The Letter Of Love

Ok so hey people this is my first time doing a story so please don't be to hasty. Well I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters. I also have not read any other stories so I do not know how to write so well.

As known to all Naruto fans Tenten loves Neji . So she decides to give him a love letter confessing her love.

Dear Neji. I am desperately in love with you . I have always tried to impress you .You are the apple of my smile. You are what makes my heart bloom . You make my frowns turn upside down. And I one day I wish we could kiss while the moonlight glooms . So please accept me for who I am . I want you oh so close to me .And rember this, I will always love you for life for as long as I can.

Love Tenten


Dear Tenten . I have always loved you .I had no idea you loved me back, so as as I read your letter I had to reply.I feel the exact same way about you . Lets get together tomorrow at 6:00 pm.

Love Neji

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