1. Forks, Here I Come

It wasn't a long drive to the airport. In fact, it was only long enough for my mother to step into the car, put it in gear, and roll the windows down… I may have had something to do with the small amount of time it took to arrive at the terminal... Okay, it was completely my fault. I take full blame, but the only reason I did it was because I didn't want to give Renee, my mother, any time to try and talk me out of going to see Charlie.

My mind was made up a week ago and I wasn't going to change it now.

Charlie Swan is my dad, the Chief of Police from the place I am going now. I haven't seen him in years, but I always prolonged the time I had with him. I would slow time down or I would do simple things like go back in time and redo the fun day we had before... Okay that was sarcastic. Charlie and I don't have fun, really, and I haven't had this ability for too many years, only three...

I'm sorry for lying to you, but the truth is that I hate Forks, Washington. It's so rainy there and it doesn't get sweltering hot like Pheonix. In truth, the sun never really comes out in Forks. There are some days that it does, but those days aren't often enough for my liking.

I love Charlie, I really do, but Forks just isn't my home…

You are probably wondering why I am willingly going to live in Forks when my mother is trying to talk me out of it. (Renee knows that I hate Forks. She hates it there, too.) You might not be wondering why I am going, but I am going to live with Charlie because I can't take it anymore… Which that probably doesn't make sense to you…

Okay, my name is Bella Swan and I can control time, space, and all aspects of it.

I've been able to control time for three years now. It all started when I was fourteen… But I won't get into how it happened; it's too painful… What's important is the fact that I can control time! You hear about people every day that wish they could redo this or make the day last longer, and I can do that!

It's not what you would expect, however, not how you would picture it; it isn't all it's cracked up to be… There is a downside… But that, my friend, is part of the painful part that I mentioned before, so I won't elaborate. It would probably gross you out anyways. The only reason I used it just now to get to the terminal was because I knew that if I gave Renee the chance to talk me out of going to Forks, she would have succeeded. I couldn't have that.

Renee doesn't know, about my ability, I mean.

But we were talking about why I am going to stay with Charlie… I can't take it in Pheonix anymore. I love Pheonix… This is probably so confusing for you. Don't worry, it was really hard for me in the beginning…

Not only is Pheonix too bright for my neck now, but the pain has spread to my shoulder. I miss the days when the pain was only on the crescent… And also, there are too many people in Pheonix, Arizona. Forks is a small town with only about seven hundred people living there, half of which go to the high school. In my old home, there were more people in the high school alone than Forks had in the entire town.

Smaller is better, for me, when it comes to people. On the times when I actually need to use my ability, my strength is taken away much faster. When there are more people to control along with the time, my power drains strength from me and I have to… Nevermind.

The point is that I can't take the pain that comes with the sun and I can't keep losing my energy the way I have been because of all the people. I had to get out of there. As much as I love the sun, I can't have it anymore. As much as I love Pheonix, I have to go to Forks.

"I love you, mom."

"Bella, are you sure-"

"I'm staying. I want to see Charlie," I said.

"If you ever want to come home…"

Renee left the rest up to me. "I will call. But I won't, mom. I love you."

She told me she loved me and then she was gone. She waved at me every step of the way. "Enjoy alone time with Phil," I said with a laugh. Phil and my mother had just gotten married a few days ago and they hadn't gotten to go on a honeymoon. This was the reason I used when I told mom that I was going to stay with Charlie until my Senior graduation; I wanted her to enjoy being married again. And that was part of the reason, but it wasn't the largest part.

The flight from the Arizona airport to the Seattle airport took a few hours, and it was very boring. I thought about what the first day of school would be like. I imagined that Forks High didn't get many new students; I would be a shiny, new object for at least a week. It didn't help matters that Charlie, Chief of Forks police, had probably already announced to everyone, and anyone, who would listen that his daughter was coming to live with him.

The plane landed and I looked for my dad. It didn't take too long to find him, but not because I sped up the process. That is only for needed occasions. I mean, I didn't even speed the plane trip up even a little bit even though I really wanted to.

"Hey, Bells," Charlie said. He gave me an awkward one-armed hug; he was never one to show affection freely, and neither was I. Renee told me that that was one of the things I inherited from Charlie.

"Hi, Ch- dad, how have you been?" He nodded in response. I took that as a sign that he was doing okay but not wonderful.

"Yeah, me too," I said.

Charlie packed my things into the trunk of his car, a police cruiser, and we were off. I didn't use my ability to speed this up. It may have been awkward in the car, but it was manageable; there was no reason to waste my energy now.

A few hours later we arrived at Charlie's, the place my mother and I used to live until she left him. It was exactly the way I remembered it from a few summers back when I last visited him: The white paneling was still chipping in some places, maybe even more so now than back then; the tall evergreen was still growing in front of the window that was in my room; it was still surrounded by green.


The only thing different about my new residence was the red Chevy truck parked in the drive. "Dad, did you acquire a girlfriend in the time I have been away?" I just couldn't resist.

"Uh, no, Bells, why… Oh, the truck, well actually, I, uh… I bought that for you. I assumed you would want your own transport… Do you like it? I know it's old and red probably isn't your color-"

"I love it, Ch- dad," I said. And it was true; I loved this thing. It had… possibilities.

Charlie smiled and nodded his head. He opened the trunk of the cruiser and carried my bags into the house. The best thing about Charlie is that he doesn't hover; he left me to it. I unpacked all my things and put them into drawers. I found a place for everything I had brought with me. (I hadn't packed everything I owned, even though I would be living here for at least another year and a half.)

My room didn't look any different than it had when I was a baby. The rocking chair was still in the corner of the room, the walls were still a light shade of blue, and there were still pictures that I had drawn in kindergarten on the walls. The only change to the room was an old computer. Charlie must've known that Renee would be expecting me to email her every day.

When I was done emailing Renee about how my flight went and telling her that I was at Charlie's now, I looked out my window and saw what I had already expected, darkness. I went downstairs and told Charlie goodnight after I brushed my teeth and took a shower.

Deep sleep was already over me before my head hit the pillow.

I dreamt about the horrible things that would happen at school the next day. As silly as it was, I was terrified of the coming school days. There was always a fear that someone would find out about my ability. I might be able to undo that, but once a person finds out, they will eventually find out again. Time can be changed for the moment, but when something truly important is supposed to happen, it will happen no matter what. The when may change, but the what is certain.

When I woke the next morning I dressed in a blue v-nick blouse and faded, holey jeans with blue tennis shoes. I am an unbelievably klutzy person; even tennis shoes give me grief so any other shoe type is out on most days. Some days I expand on shoe choice, but only when I feel that my equilibrium is normal. (It's never normal, but some days it is better than others.)

Before I left the house I looked in the bathroom mirror. Brown hair, brown eyes, full lips, and a heart-shaped face were what I saw. I wasn't what normal people would call pretty; the correct term would be average.

I almost slipped on the wet steps on the way to my truck… Nice way to start the day.

It didn't take longer than five minutes, tops, to get to school. Little town means little driving to your destination. This is a plus side to this town. Since three years ago, my tolerance for things that take more time than I like has been cut way short.

The office secretary, Ms. Cope, told me how nice it was that I had come to live with Charlie. You could see it in her eyes that she felt sorry for him. She handed me my schedule, told me to have each teacher sign it and return it at the end of the day, and to have a nice day.

"Thanks, Ms. Cope. I'll try," I added the latter under my breath as I left the office.

As I had expected, all the teachers in my first few classes had me stand in front of the room and introduce myself to my fellow students. The spotlight isn't a nice place for me so I made a fool out of myself every time. For the most part, though, the day was going by fast, which was uncommon for me if I wasn't the one doing it, which I wasn't.

"Hi, you're Isabella, right?" A dark haired boy from my first class had asked me earlier. It was obvious he was smart. It was a shame about his skin condition, but some guys just have acne like that.

"Just Bella," I corrected.

"Can I walk you to your next class?" I didn't see the harm so I accepted his offer. The morning went by like that. Students told me their names, but I couldn't keep track with all of them.

Jessica Stanley, a girl I met in one of my classes, invited me to sit at her table for lunch. I was glad that I wouldn't be eating lunch alone. She introduced me to Angela Weber and a few other students that were regulars at her lunch table. Eric Yorkie was the boy who had escorted me to my second period today.

There were different conversations going on around me, but I wasn't listening. I was looking around the cafeteria at the student body, which wasn't very large.

My eyes were glued to a particular table with five seats occupied. The occupants were interesting. There were three boys and two girls. The two girls couldn't be more different; one of them was tall and blond while the other was short and pixie-like with her short-cropped, spiky black hair. One of the boys was huge like a body builder with curly black hair; another was less defined in muscle, but still strong, with blond hair; the last boy was lanky, but with a subtle strength, with bronze-colored hair.

As I said, they were interesting.

What made me stare wasn't the inhumanly pale skin or the undeniable beauty that each of them possessed. It wasn't the fact that they all had coal black eyes. It wasn't even the fact that they all looked too different for this normal school situation in every aspect.

The thing that caught my attention was that they weren't human; they were vampires.

Just as I came to this conclusion, the bell rang signaling the end of lunch and the start of… Biology, as my schedule said.

It wasn't a long walk and when I entered the classroom it was already full, minus me. This teacher, Mr. Banner, didn't have me stand in front of the classroom like the other teachers had. For this I was grateful. "Just take a seat next to Mr. Cullen, back in the back," he said.

I tripped on my way to the back of the room. This earned laughs from many of the other students. I realized as I sat down that this guy was the bronze-haired vampire from the lunch table I had been staring at. I decided to ignore him as I sat in my chair. One bad vampire experience was enough for me for forever.

"Hello. My name is Edward Cullen. You must be Bella Swan," he said. I guess he wasn't having the silence. Oh well; it wouldn't hurt to acknowledge him. I nodded. He smiled. I swooned in my head, but I turned it towards Mr. Banner.

I couldn't help it when my eyes strayed over to Edward. What caught me off guard was that he was staring at me! When I tilted my head he just smiled, but I could see some frustration in his eyes. It was like I wasn't meeting some expectation that he had of me. He was also leaning towards me a little more than I liked. What was his problem? He was probably wondering why I didn't want to follow him into a dark alley so he could suck my blood.


"How is your first day in Forks High going?" He just wouldn't give up. I turned my head and shrugged my shoulders and turned back to the front of the class. It might have looked like I was immature, but I didn't care. Like I said, one encounter with a vampire was bad enough.

"You don't talk much," he stated. I ignored him. He was still leaning closer to me. It was so weird. He looked like he was enjoying… smelling me. As weird as it sounds, he was taking deep breaths kinda like a little kid does when he first encounters a scratch-and-sniff sticker. It was so creepy.

When the bell rang, Edward Cullen was up and out of his seat faster than any human could have gone out. Well, he wasn't human so that made sense. But why, after leaning towards me and trying to get me to speak through the whole class time, did he leave in such a rush? Could I have done that? No.

Gym went by fast, awful as it was, and when it was over I went to the office to hand Ms. Cope my signed slip of paper with all my teachers' initials on it. When I got there, Edward Cullen was there. He was trying to get his entire schedule changed.

"Ms. Cope, could I at least get last period gym?" He asked.

"I'm… sorry, Mr. Cullen… It just isn't possible to change any of your classes," she said. She looked to be caught in his gaze more than she should have been.

"Oh… Well, thank you for your time, Ms. Cope." He was walking toward me then. He took a deep breath again, and just as in the classroom, he looked frustrated. I wouldn't have noticed any of the times he did it if I wasn't already expecting him to do something out of the ordinary. After all, he wasn't ordinary. And I was a human, but I hadn't been ordinary for three years now, but he couldn't know that. Could he? No.

After I handed Ms. Cope my slip I headed to my truck. I passed half the student body in the hallway, and to my surprise, all five of the Cullens as well. Every one of them stared at me, watching me as I walked. They didn't make themselves obvious, though. No one else noticed. Again, the only reason I noticed anything was because I was expecting it.

They all took a deep inhale of the air around me when I walked by them. The breathing was unneeded so it struck me as odd. From the corner of my eye, I saw that they all looked frustrated. I heard Edward say, "See?" He continued to talk to his family after that, but I couldn't hear anything else he said.

I wondered what he meant by that, but they were vampires so it really didn't matter; I wasn't going to get myself involved with them.

I wasn't.

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