Chronicles of the Chosen One: Episode I: Philosopher's Stone

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I am reposting this due to reader demand. I like this series, but I feel that I'm a better writer now than I was when I wrote this, and the only reason I'm reposting it is due to those readers who have asked me to do it. I am working on the rewritten version, which will be fairly different but the main premise, that being that Harry is raised as a Jedi by Kiara, will remain the same. The second version will, I hope, be better, but this original version is for those of you who actually like it and don't seem to mind all the mistakes I made when writing it *grin*

I don't want any flames or destructive critiscism, please. My muse has been away for a long time and is only just starting to give me ideas for the second version of the Chronicles story so I don't want it scared off. I will accept constructive criticism, but please understand that this is purely a repost, so I won't be changing any of the events of the story. That will happen in the second version. I hope you all like this original version and treat it as what it is, my first effort at fanfiction, reposted for everyone who enjoyed it while I work on the second version which should hopefully reflect my more advanced writing skills which I learnt through writing Walking a New Path and Erasing History.

Now on with the story


October 31 1981: Privet Drive, in Surrey, England was quiet at night. No one was around except for a solitary figure standing in the shadows next to a large tree. This person was waiting patiently for something to happen across the road at Number 4. Soon, their patience was rewarded as three people appeared, two dressed in robes and pointy hats and one dressed in normal clothing. The three people left a small bundle on the doorstep of Number Four, and then vanished.

The person that had been waiting by the tree now stepped forward into the light cast by the streetlamp. They were revealed as a woman in her early thirties, with medium length hair, sharp, grey-blue eyes but with a calming aura about her that made people instinctively trust her. She was dressed in cream pants, with a tan tunic and white shirt underneath it, with a sash wrapped round her waist and a belt over the sash. A silver cylinder about twelve to thirteen inches long hung from her belt. A long brown robe over top of the other clothing completed the wardrobe. Any person looking at her could tell that she was a Jedi (well, anyone that had seen Star Wars), but what they couldn't have told you was exactly why a Jedi would be on Privet Drive in the early hours of the morning.

The reason for her presence was actually quite simple. She smirked as she walked up to Number 4 and picked up the bundle of blankets as well as the letter that had been left with it. As she looked down into the face of the sleeping baby within, she whispered, "Let's go home Harry", and then Jedi and baby disappeared from Privet Drive.

Dumbledore would not discover Harry's disappearance until ten years later. In the meantime, Jedi Master Kiara Lyn was putting Harry down to sleep in a cot next to her bed in her home which she called Sanctuary. She looked at him for a moment before turning off the light and going to sleep herself. Harry Potter slept on, oblivious to the fact that his life had taken a drastic turn from what should have happened, and also unaware of the fact that he was the saviour of the Wizarding World and the first of a new generation of Jedi.