I own nothing! So lawyers do not sue!

This is my spin on Bella's emotions when she not only lost Edward, but also Alice……

Did she ever care?

She said we were friends….

She promised to stay by my side…

She said we would be together forever…

Friends forever….

I should have recognized the lie.

What a stupid girl I was…!

Nothing in this world is forever.

Not those beautiful lies that he told me.

Not those smiles that made me melt.

Not those kisses that I would gladly give my life for.


I should understand this by now.

But I haven't.

Am I a masochist?

Do I crave the pain of being abandoned?

Do I secretly enjoy having my heart mangled beyond repair?

There is nothing left for me now.

No one left to cry for.

No shoulder to weep upon and to soothe my cries.

No one.

Now I am truly alone.

Did she even care?

She didn't say goodbye.

She must be glad to have me gone.

After all I'm just another distraction.

Another disappointment.

He was right; I'm not good for them.

Any of them.

I tear slips out of my eye.

I watch it fall.

Another tear escapes.

I watch it fall.

They merge to become one.

Two pieces of my heart.


I won't see them anymore.

I try to see what hurts more,

Her never saying goodbye, or

He who threw me away once he was done for me.

Edward was right as always, I am too weak for them.

I'm sorry Alice.

I'm sorry that I wasn't good enough for you.

I really am.