As Sam went back into the bathroom to throw up again, Gohan and Al were fighting about him seeing Al while Chi-Chi is silent, not knowing anything that is going on.

"You are a evil man!" Gohan said walking back downstairs.

"No I'm not!" Al shouted for the 10th time.

"Then why are you wearing all red?" Gohan asked with alittle smirk on his face.

"Well, I erm…." Al stuttered.

"Hah! You are evil!" Gohan shouted.

"No I'm not!!!!!!!!" Al screamed

Sam walked out of the washroom from puking and sees Al and Gohan arguing

"Will you two quit it!!! Al's not evil, but you do look evil!" Sam shouted

"Sorry Sam, uh Dad!!" Gohan fumbled

"Heh" Al snickered.

"Grrrr" Gohan grumbled.

"Well, who is this "Al" person?" Chi-Chi asked

"Evil" He smirked

Sam laughed for the first time in his leap "Heheheh"

"Sam are you on his side too!!?!?!?!?!?!!?" Al shouted

"Erm, no" Sam giggled

Fades to black