Quantum Ball Z

A Quantum Leap/Dragon Ball Z crossover

Chapter One: Super Saiyan

"Alright!" Goku jumped up into the air beaming with joy

Chi-Chi smiled with her hands on her hip "You can only train with Gohan if you clean the dishes"

Goku looked up at the stack of dishes and sighs "Oh boy"

"Well in the meantime, I guess I better study" Gohan sighed and went up stairs

"Awww, Chi-Chi I don't wanna wash all those dishes," Goku complained

"Then no training with Gohan!" Chi-Chi said looking angry

"Sorry" Goku started washing dishes

Goku sighed and mumbled while Chi-Chi watched him wash the dishes and Gohan studying and falling asleep at the same time. Before they knew it they were being attacked

"Goku, what's going on?" Chi-Chi asked

"I don't know. Gohan! We're going out side!" Goku shouted

Gohan barely hearing what his father said shouted back "Right!"

When Goku and Gohan went out side to see what was happening, they we're confused when they saw three mysterious people attacking attacking a nearby town and one of them from far away was attacking their house

"Dad, should we help?" Gohan asked

"Of course!" Goku cried out loud

"All right!" Gohan turned Super Saiyan and waited for Goku

Goku nods, but before he turned Super Saiyan, a blue light surrounded him and he was replaced by Dr. Sam Beckett of "Quantum Leap". At the same time he turned Super Saiyan

"What in the world is going on?" Sam thought to his self

"Dad, come on!" Gohan flew off

"All right" Sam nodded and flew off

Everything was normal with Sam and Gohan until Sam just noticed he was flying and his hair was gold

"Ahhhh!" Sam screamed in horror

"What dad, is something wrong" Gohan asked

"No" Said Sam

"Looks like they spotted us" Gohan said with anger

"Well looks like we're going to have to fight" Sam sighed

"Right" Gohan nodded and attacked the person

"Errr, who's the guy with the tail, all green and stuff" Sam asked

"Cell? I thought Trunks killed him, dad can you hold him off I'm busy" Gohan shouted

Before Sam could say anything Cell attacked and with utter disbelief Sam cried out loud

"Oh boy!"

Before Sam knew it, he was in a battle. He didn't know what to do but the only the he could do was block all of Cell's attacks with lightning speed. When he thought he was going to pass out help came, from Trunks and Vegeta

"Well Kakkarot, are you going to help?" Vegeta snickered

"Kakkarot?" Sam thought to him self then he looked at Vegeta and nodded "Yeah"

"You three are blind, you don't actually see who he really is?" Someone said

Everybody stopped fighting to only see a red light coming from a women. When it faded the woman walked towards them, giving Sam and Gohan shutters

"Kakkarot! Do you know this woman!?" Vegeta asked

"Yeah, get off my back will you" Sam mumbled

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!!!!!!!" Vegeta shouted in anger

"Errr, nothing" Sam said worried, worried about what did she want now