LOOK! HERE IT IS! The anticipated sequel to FRIEND OR FOE!!! Yep yep yep! Well, i hope y'all like this! i know it's short but you'll just have to deal! IDK when the next chap will be, depends what happens with my inspiration and the WWE...so, until then, this is what ya got..the prologue..*insert evil laughter here*

Anyways...there is a 3 month time skip from the end of F.o.F. till now...so, just be aware of that. So..ENJOY!

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PS- here's the full summary

*Sequel to Friend or Foe* 3 months have passed since Violet had to leave. Several things have changed but she has no clue. No one has heard from her since she left. Now, when she returns, how will she and everyone else deal with what they've done? and will Violet ever be able to forgive a certain someone for breaking her heart? And will her family forgive her for leaving them when things started to shift drastically between them?

You're the One


"These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do"

The cameras flashed before the show actually started. A-proximately the commercial before the show started. The camera followed a pair of black, high-heeled leather boots as they walked down a concrete hallway. Said hallway was probably identified as some place backstage. But as to who those boots belonged to, no one knew.

Jeff came out, spoke, then Cryme Tyme entered. After the commercial break they had their tag team match, which they won, followed by the promo with Chris and Big Show. SmackDown cut to commercial again. And when it returned, it showed the boots again, walking. Just walking. The Diva's match started. And during that match, the screen changed on the titantron, showing those boots yet again.

Michelle stuttered in her match and just recklessly went for her finisher. But Melina caught her and got the pin. Winning her tag team the match. Melina looked up at the titantron, to see it back to normal. The black boots were gone. But everyone had seen them. The boots. They were a sign, they meant something, but what; no one knew.

Before the commercial break again, they showed Dolph Ziggler with his 'girlfriend' Maria. After he kissed her hand and began to walk away the camera showed Maria just watching him. Suddenly, footsteps were heard. Dolph was gone, and the camera suddenly shut off, but there was still sound. "Hi Maria. Long time no see, bitch." a voice said before the camera went to static.

Dolph didn't find out what happened until after his match, when he found an unconscious Maria in the trainer's room. No one knew who did this. But they had a feeling that it had to do with the black boots.