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"Why did it have to be so damn cold!" shivers ran up Penelope's spine as another cold wind was produced "It figures on the coldest day of the entire year, Esther has to break down. Ugh. Esther, me and you will have to have a little talk when I get home." She walked the next 4 blocks to the BAU feeling her face getting colder and colder every second.

Walking in the front door he goes to say his usual good mornings with a saucy "Ill show you a good morning hot stuff " reply back when he sees her face is blue and she is shivering. Her cute little nose is all red from the weather and all he can think about doing is making her feel better. That's when an idea pops in that big bald head of his! Walking over to her he takes her in his embrace pulling her hips closer towards him and kisses her passionately. She tenses up at first then melts into his arms, closing her eyes in the process. Letting go for air he presses his forehead up against hers panting slightly then he burst into laughter.

"Seems your getting heated baby girl" in between laughing Penelope opened her eyes seeing what he meant. Her glasses were completely fogged up to the point where she couldn't see anything

"Well how could I not when you just gave me some of your hot chocolate" winking at him slyly before wiping off her glasses and forgetting all about the cold weather outside


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