Latvia walked shakily down the isle, hands cramping around his bouquet of roses. He let his eyes roam freely, doing all he could to avoid the man at the alter. He spots Lithuania, the Best Man, paralyzed and wide-eyed, wanting nothing more than to leave.

Latvia turns his attention to Poland, who smiles through half-lidded eyes and shoots a thumbs up. Though a man, he'd done surprisingly well as a Maid of Honor, putting the entire event together flawlessly.

In fact, Latvia had done a pretty good job as a bride……but that's beside the point.

The point is he was no longer able to avoid it, and Latvia finally look at the terrifying man before him, his arranged partner, his husband-to-be, his dearly beloved.

Latvia's boss glances at him fleetingly as he leads the boy down the pathway, giving Latvia's shaking form center stage to everyone's focus.

He took in a sharp breath, attempting to settle his fears.

He didn't want this.

He didn't want any of this.

But he had to.

Besides…everyone becomes one with Russia eventually, right?