and I really wanted to. His hair was silky and I loved the way it felt between my fingers. Edward leaned his head back slightly and I looked down, finding that he was smiling with his eyes closed.

"That feels good," Edward said. I could barely hear him, but I could read his lips. God, his lips…

I had to get down. I felt like I was crossing lines that we had yet to set up, though we both knew they were there. I was letting myself get too close to him even though it's exactly what I wanted.

I stilled my movements, but leaned down just a bit. "Can you let me down now?"

Edward look confused, but nodded. He awkwardly maneuvered me, reaching behind him and pulling me down to his side. His arms and hands were wrapped around me as my feet hit the ground and he continued to hold me close for a moment.

"Are you okay, Bella?" Edward asked, his warm breath tickling close to my ear.

I stood on my tiptoes, leaning against him. "Yeah, I was just afraid you might be getting tired."

"Bella…" Edward groaned. "Do you think I'm a little shit or something? Like I'm not tough enough for you…?"

I knew that Edward doubted himself a lot, especially when it came to his strength. A major football franchise wanted him, and he wasn't even willing to give it a try, just because of his doubt.

"Of course I don't think that, Edward!" I replied quickly, wrapping my arms around him to pull him closer to me. "I'm sorry… I didn't mean it like that… I mean you're just about the strongest guy I've ever known…"

Edward's arms squeezed around my body and I felt his lips against my forehead. "Well, then stop treating me like I can't take care of you. Okay?"

I was still in shock from Edward's mouth being against my head. I mean the kiss on my hand just about caused a heart attack and having his lips against my face… holy shit, it caused my knees to go weak.

"Okay," I agreed breathlessly.

I spent the rest of the concert leaning against Edward's chest. I ignored the looks from Alice and Rose because I knew I would blush even more than I already was. Once the concert was over, we walked silently back to Emmett's truck. It was dark and I could barely see anything, but Edward grabbed my hand like he did before.

Emmett drove us back to the hotel. We wanted to change before we went to the club and I was actually determined to impress Edward. Alice and Rose both wore strapless short dresses, but I wore jeans, heels, and a black tube top that Alice insisted I wear. It definitely made my boobs look bigger, which was a good thing, I figured. I wore my hair down; it was wavy because I didn't straighten it out. Once I had a little bit of make up on, I was ready to go. Alice and Rose were still getting ready. I knew it would be a while until they were done, so I walked downstairs and found the pool area. Nobody was there, so I sat down and leaned back in one of the chairs as I waited for everyone.

A few minutes had passed when I heard the gate open. I turned around and I'm sure my eyes bulged out as Edward walked towards me. He had changed into jeans and a gray button up shirt with the top buttons left undone. The sleeves were rolled up to his forearms. And his messy hair… it was messy and so freaking sexy.

I must have looked like a fool as I stared at him. Edward grinned as he moved closer to me.

"Hi," Edward said.

"Hey," I breathed. "Is everyone ready to go?"

"No… Jasper said the girls need twenty more minutes."

I laughed and rolled my eyes as I stood in front of Edward. "That figures…"

I felt Edward's eyes roaming my body and I suddenly felt underdressed. "I forgot my jacket upstairs," I said softly as I moved to walk past Edward, only he grabbed my arm, stopping me.

"Here you go," Edward said as he handed me my jacket. "Rose said you forgot it in the room and I… I didn't want you to get cold."

"Thank you," I said, my voice so low that it came out in a whisper. Edward moved behind me, helping me get the jacket on. I turned around to face Edward, wrapping my arms around myself as a cool breeze blew through. "Edward, I-"

"Come on guys!" Emmett yelled from the doorway, interrupting my brave attempt to be honest with Edward. "They're actually done earlier than expected!"

I sighed and closed my eyes, completely frustrated because I knew I would never get the courage to actually ask Edward how he felt about me or tell him how I felt about him. Edward ignored Emmett as he stepped forward, leaving little distance between us.

"What's wrong?" Edward said, his voice low and rough.

I shook my head and smiled slightly, trying to ease the tension. "Nothing is wrong… I just have a headache."

Edward reached his hand out, the back of his hand ran along the side of my face. "Are you sure? You don't seem to be running a fever, but… maybe we should just stay in?"

"I'm fine, I promise."

"Come on people! I'm ready to dance!" Emmett boomed. Edward and I both laughed as we made our way inside the hotel.

An hour later, I found myself pressed up against several people as Rose and Alice practically dragged me out on the dance floor. The guys were sitting at our table, drinking more than they needed to. I opted not to drink because we needed at least one sober person to drive us back to the hotel. Though dancing was not my favorite thing to do, I had fun with the girls. We had not been out like this since they visited me last spring, so it was nice to do something fun again.

The entire time we were dancing I kept glancing over towards Edward's direction. The stupid waitress and I assumed a few of her friends were hanging out around our table, blatantly flirting with Edward and the guys. Emmett and Jasper kept flashing their wedding rings, but of course Edward was single so they knew who to hit on. That and they actually recognized him. When one of the big boobed, blonde, slutty girls pulled Edward to the dance floor, I cringed and hurried to the bar. This sober thing was not going to happen. Not tonight. Not after seeing him dancing with another woman. What would hold him back from being with someone? I didn't show him that I was interested in him, so I had completely lost my chance.

I grabbed my ID out of my back pocket and flashed it at the bartender as I ordered a beer. I took a big drink and immediately made a face. Beer really tastes nasty. Rose always says it's an acquired taste, but no matter how many times I tasted the crap, it sucked. As I took another drink, I felt a body pressed into my back.

"I heard that you hate beer…" It was Edward and he was whispering right into my ear. I wished more than anything I could get drunk and forget this entire night. "So I can't understand why you're sitting over here drinking this shit when you could be out there dancing."

I stared at the shelf of liquor in front of me. "I don't like dancing."

Edward placed his hands on either side of me on the counter. "I think you do…" he said so close to my ear that I felt his lip graze the top of it.

I shuddered and breathed deeply. I wondered what had gotten into him. Edward kind of flirted with me before, but this… this was different. This was so freaking sexy. I couldn't even begin to explain the ache I felt just because of his voice.

"Come on," Edward said softly, tugging on my arm. When Edward pulled on my arm, my stool spun around so that I was facing him. He smiled crookedly and grabbed my hand, pulling me off of the stool, crashing me into his chest. "Dance with me?"

I nodded as Edward led us out into the crowd of people. I didn't even concentrate on what song was playing. It was loud, there were tons of people around and all I could think about was the way Edward's eyes stared so intensely at me.

Edward held me close, moving our bodies with the beat of the music. When I felt too overwhelmed because of his stare, I broke free of his arms and turned around, leaning against his chest. His hands moved down my sides, stopping when they reached my hips. We began moving again and oh my god… I could feel every inch of him. Every inch. My eyes literally rolled into the back of my head.

We took a small break, in which Edward consumed more alcohol. He was absolutely wasted by our third time out to the dance floor. His words were slurred and he leaned on me most of the time. I knew it was time for us to go, but I was really enjoying the way I was so relaxed with him.

I wrapped one arm around Edward's side and led him to our table. Rose and Emmett were making out and Alice and Jasper were having a drinking competition. I was the only sober one, considering I only took two drinks of my beer. I took Emmett's keys as we made our way out of the club. The girls and I sat in the front and the guys in the back. I kept glancing in the rearview mirror. Edward was directly in my line of sight with a sloppy, drunk grin on his face the entire time, staring right at me.

I pulled up to the front of the hotel so that my drunk friends didn't have to walk too far. They all mumbled their thanks as they exited the truck, but Edward didn't get out.

"You're nottttt walking in by yourself," Edward slurred.

I let out a quiet giggle, shaking my head back and forth. "Okay," I sighed. "That just means I'll have to drag you even further to our room."

"I can walk just fine, Bella," Edward retorted, drawling out my name.

I was afraid to park Emmett's huge truck in one of the tight parking spots, so I ended up having to park at the very back of the lot. Edward stumbled out quickly, walking around to my side. Even drunk, he was still trying to be a gentleman.

"Let me help you out," Edward mumbled as I slid down to the ground.

"Thanks, Edward… but I'm fine. Let's get you to bed."

"You're going to bed with me?"

"Well, we're in the same room," I answered as Edward wrapped his arm around me. I slid my arm around his back, gripping his side as we walked.

"I never drink this much. I hope you don't think I'm a fucking asshole now," Edward groaned.

I squeezed his side and looked up at him with a small smile. "I don't think you're an asshole, I promise."

"Bella, you're beautiful." Edward ceased walking any further, stopping right in front of the hotel doors. "Really fucking beautiful, and I don't think you realize it."

I was so relieved that the lights weren't bright where we were standing, and also that Edward was drunk. My face was beet red from hearing the man that I considered the sexiest man alive call me beautiful. Fucking beautiful.

"Thanks, Edward," I said shyly.

I tugged on Edward, pulling him into the building. We didn't say anything on our way up to the room. I felt claustrophobic in the elevator, feeling like the way I felt about Edward was completely visible to him. I needed to get out of there as soon as possible. Thankfully, we were only on the fourth floor, so the ride wasn't too long.

Edward still had his arm around me as we approached our room. He looked like he was going to pass out anytime. I felt awful because I should have made sure he didn't drink too much. I would have wanted my friends to help me out like that. Instead, I sulked at the bar and tried to distract myself as much as possible so I didn't see him with another woman.

I wanted him. And I didn't want any other woman near him.

I felt around in my pants pockets, trying to find the key card, but remembering I didn't grab mine.

"My back pocket," Edward slurred.

Very carefully, I reached my arm around him, slipping my hand down the back pocket of his pants. Temptation was overtaking my mind as I had to pry my hand away from his ass. I was never one of those girls that looked at guy's butts. I just didn't really care about that asset. I was more likely to notice their eyes or smile or voice. However, with Edward, I wanted to rub my hands all over him, including the exact spot where my hand was now.

Edward's breathing hitched noticeably as I pulled out the key card. "Find it?"

"Yeah," I said, letting out a long breath as I moved to pull away. Edward stopped me from moving, placing his hands on the door behind me, essentially trapping me.

"Bella," Edward whispered my name as he bowed his head down, his mouth inches away from my neck. I felt his warm breath move across my sensitive skin. I let out an involuntary gasp as his mouth made contact with my collarbone. His tongue darted out, licking my skin at an excruciatingly slow pace.

My arms automatically wrapped around Edward's neck as I ran a hand through his hair. There was no space between our bodies as Edward pushed me further into the door. I wanted him so badly. More than I ever expected.

I had a choice to make.

That choice was being distracted by the way Edward nibbled my skin.

The choice… do I allow this to happen? Edward was drunk and I didn't want to be a drunk fuck that he had. I wanted him to remember this… to know what was going on. Was he just doing this because he was drunk and horny?

I needed to make my decision very quickly because I couldn't take much more of what he had to offer. I either had to stop this right away, or all hope was lost as my will quickly crumbled.

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