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Chapter 1 A New Friend From An Old Past

It was such a great day. The sun was shining and hardly a cloud was afloat in the sky.

"Catch me if you can Spyro", Sparx said as he tagged Spyro on the shoulder.

"Shouldn't be a problem", Spyro responded as he took off after him.

Spyro chased him through the large village where many dragons were spending time with one another or just bartering. The village was a great place to live for it provided pretty much everything from stores, carnivals and games, residential homes, and of course, Spyro's friends.

"Hurry up slowpoke my grandma can move faster than you",Sparx mocked.

Spyro smiled then bursted into a new faster speed racing through the market. Sparx looked behind him as he heard Spyro trampling closer and closer. Sparx quickly flew down an alley hoping to speed away from Spyro. Spyro saw his plan and attempted to make it fail. As Spyro turned he saw a dragon sitting down in front of the alley. Spyro quickly tried to stop but it was too late and slid right into the other dragon knocking him on the ground. Spyro tumbled over him and fell to the ground with a thud.

Spyro quickly apologized, "I'm so sorry sir! I really didn't mean to do that! I swear!"

The other dragon just looked at him as he got up.

"Are you ok?", Spyro asked.

"Yea I suppose. What were you thinking running into me like that? Someone could have gotten hurt!", the other dragon replied. This male dragon was green and was the same size as Spyro. He looked a little less muscular than Spyro though. A bit younger too but not by much. His wings was a darker green and his horns were a bit curved at the tip. He had one white spike on each tip of his wings.

"I'm sorry me and my friend was playing tag and I guess I overdid it."

The dragon sat back down and said, "Was your friend a glowing dragonfly?"

"Yea he was actually. Annoying sometimes though but that's what friends do."

"Mind if I tag along? I'm new in this village and I really haven't gotten to know anyone yet."

Spyro looked down the alley then looked at the dragon, "Sure you can, I'm Spyro by the way."

"Nice to meet you Spyro, I'm Nestor."

Spyro smiled then he and Nestor ran down the alley. Sparx is most likely long gone now but what else was there to do? Maybe he could catch up with Sparx and introduce him to Nestor. Nestor and Spyro ran down the alleyway, dodging and jumping over some crates and supplies as if it were a mere obstacle course. As they reached the end of the alley Spyro looked around and saw a familiar face in the distance. Spyro quickly ran over along with Nestor but slowed to a fast pace as he came closer to the familiar face.

"Hey Cynder!", Spyro shouted.

Cynder quickly turned around to find out who was shouting her name. She found none other than her faithful companion Spyro.

"Hey Spyro", she said as Spyro made it to her.

"Hey Cynder I got someone you want to meet."

Spyro turned around and his new friend Nestor approached.

"Cynder, this is Nestor. Nestor this is Cynder."

Nestor smiled, "Nice to meet you Cynder."

"Good to meet you Nestor", Cynder replied.

Spyro explained, "I was chasing Sparx through the market when I accidentally ran into Nestor. He's new here so I let him tag along me until he knows the place better."

Nestor looked down at the ground when Cynder looked at him.

"It's ok Nestor. You can hang out with us", Cynder said.

"Thanks for your kindness", Nestor replied.

Cynder smiled, "It's no problem. It's always good to make a new friend."

"Same here", Spyro added.

Nestor smiled at the answers he received. Two new friends in one day. What are the odds of that ever happening to him. And it was by complete accident.

"By the way, Cynder have you seen Sparx?" Spyro asked.

Cynder suddenly smiled, "Yea he's right behind you."

"What?", Spyro said as he turned around.

Sparx just made a goofy smile and Spyro just shook his head.

"So this is Sparx?", Nestor asked.

"Yes this is Sparx. Nestor meet Sparx, the annoying dragonfly", Spyro said then made a slight laugh.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that", Sparx said.

Cynder laughed, "Well I gotta go. Nice meeting you Nestor. See you later Spyro."

"Nice meeting you too Cynder."

"See you later Cynder."

Spyro smiled then asked, "So Nestor you got somewhere to crash tonight I presume?"

Nestor frowned, "Umm well actually no."

Spyro stopped, "Whoa well that's a problem."

"Yea I know. I really have nowhere to go right now."

"Well your welcome to stay at my house for tonight. If you want."

Nestor smile, "Thanks Spyro."

"It's what friends do. Follow me to my house and I'll find somewhere you can sleep tonight."

Spyro resumed walking along with Nestor. Sparx was already ahead because he kept going when Spyro and Nestor stopped. It was mostly quiet along the way until Spyro asked, "So where did you come from anyways?"

Nestor closed his eyes for a second then reopened them, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Let's just leave it at that."

"Umm ok?" Spyro responded

It was again quiet the rest of the way there. The only noise was from the marketeers selling their wares to their customers. A few minutes later of strange quietness Nestor arrived at Spyro's home. It was average size. Windows in the front along with a small garden beside Spyro's home. A chimney was sticking out the top and a small fence was up around the home.

"We're here", Spyro said as he opened the fence gate for Nestor. Nestor thanked him and Spyro closed the fence and opened the door. As Nestor walked inside he felt like a heavy burden was lifted.

"So Nestor have you had anything to eat yet? It's almost dinnertime."

"Naw but I'm good right now", Nestor replied.

"Are you sure", Spyro asked.

"Yea I don't want to be a burden for you."

"Alright but if you get hungry just join me and Sparx at the dinner table. We usually have plenty of leftovers seeing that only 1 and a half dragons live here."

Nestor smiled, "Ok, thanks for your concern."

"It's no trouble. If your tired you can rest up in that room to your right. If you get hungry the kitchen is to your left."

"Thanks again Spyro."

"No problem Nestor."

Spyro walked into the kitchen and Nestor walked into the room on his right to rest. He laid on the couch in front of an unlit fireplace with already burned logs in it. They could still be used for another fire though. He laid there in thought about the events that happened earlier. He wondered if he should tell Spyro where he came from or not. It would be important if he told him. Eventually he fell asleep comfortably. Spyro finished cooking his meal for him and Sparx and left some out for Nestor just in case he changed his mind. Nestor awoke to the smell of fresh steak upon his nostrils. He only rolled over on the couch. Then he got up and began to walk to the kitchen. Spyro was only halfway done with his meal when Nestor walked in the kitchen.

"Hungry?", Spyro asked.

Nestor nodded then Spyro slid a plate with a fresh steak on it.

"Thanks", Nestor said as he began to bite into his meal.

Spyro resumed eating along with Sparx who was cutting his steak into smaller portions so he could eat it. In around 3 minutes Nestor finished his last bite and Spyro was almost done with his.

"Wow you must have been hungry!", Sparx exclaimed.

"No kidding! My record is 5 minutes." Spyro added

Nestor smiled, "Yea I was more hungry than I thought".

"I noticed", Spyro said as he took his last bite.

Nestor looked at his plate and examined it. "Spyro I have to tell you something. It's about where I came from."

"What about it",Spyro said as he took Nestor's plate and put it on the shelf to wash later.

"Well you most likely won't believe me but I came from the past"

"Wait a second! What do you mean by the past?", Spyro exclaimed

"I mean I traveled here through a time portal. My original home was in the Artisans home world."

Sparx butted in,"Artisans home world? Never heard of it."

"Me neither", Spyro added.

"You most likely wouldn't have anyways", Nestor said.

Spyro sat in thought about this Artisans home world. Sparx did too. Was Artisans a place that existed here a very long time ago?

Nestor continued his story, "I came here to find someone to help me and all of the dragons in the past."

Sparx interrupted, "Wait do you mean your past or our past? Ugh I'm confused."

Spyro shook his head, "Just continue Nestor. Don't mind him."

Nestor continued, "Someone named Gnasty Gnorc has attacked our home worlds and turned the Elder dragons into crystal. Legend says that a purple dragon is needed to release them from their prison. Luckily I ran into you and I must ask you for our sake save our world. Please! We need your help Spyro. If you can release the Elder Dragons, the elders can take care of Gnasty Gnorc."

Sparx asked, "How are we supposed to go back in time? There is no way our technology is that advanced."

"There is a time portal hidden within the forest west from here. It's how I got into this time period. We can use it to go back to my time."

"So you want me to go free the elder dragons from your time period?", Spyro asked.

"Yes, my while clan family would be ever so grateful if you do. We can leave in the morning if you want."

"Let's leave now", Spyro said as he got up out of his chair.

Sparx, wide eyed, said, "Whoa you mean now? Shouldn't we tell someone about this first."

Spyro looked at Sparx, "Your right. Cynder can help us."

Spyro and Nestor left leaving Sparx behind. "That wasn't what I had in mind."

They began to run to Cynders home while Sparx managed to catch up to them.

Nestor said as he ran beside his friend,"I thank you for what you are doing Spyro. This means a lot to me and my family."

Spyro responded, "It's no problem. It was getting a bit boring around here anyways."

Their running made the trip to Cynder's quicker. When they arrived Spyro knocked on her door. Spyro heard footsteps come toward the door then the door opened revealing Cynder.

"Spyro? What are you doing here?"

"Do you want to help me save a dragon clan?"

Cynder smiled, "Is this another one of your games Spyro?"

Then she noticed Nestor behind Spyro, "Hi Nestor."

Nestor replied, "Cynder there is something I need to tell you in which you most likely won't believe me at first. I came from the past and I seek help to free the dragons from my time from their crystal prisons. Legends say that a purple dragon is the only one who can break that seal so now Spyro is my only hope."

Cynder just sat speechless, "Umm … right."

Spyro asked, "Do you wanna help me free them Cynder?"

"Wait your gonna travel back in time?"

Spyro smiled, "Yea, pretty crazy right?"

Cynder smiled, "Count me in!"

Cynder could already see the gratitude on Nestor's face. Cynder walked outside and followed Spyro and Nestor to wherever they were going.

"So where are we going anyways?",Cynder asked.

"A time portal in the western part of the forest hidden among some ruins", Nestor answered.

The dragon trio continued to travel into the forest with Sparx lighting up their way. Nestor stopped a couple of times to check his surroundings then continued onward. Spyro and Cynder hung behind Nestor and Spyro explained the whole situation to Cynder. After she heard the story it was only a couple of minutes before everyone felt a power. It was more like hole in the fabric space in time.

"We are close", Nestor warned.

A couple of steps later Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx stumbled across the ruins Nestor told them about. The time portal could be seen floating beside a thick wall.

"Here it is", Nestor said. "Are you sure you want to do this Spyro."

Spyro nodded and Cynder nodded. Sparx said, "Oh what the hay."

Nestor nodded then looked at the black portal and entered it disappearing from the planet. Then Cynder entered then Sparx flew inside the portal. Spyro looked up into the night sky at the planets and moons in view in the sky then entered the time portal traveling back in time.