Not So Secretly Secret

By MadnessinmyMethod

Author's Note: So this is the first of 26 prompts in the Fairy Flash livejournal community ABC challenge. Links can be found in my profile if you want to check it out or give it a try. Basically I'll do what I can to go with the prompt and as an added challenge all of these are going to be LevixGazille (some more obvious than others) and will have some sort of badly kept secret... hopefully. Anyway, I have no idea how I went from "adventure" to "dungeons and dragons" but I did. Enjoy.

Prompt One: Adventure

Deep within the dark recesses of Magnolia Town—i.e. somewhere along the main road—there lies a small, hidden shoppe—big store, can't miss it—where the most secretive of secret activities take place—everyone knows about it. A few select members of the Fairy Tail Guild, along with a scant helping of your average, everyday folk from town gather for one purpose. These noble men and woman converge to play the most ancient and celebrated of role-play games known to man: Dungeons and Dragons—or, as it is more colloquially called, D and D.

Naturally these activities are a great secret (see above). Members are selected and cultivated through an intense screening process and even a deep passion for this most elegant sport is no guarantee of entry.

Today we join two young mages of Fairy Tail, who like many others were completely unaware of these secret and often nocturnal activities. May I present you, Levi McGarden and Gazille Reitfox.

What exact circumstances led to these two walking down one of the main roads of Magnolia town together at the exact same moment are irrelevant. Though if you are particularly curious, I will say that it involved several rubber bands and Natsu.

Suffice to say Levi and Gazille were walking. Both of them rather irritated to be sure, but nonetheless walking in a general direction in each other's company. There was very little conversation due to aforementioned irritation, but as that gradually wore away both came to realize that they rather enjoyed the quiet walk—the silent commiseration and companionship.

After turning down another one of the main roads in Magnolia, Levi felt the last of her "rubber band and Natsu"-related anger subside and stole a quick glance at Gazille. His features were still tight and contorted due to his rather volatile temper. Levi opened her mouth to say something when she was interrupted by a rather loud explosion from down the street.

Much like how frequent explosions made Fairy Tail, and by proxy the town around it, particularly unique, the fact that Guild members tended to run towards explosions rather than away from them also aided that pursuit. And, as you have most likely guessed by now, Gazille and Levi sprinted off quite swiftly towards the source of the explosion.

The smoke had cleared when they arrived on site and an explosion of a different kind had already begun to take place. An explosion of shouting. "For the last time, Erza, you are not allowed to use your actual magic when we play D and D!"

"Your logic is not sound!" Erza thundered back. "You just told me that Simon is a highly skilled mage even stronger than me and further more is the enemy. The only feasible solution was to eliminate him while he was still getting his bearings and was relatively unstable!"

Levi tore her eyes away briefly from the horrifying scene to exchange looks with Gazille before glancing back at the devastation before her. Erza, ex-quiped in some of her finest armor, was pointing a sword down at the throat of a rather plain boy from the town, presumably Simon though one never could be sure. Around her were mostly other town folk and maybe a minor mage or two that Levi was not entirely sure she recognized.

The entire party was coated in a fine layer of dust which was probably from when Erza blew out the wall with her magic. A bit of rubble along with game pieces and a ten-side die were scattered haphazardly out into the road.

"If we leave now, we can pretend we were never here," Levi whispered to Gazille.

He nodded blankly. "Good call."

And hence they scampered.