Uzumaki of Desire

Summary: Jiraiya has created a monster. After three years of training Naruto returns to the village as the ultimate ladies man. How will the single women of the Leaf react to the much more mature and handsome blond?

Chapter One:

It had been three long years since Naruto had been taken from his for training with the perverted toad sage Jiraiya. Every single day the elder Hokage, Tsunade thought about the little boy that had become like a son to her as she sat in the tower doing the evil paper work for endless hours. She hoped he was safe and hadn't become a pervert like his sensei or kidnapped by Akatsuki, because if he had then she was going to enjoy breaking every bone in Jiraiya's body.

"Excuse me, Lady Tsunade?" a voice asked. Tsunade looked up to see her assistant Shizune enter the room. "Yes Shizune?" Tsunade replied. Shizune smiled before continuing, "I have a report from the main gate, it seems Master Jiraiya and a certain blonde have finally returned" she smiled. Tsunade stood up and quickly made her way to the door, "but Tsunade-sama the paper work!" Shizune called after her. "Screw the paper work! I'm going to meet them" she shouted back and ran down the hall making Shizune sigh, muddering under her breath about lazy blondes.

Leaving the tower Tsunade made her way through the village, mostly ignoring those who greeted her or the shinobi that bowed in respect. She wanted to see her son and she wasn't gonna let anything stop her, rounding a corner her eyes caught the sight of familiar spiky white hair. "Jiraiya where is he?!" she yelled catching him off guard. Jiraiya quickly turned around and cover her mouth with his hand, a stern look on his face.

"Shhh! I don't want to miss this" he whispered, released her and turned back around to observe. Tsunade looked over his shoulder to see a very unusual sight. Across the street was the cold hearted14 year old Hanabi Hyuga talking with a tall blonde haired teenage boy. Tsunade watched as the blonde talked the redder the young Hyuga's face would get and how she would try to act shy while replying.

"Jiraiya who is that guy? He must have guts to flirt with one of the Hiashi's daughters like that" Tsunade spoke causing Jiraiya to start giggling. "What's so funny?" she asked confused, Jiraiya stopped long enough to crack a smile. "Tsunade, that's Naruto"

She went wide eyed and her eyes snapped back to stare at the blonde boy. Naruto was now six feet tall with blonde spiky hair that was hel up by his black forehead protector. He was dressed in a long sleeved black shirt with a short sleeved red cloak that went to his knees with black flames at the bottom. Black shinobi pants with red seals going down the sides, black shinobi shoes completed the outfit. She could tell he was very built from the muscles showing underneath the shirt and he was very skilled seeing how she felt him releasing small pulses of chakra every few seconds.

He was the spitting image of the fourth hokage now and seemed to have acquired his father's unusual natural charm of flirting with woman. She watched as Naruto talked a little more, Hanabi took out a small black marker, took Naruto's hand. She wrote something down on his palm and blushed bright red when Naruto gave her a peck on the cheek. Tsunade was stunned as she watched the Hyuga walk off before she turned her attention back to Naruto as he made his way over to them.

"So how'd you do gaki?" Jiraiya asked. Naruto smirked before holding up his palm, "Got her address and number ero-sannin" he smirked. Tsunade watched as Jiraiya mumbled about betting against blondes. Naruto grinned before turning his eyes on Tsunade.

"It nice to see you, mom" he smiled bringing tears to her eyes. In the span of three seconds Tsunade had moved from Jiraiya's side to hugging Naruto with her inhuman strength. "I missed you so much!" she cried as she hugged the crap out of him. Naruto for once was glad the Kyuubi healed him quickly as he held her in the embrace, tears spilling from his eyes as well.

"Such a wonderful scene, like two long lost lovers that have been apart for years have finally been reunited" Jiraiya smiled catching their attention. "You pervert how dare you ruin the moment!" Tsunade snarled and attempted to bash his brains in. Naruto chuckled as he watched his mother beat his sensei into submission.

"Well as beautiful and amazing as Tsunade is I wouldn't go out with her. She's like a mother to me and it wouldn't be right" Naruto voiced making Tsunade stop beating the pervert. "Beautiful? Amazing? Since when did you get so mature?" she asked with a tiny blush on her face. "You'd be surprised at what you can learn when you hang around pervy sage for three years. The guy is a pervert but he is really good at charming women" Naruto smiled.

Tsunade dropped the pervert and turned back to her son. "Did he turn you into a pervert?" she asked her face serious. Naruto chuckled a little, "I am no where near as perverted as he is. Yes I have perverted thoughts but I have more then enough control to not express them when it's not the right time" Naruto answered. "Well as long as he didn't turn you into a super pervert I guess I can accept that" she smiled and hugged him again.

"Oh yeah and I'm no longer a virgin" Naruto quickly added.


Tsunade's shout was heard all the way to Lightning Country. Naruto held his ears, trying to get his hearing back, once again glad for Kyuubi's healing factor. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR NOT A VIRGIN ANYMORE?!" Tsunade yelled again. "I met this lovely, beautiful young woman and we had a night of passion together, if I could have I would have taken her with me but Jiraiya wouldn't allow me and she had her own responsibilities to fulfill" Naruto voiced.

"Who was it?" Tsunade asked with a glare.

"Shion" Jiraiya's voice answered.

Tsunade went wide eyed for a second, "Shion, you don't mean Shion the High Priestess of Demon Country? That Shion?" Tsunade asked.

Naruto nodded


"It wasn't that big of a deal, its not like she was a nun or something" Naruto voiced not seeing the problem. "You slept with the priestess of the holiest temple in all of the shinobi nations! How is this not a big deal?" Tsunade shouted.

"She asked me to help her continue on the family bloodline so that the next priestess would be stronger then the last" Naruto replied. "You knocked her up too! For Kami's sake Naruto what is wrong with you? Your only 17 damn it! You shouldn't be going around making babies until your al least 21!" Tsunade yelled.

"Old enough to kill, old enough to have sex" was Naruto's reply.

Tsunade was mad, really mad; she was so mad that Orochimaru would have turned into a chibi, screamed like a little girl and run away as fast as he could with Akatsuki following him.

"Are you telling me that my adopted son at the age of 17 is going to be a father!" she asked in a stern voice.


Tsunade took a deep breath and calmed down. "Well at least I get to have grandkids now" she smiled a little. Naruto smiled back, "don't worry mom, when its close to having the baby I'm going to bring Shion here and after its born she's gonna stay here with me and were gonna raise the child together like a mother and father should" Naruto smiled brightly.

Naruto stretched a bit, "Alright enough of this its time for sake" he shouted pulling out the biggest and most expensive bottle of sake Tsunade had ever seen. "Where did you get that?" she asked slightly confused. "It's been here the whole time" Naruto lied. "No it hasn't" she replied but was ignored.

"Ero-sannin I challenge you to a drinking contest. The loser pays for the winner's lunch for the rest of the year!" he shouted. "Your on brat, I won't lose again like I did in Cloud Village!"

The two ran off towards the tower, Tsunade shaking her head and walking after them surprised at how much they acted like Lee and Gai.

As the trio walked off they didn't see the blue haired, white eyed girl watching them from a roof top.

"Na-Naruto-kun, has finally returned"