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Five minutes had passed and there was till no sign of Nora or George so Casey quietly inched open her door, checking if the coast was clear. She tip-toed her way to Derek's door, gave a courtesy knock, and then let herself in. Derek was at his computer and he smiled when he saw her. She sat in the chair opposite of him, gave a faint smile and then asked, "What do ya think they're gonna do?"

"What can they do? I mean really, we're eighteen. We're going to University soon, so it really doesn't matter what they say. We'll be fine."

"But, Derek, it does matter. They're our family. I know that we'll be fine. It's just them that I'm worried about."

"Casey," Derek said, taking her hand in his, "nothing they can do or say will keep us from being together."

Casey smiled and scooted her chair around the desk so that it was next to Derek's. "Aw, Derek. Who knew you could be such a romantic?"

Derek rolled his eyes, but smiled, "Yeah, just don't tell anyone. My rep is at stake here." Casey playfully punched him in the arm but he continued, "Not to mention how badly it's hurt now that I'm dating a keener."

"Der-ek!" Casey went to punch him again, but he caught her arm this time.

"You know, I love it when you say my name like that."

"Oh, really?" Casey blushed.

"Yep, always have," Derek pulled her closed to him, "And I would also love hearing you scream it in a…different setting."


Derek laughed and closed the gap in between them. They were so lost in one another that they didn't hear the footsteps coming up the stairs or Derek's door opening. What they did hear, however, was George clearing his throat loudly and Nora huffing, "Don't you two ever give it a rest?" Derek and Casey jumped apart and Casey sat back in her own chair since she had climbed onto Derek's lap during their makeout session.

"Okay, so since you're going to University in a couple of weeks, there's really nothing we can do--" George started out, but Nora cut in.

"But this doesn't mean that we're happy about this!" She sighed loudly and then turned to George. " I knew that this would happen. I told you."

"Wait, you knew?" Casey questioned her mother.

"Well, why do you think we kept you from meeting for so long?"

"Uhm, because you didn't want us to fight?" Derek said, remembering when Lizzie had told them about it during Nora and George's anniversary dinner.

"It wasn't just about the fighting," Nora laughed and then rolled her eyes, turning back to George once again. "You can take care of this. I'm hungry." She stated, walking out of the bedroom.

George sat down on the bed and then looked up at the two eighteen year olds who had confused looks on their faces. "It's just the baby," he tried to explain, but quickly gave up, switching the topic. "Okay, so I'm just going to say it. I am actually happy for the both of you."

Derek and Casey's faces turned from confused to shocked and they both stuttered out a, "What?"

"I mean, yeah, Nora and I discussed what would happen if the two of you…well happened. And personally, I'm glad that you found each other. Look at how long it took Nora and myself to find each other. Casey and Derek's shocked looks were now replaced by embarrassed ones and George looked at Derek saying, "And don't let her go, Derek. She makes you do better. You two seem to balance one another out. Which is odd but true," George chuckled. "So, anyway," he said, getting up from the bed and walking over to the door. "I'll try and bring Nora around. And Marti will obviously do anything you say, Derek. And Lizzie and Edwin will--Oh, dear. I'm gonna go check on them," he exclaimed, running out the door and shutting it behind him. Once the door was shut, Derek pulled Casey back onto his lap and started kissing her neck.

"Well, that was really nice of him," Casey said.

"Mmhmm," Derek agreed against Casey's throat.

"And I'm sure that he can get my mom to come around, right?" Derek just nodded against her neck. "Derek!" She exclaimed, reluctantly raising his head with her hands from where it was. "Any thoughts?"

Derek looked thoughtfully at her and then smirked, "Well, now that pretty much all of the fam is cool with this, how 'bout we try that you screaming my name thing--" He was cut off though by Casey punching him.




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