Author's Note: This fic is a parody of the hot make-out scene between Trey Parker and Matt Stone in the movie, BASEketball. If you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend that you do, because not only is it ridiculously hilarious, but Matt and Trey are seriously fucking sexy in that movie. ;D

Disclaimer: Stan and Kyle belong to Trey and Matt, respectively. XD

Night had fallen on the town of South Park. The sky was a deep shade of blue, filled with stars that reached out in all directions, twinkling softly compared to the crescent-shaped moon that glowed beautifully against the dark sky. A small breeze brushed past the trees, leaves rustling ever so slightly.

It was the perfect romantic setting.

Which was why, on this particular evening, it was no wonder that two best friends in the whole wide world, Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski, decided to share a blanket as they sat out on the grass beneath the stars. The two friends were freezing, so they'd found it both necessary and appropriate to snuggle closely together for warmth. They shivered violently, their clothes soaking wet. Water trickled down their cheeks and dripped off of their chins. Their knees were curled to their chests with the fuzzy blanket wrapped comfortably around their shoulders.

"Hey, dude," Kyle said, turning to his Super Best Friend. "I'm sorry I pushed you in the fountain."

"Don't worry about it, dude," Stan said with a smile. "I'm sorry for getting pissed off and pulling you in with me."

Kyle returned the grin, and he and Stan stared at each other in silence. Of course, they were both aware of the fact that the way they were sitting there, so closely together, almost made it look like they were a gay couple.

But that was okay, because they were best friends, and only best friends could get away with doing something like that without it being awkward.

And it was so, totally, not awkward.

Even though, as much as he was trying not to, Kyle couldn't help but notice how Stan's blue eyes glistened in the moonlight, and how his jet black hair looked so beautifully messy. He secretly wondered how it would feel to run his fingers through it. He also found himself studying Stan's lips, which seemed so soft and inviting, and he was curious to find out how they tasted.

And that's when Kyle suddenly realized that his best friend was…kinda hot.

"Dude," Kyle said sincerely.

"Dude," Stan replied in a reassuring tone.

They stared into each other's eyes, both equally touched by the other's deep and meaningful way with words.

"Dude," Kyle said again, trying so hard to control his raging boy hormones and fight the urge to jump Stan right then and there. It was so difficult because, there he was, and there Stan was, both sopping wet…

Oh, fuck it. After all, it was dark outside… There was no possible way anybody would see…

Even though, you know, they were in a public place.

…Yeah, it's totally fine.

Kyle grinned seductively, almost as if to prepare his best friend for what he was about to do to him. He eagerly dove toward Stan then, their lips connecting in an amazingly perfect kiss. Stan immediately brought his hands up to clutch Kyle's sexy, bushy Jewfro, until his hands eventually moved down to clasp behind Kyle's neck. Their tongues quickly found their way into each other's mouths, affectionately licking back and forth, as the two boys groped and fondled each other so tenderly and sexily.

Because, come on, that's just what best friends do.