Title: From Far Away

Author: Jagged Scars

Pairing: Pending

Status: Work in Progress

Rating: M

Wanted: beta reader

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

Summary: Harry has lost his reasons to stay in his own world. His magic takes him to a world called Middle Earth. He finds himself in new life and perhaps even a new family. HP/LOTR crossover will be slash.

Welcome to the seventh Installment of From Far Away: Questions

In ten minutes they were all going to die.

There was a tension that hung in the air. A tentative calm that threatened to break at any moment as everyone waited breathless for the End to start. Thunder roared outside their shelter, echoing in the distance, like an enraged lion.

Harry stood grimly overlooking the crowds gathered within the Great Hall, scared but determined to make a stand in these last few hours. Emerald eyes took in the too young faces. The grayed expressions and the white knuckled grips, these children were too young to be fighting for their lives.

Ron was mumbling under his breath. Hermione was attempting to lose herself in a thick tome. Harry had taken to playing with his wand, twirling the slim wood around his fingers trying to keep his hands from shaking. His heart pounded in his ears drowning out the low murmurs circulating around the room. The emerald eyed boy forced himself still. He needed to calm down or he would be useless.

Dean Thomas was in the corner messing with a drum they had found in an abandoned room within the castle, but it was Neville Longbottom how actually started the chant.

"We are the dreamers who fight for our freedoms and we are the fighters who will not die. We are the children who play in the shadows and we are the ones who are left behind. So come all you worriers we'll march to the anthems and come all you fighters we will prevail. God help the souls who should fall during battle. Protect all our loved ones should we fail. "

Slowly it grew. Starting low before gaining volume as more people joined in, encompassing the hall with their voices. There was no turning back now. In five minutes the Wards of Hogwarts would be no more and moments after Death would be upon them. But not, Harry smiled grimly, without a fight. The emerald eyed boy signaled to Neville, Luna, Ron and Hermione.

"It's time."

They could hear the hum of the Wards crackle in the air. Magic saturated the air till it almost seems to be tangible, pressing down on them with a chocking force. Harry stepped off the elevated platform the teachers' table used to sit on at dinner and into the crowd which parted before him like the sea as he made his way to the doors.

Steps, slow and confident the raven haired savior walked passed his peers. Head held high as he and his chosen people stood before the assembly.

Ron looked out at the grim crowd lips pursed in determination before he opened his mouth to address the mass.

"Running is not an option." The red head stated eyes hard stance confident.

"Hiding is not an option." Hermione continued snapping her book closed sharply.

"Defeat is not an option." Luna's whimsical smile was nowhere to be seen.

"We'll fight with everything we have and continue fighting with everything we haven't." Neville grinned viciously.

Harry twirled his wand around his fingers once more, gripping it firmly when it finished it's rotation then pumping it into the air to cast beautiful sparks. "We'll be victorious because anything else is unacceptable!" The crowd cheered in rally.

The magic in the air snapped and fizzled. A loud boom echoed outside the entrance doors. The wards had come down. They would make their stand here or they would die trying.

"Ready guys?" Harry asked.

"Yeah," Ron answered.

"On your mark…" Something big crashed into the large oak doors, "Get set…" They could hear deep roars over the thunder and heavy pounding. Giants, the five realizes just as the doors came down in a loud fall. "Go."

The elves of Rivendell were worried. Legolas could see it in the bags below their eyes and the drag in their step. He could see it in the lack of care they paid to their tasks and the general drop of their shoulders. The young prince could understand their worry. Their young charge had yet to wake from his faint two das ago and there seemed to be nothing any of the healers could do about it.

Elenion's pale face was pinched even lost to the darkness as he was. Legolas could make out the many scars that littered the child's skin. Thick. Jagged. Malicious. Even now, fully healed and nearly gone the blond could feel the dark intent behind many of them.

Torture. Elenion had said. Elenion had been tortured.

Lord Elrond had confided he had speculated as much. But to actually have it confirmed. Well… there one only so many places a man could hide before someone found him. And, Elrond had smirked, someone would find the man who had inflicted such pain upon Elenion and then that person would be in a world of delight.

That had been yesterday and the twins were itching to go out and hunt down the bastards. Legolas sighed, allowing himself to slump into his seat. Then there was that other thing that vexed him. Gray eyes sought the small pendent which hung from Elenion's slender neck, a ferocious sapphire dragon curled around some type of bird encased in glass that looked and felt like ice but burned like fire.

The dragon from his dreams.

Frustrated Legolas glared. The pendent had been pulling at his for days. Calling for him to reach out and take it. It would be so easy to steal it to kill the child. The boy was unconscious all he had to do was wrap his hand around Elenion's throat…

Kill. Murder. Steal.

"NO!" It was a spell. A thrall. He would not be so weak as to succumb. Legolas would not fall to this item's enchantments and as soon as he was able he would rid the elfing of the cursed thing as well. No doubt this was what brought about all the child's misery. Yes. Yes. That's what he should do. He would take it and hid it. No one but he would know.

Resolved, Legolas reached for the necklace, determined to rid the world of its existence only to be stopped by a small hand and an iron grip.

"What are you doing?" Elenion chocked out harshly. Emerald eyes fierce as they took in the blond, Legolas stared but did not answer. There was something familiar there.

"What are you doing?" The boy repeated angrily. The small fist applying enough pressure to his hand to snap Legolas from his daze.

"You're awake!" The blond exclaimed ignoring the question. Refusing to acknowledge even to himself how close he had been to giving in. Pulling his hand free, the blond raised it to Elenion's forehead to check for temperature ignoring the way the boy flinched and tried to pull away concentrating instead on how Elenion's body shivered. "Who is Luc-"

"Ada! Ada! Elenion's awake!" Aragorn cried from the doorway which he had just entered interrupting Legolas mid question before rushing to the elfling's side flinging himself onto the tiny elf. "Elenion you mustn't worry us so!"

Elenion smiled apologetically, though internally he was frowning eyes never leaving Legolas as he silently comforted the clinging Aragorn. Luc? The child wondered. Luc? Flashes of the fight moments before fainting against someone with blond hair and grey eyes…

Lucius. Shit.

The door opened once more this time admitting the twins.

"Little doll!" They cheered causing the emerald eyed child to scowl in response, his attentions now on the new comers.

Legolas watched as the brothers gathered around the young one. Elladan pulling the child into his lap so the family could fit onto the bed.

"How are you feeling little one?" Elrohir inquired. Elenion shrugged eyes flashing briefly back to the prince as he responded. Something both brothers and Legolas himself noted.

Sighing, the Prince excused himself knowing now was not the time for his questions. Like who was Lucius and what had he done? Where had Elenion's sword gone? How did he learn to fight like that? Where had he gotten that pendent?

Legolas frowned. He had kept a couple of things from Elrond thinking to get answers first. From what the twins had said the child was very secretive and without favor the boy was not likely to talk and if favor did not help then blackmail was just as good because obviously the boy was hiding something.

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