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noun: the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise.

"Shikamaru! Get your lazy bum down here before I come up there and get you myself!" Yoshino yelled to her son from the first floor of their house. He, having completely forgotten that today was a Sunday, rolled on his side and got up, only to trip on his sheets as soon as he made his first step. He groaned, it was only five o'clock and his mother was already yelling out commands to him. He knew from the start that today would be a bad day.

"Coming, kachan!" he hollered back to her, not wanting to have to face her wrath if he didn't go downstairs soon. He threw on his shirt and his pants, grabbing his Jounin flak jacket as he went downstairs.

"Now, I need you to feed the deer, make sure they're all there, the usual." she said, listing each thing off with her finger.

"Yeah, yeah. What else?" he asked as he slipped on his flak jacket.

"I'm going to the market so you can probably make yourself some breakfast an-oh, I almost forgot. All of the jounin are assigned to the delegates from each nation and you're assigned to guide the Kazekage's brother and sister. Not like it's anything new to you." she said as she opened the door.

"Yeah, yeah. Ja ne, okasan." he said as he waved goodbye. He groaned, today definitely wasn't his day. First, he had to wake up at the ungodly hour of five (a time in which most shinobi were still fast asleep) just to do housewife chores, and then he had to find out that he had to drag not one but two troublesome sunans around with him.

He walked outside and looked at the still-darkened sky, the sun not set to rise for at least the next hour. He sighed, put his hands in his pockets, and set out for the mile walk to his clans' infamous deer-infested land. He looked up to the sky and sighed, only a few grey and wispy clouds in sight. It had rained just a few days ago, even though it was reaching the end of the summer, and it had taken his beloved white and puffy clouds with it.

After half an hour of walking, he finally got to the land. He performed the rat seal and began the Kage Nui jutsu, sending his shadow to lash out at five chakra strings inside of the gated land, which then set off quite a few explosive tags and sent out a volley of kunai. Feeling it was safe, he opened the gates and stepped inside, grabbing the bucket labeled "Deer Food" and peeked inside. Thankfully, there was just enough for the day.

He roamed the area in search of the deer. They most often were clumped together, as the fact that they worked in a pack-like fashion with an alpha-male and his "followers", and therefore very easy to find and feed. However, after five minutes of aimless wandering he had only come across the newest addition to the "pack".

A doe they named Aiko, who was just a few weeks old, stumbled to him and nuzzled his palm, looking up to him lovingly. He smiled and held out a handful of oats, watching in a comfortable silence as the young doe hesitantly and cautiously took a small lick of the oat. Soon enough she had finished off all that was in his hand, leaving behind a thin layer of spittle across the palm of his hand.

Moments after Aiko had finished off the oats her mother, Nasakebukai, came up to him, probably wondering where her offspring was. Nasakebukai was, ironically, near the exact opposite of the meaning of her name. As a young doe she was rather indifferent to any of the other deers' needs and left a nasty cut on Shikamaru the first time he tried to feed her, when he was around thirteen years old. When he was younger, Shikamaru once said that he was worried for her offspring simply because Nasakebukai might just kill the poor thing from being too tough on it.

However, once Shikaku had found a wounded deer nearly a mile outside of Konoha and brought him back to their land to be treated, Nasakebukai had seemingly got even more harsh and uncooperative. Shikamaru had predicted that she would try to challenge the young buck to a fight by the end of the day but Shikaku and Yoshino had both predicted that the young buck they had named Sounansha, meaning survivor, would impregnate Nasakebukai by the end of the next mating season. Shikamaru thought they were crazy and even was so sure of himself to put fifteen yen on it.

After several months, at which Nasakebukai began growing ever-so plumper and Sonansha began getting quite protective of her, Shikamaru begrudgingly handed over the fifteen yen to his parents.

"As I said before, Shikamaru, even the toughest woman is tender with the man she loves." Shikaku had repeated his mantra to Shikamaru once he stuffed the yen into his pocket. Yoshino simply rolled her eyes and smiled all too-knowingly.

"Troublesome. If I ever fall for a woman as troublesome as okasan..." Shikamaru had said as soon as his mother left to tend to some chores, trailing off as his father gave him a pointed glance.

"Haven't you already fallen for a 'troublesome' woman, son?" Shikaku asked knowingly, causing Shikamaru to pause and reconsider all of the "troublesome" women in his life.

"I already told you that I stopped liking Ino back in the acad-" he began exasperatedly, apparently having gone through this with his father numerous times.

"No, no. Not Inochi's daughter. That other blonde. The one from Su-" Shikaku explained only to be cut off by Shikamaru sending his father a shocked look.

"That troublesome woman?" he interrupted, scowling. The woman that had nearly beaten him to a pulp the last time she visited. She'd demanded a re-match and hadn't let him leave without some sort of deal. It had been late afternoon, the perfect time for napping. He'd sighed and, since the shadows were already at his advantage, gave in, albeit begrudgingly. The troublesome woman actually gave him quite a few bruises and scratches before he'd managed to get her under his jutsu.

Shikamaru smiled at the memory and went off to find the rest of the deer, Aiko and Nasakebukai trailing at his heels. Within the hour he had all of the deer fed and accounted for and was nearing home. He looked around the Konoha markets. Something was off. He knew it he just couldn't quite place it. He quickly went over all the things that had happened within the week. Nothing was really new except that the five kages were me-oh shit. He groaned and made his way to the gates of Konoha.

"Izumo! Were the Kazekage and his siblings here today?" he asked hurriedly.

"Um...yeah they just got here about five minutes ago. The brothers went to the hotel but Temari just sort of left." Kotetsu offered. Shikamaru groaned, whenever Temari just "disappears" it's usually not good.

"Thanks, guys." he called as he left for his house. I mean, as long as Temari's gonna kick his ass he mind as well get a nap in beforehand. He abled to his house but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw none other than Temari at his door. He slinked into his backyard and took the side entrance into his house, if Temari was going to kill Shikamaru he wanted his parents to bear eyewitness.

"Took longer than usual, Shikamaru." Shikaku remarked, not a question but not exactly a statement.

"Yeah, I needed to ask Kotetsu and Izumo something." he replied as he put the now-empty bucket on the kitchen table and made his way to his room.

"Hey, Shikamaru." Shikaku called after his son, who was currently climbing the stairs.

"Yeah?" he asked, inwardly groaning. He was so close to his room. He could just try to make a run for it. No, that wouldn't be smart.

"Who's the blonde girl that's on our doorstep?" Shikaku asked, eyeing her Sunan forehead protecter and the fans she held in each of her hands.

"Blonde girl? You mean Ino? You're losing your mind, otosan." he teased as he climbed the stairs. Only three steps, two if he really stretched, and then he'd be in his room. Maybe he could fake sleeping. Then the troublesome woman would leave.

"No, no. The one from Suna. The one with fishnet leggings, her hair in four pigtails. Blueish eyes. Looks like she's about to blow this house down. You should come down here and greet her properly." Shikaku teased as he watched Shikamaru trudge down the stairs and shoot him a glare. Shikaku chuckled and smiled, it was as if history were repeating itself. Shikamaru sighed, and opened the door to a rather pissed-off looking Temari. Oh goody. He knew this day was going to be bad from the moment he woke up.

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