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Chapter 12 Good Night

"So Cyrus is the only one you have found?",Boldar asked.

Nestor nodded,"Unfortunately."

Boldar sighed,"How did you know where I was?"

"Malefor recovered a document that revealed the location of where half the elders were being held",Spyro answered.

"Speaking of Malefor, has anyone seen him lately?",Nestor asked.

"Now that I think about it I haven't seen him ever since he gave us that document",Cynder said.

"Malefor was that other purple dragon right?",Katrina asked.

"Yea",Spyro simply responded.

"Hopefully he'll turn up soon. He sometimes disappears like that from us during counsel meetings and such",Boldar responded.

The dragons continued their flight over the tree tops. Minutes passed until Artisan was in sight a few miles away. They continued to the northern bridge and landed in front of it.

"Greetings Boldar",Titan greeted.

"Greetings Titan, good to see you again",Boldar responded.

"Need me to get that arrow out your wing",Titan said as he stared at it.

"Dear me I completely forgotten it was there!"

"How do you forge. . . Never mind, want me to get it out?"

Boldar lowered his wing to Titans level,"Alright."

Titan examined the wound then cut the arrow in half with his claw. He then grabbed the two pieces then gently slid them out of Boldars wing, throwing the 2 half arrows to his station.

"That should do it",Titan rubbed his two paws together.

"Thank you, helpful as always. I'll be on my way to the counsel. I'll be there if you need anything."

Titan nodded then Boldar made his way to his destination.

"Hey Spyro",Titan greeted.

"Hey Titan. I thought you guarded the western bridge",Spyro said.

"We change up posts after a while, I assume the mission went well?"

"Well besides almost getting chopped up, blown up, or crushed by 10 tons of rock yea I say it went rather well."

Titan laughed, "Good job. Where you and your friends headed off to next?",Titan asked then looked at Katrina.

"I don't think I seen you yet, whats your name",Titan asked.


"Good to meet you. I assume you joined Spyro on his missions?"

Katrina nodded.

"Good to see some courageous dragons taking action to this war. Well I must be holding you from doing your duties. I'll see you later."

"See you later Titan",Nestor said as he walked to the counsel building.

"Hey do you know what time it is?",Cynder asked.

Titan looked at the sun,"Almost sunset actually. Meaning my shift is almost over."

"You know, you shouldn't stare at the sun",Sparx said.

"Sparx",Spyro said.

"What",he responded.

Spyro shook his head, "Let's just get to the counsel building."

The dragon trio made their way through the city and caught up to Nestor. They made their way to the counsel walking by other dragons who were in the area. In a few minutes they made it to the counsel and Nestor opened the door letting everyone in. They group walked into the living room to see Cyrus, Trondo, and Boldar having a conversation.

"I see this document looks torn",Boldar said as he examined it on the table.

"I found it like that. Some gnorcs were going to give it to Gnasty Gnorc but I stole it from them."

"Malefor?",Spyro thought as he looked in the living room to see Malefor standing next to the table.

"Spyro, good to see your back",Cyrus said.

"Good to be back. What are we going to do now?",Spyro asked.

"Well you and your friends can rest up before the next rescue",Trondo suggested.

"Who are we going after next?",Katrina asked.

"The shadow elder could be in the mines west of here. We want you to go there and find out if he is or not. These riddles are making it hard to pinpoint where they could be but my best guess is there",Trondo explained.

"Alright, we'll check in the morning",Spyro answered.

Trondo nodded then began studying the document again.

"Hey Spyro",Malefor said.

"Hey, what you been up to lately? Haven't seen you in a while."

"Trying to track down the other half of the document."

"Any luck?"

Malefor shook his head.

"Alright. Well if you need me I'll be at Lateef's",Spyro said the made his way outside.

Nestor watched Spyro leave then said,"Actually I'm kinda hungry too"

"Yea I'm starved",Sparx added.

"I think all of us could use some good solid food",Cynder said.

"Yea",Katrina added.

Nestor smiled then the four made their way outside and caught up to Spyro.

"Hungry?",Spyro asked.

Nestor nodded along with the rest.

"Hey!",a voice yelled down the road.

Nestor quickly turned around and saw Trondo making his way to them.

Trondo handed Nestor a sack with gems in it,"You'll need this to get food."

"Thanks Trondo, but I already had some."

"No take it as reward for saving the two elders."

Nestor peeked inside the sack to reveal there was actually purple gems in the bag.

"There must be 1,000 gems worth in here!",Nestor exclaimed.

"Hey not so loud. Artisan may seem friendly but there are more thieves around here than you think",Trondo explained.

"Right, sorry."

Trondo smiled then made his way back to the counsel building. The dragons made their way to Lateef's to see Lateef sleeping behind the counter.

"What to we do?",Cynder whispered.

"Wake him up, duh",Sparx said.

"But he seems to be sleeping pretty hard",Cynder responded.

"LATEEF!! WAKE UP!",Nestor yelled.

Lateef jumped up in surprise and bonked his head on an overhead shelf with pot atop of it. Lateef held his head in pain.

"Ow, jeez couldn't you have woken me up some other way?"

"Sorry, I'm starved what's on the menu."

"I'm sorry but we are closed right now",Lateef said.

"What! What do you mean closed?",Nestor asked.

"Closed as in not open right now",Lateef responded.

"But what for?",Nestor asked.

"We ran out of food. More customers have been appearing lately so I wasn't really prepared",Lateef explained.

"Well it looks like we gotta go hunt for our food",Spyro suggested.

"The eastern forest is filled with deer, start your hunt there",Lateef said.

"Alright, thanks Lateef",Spyro thanked.

"No problem, and sorry I'm out of food. The population has been increasing here since word of your actions have spread around the city so I've had a sudden increase in customers and I wasn't really prepared for it."

Spyro nodded and the ground made their way to the eastern bridge. Making their way through other dragons doing their errands, they got to the bridge in ten minutes. The dragon guarding it waved at the passerbys and they waved in return. The group ran into the woods and began their hunt. They perked up their hearing and walked through the woods as quiet as they could. A few minutes passed until they spotted a deer in the distance. They sneaked as close as they could to the deer without spooking it and Nestor pounced out of hunger. The deer quickly took off deeper into the forest with blazing speed evading Nestor's grasp.

"Good going Nestor",Katrina said.

"Agh I'll show ya",Nestor responded.

Nestor sprinted into the forest leaving the others behind. Spyro shook his head and started another hunt with the rest if everyone. Some more time passed. The sun was beginning to set and the forest was becoming darker by the minute.

"Look over there",Katrina whispered.

Spyro looked to see a big sized deer about 30 yards away. The group made their way closer to the deer as it sniffed the ground. The deer's head perked up making Spyro and the others stop in their tracks. The deer stared then started walking away. The group started their way again. The deer continued its course as Spyro got closer to him. When Spyro was close enough, he readied himself and made his leap for him with his claws out. The deer squealed as Spyro's claws became embedded into its skin. Spyro finished it quickly with a quick lash to the throat then down he went.

"Dinnertime",Spyro said as the others caught up to him.

"Finally, I'm starved",Cynder responded.

Spyro flamed the deer to cook the meat then the group began their meal. Sparx stuck around and chased any late night butterflies that happened to fly by. Time passed and it was almost totally dark when they finished their meal. Nothing but bones of the deer was left.

"I've had better meals but it was actually pretty good",Katrina said.

"You mean you never ate a deer before?",Cynder asked.

"Of course I have but not so quickly",she responded.

"Right well we better get back. It's dark and I don't want the elders to be worrying about us",Spyro suggested.

"What about Nestor?",Sparx asked as he flew to Spyro.

Spyro began walking to Artisan,"Hopefully he had his meal and is at the counsel building."

They made their way through the dark forest and to Artisan. As they got close to it Artisan was easily spotted for it's illumination under the crescent moon. The group made their way across the bridge and into Artisan. Few dragons were left on the road. Most of them were home, others were closing up shops while others just hung around. When they made it to the counsel building Nestor was spotted hanging around the front door.

"It's locked",Nestor said.

"Locked?",Sparx repeated.

"Knock on the door",Cynder suggested.

Spyro obeyed and knocked on it waiting for a response. No one came to the door.

"Maybe they went out hunting and hasn't returned yet?",Katrina suggested.

"Maybe your right. Sparx follow me",Spyro commanded as he walked into the alley beside the building.

"Yea what do you want?",Sparx asked.

"I'm gonna crack this window open and you flew inside and unlock the door",Spyro explained.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, break it?! Are you mad?"

Spyro pulled the window up to a crack,"No! I'm gonna lift it some."

Sparx squeezed through and made his way through the kitchen to hear some conversation in the living room. He flew out the kitchen and peeked into the living room to see Malefor, Trondo, Cyrus, and Boldar looking like they were having a serious conversation.

"I want to know!",Malefor snapped.

"I'm afraid I'm not in liberty to tell you!",Cyrus responded.

"Someone better start talking!",Malefor exclaimed.

"We can't tell you! It was Blazes orders!",Boldar added.

"Well from the looks of things Blaze is long gone so that is out of the question! Tell me how!",Malefor responded.

Sparx watched in awe then remembered his mission then unlocked the door behind him. Spyro heard a click then he opened the door.

"About time",Spyro said.

"Shh Spyro. Malefor and the others are having some sort of chat",Sparx whispered.

"Hey, who's there", a voice said from the living room.

"Was having some sort of a chat",Sparx said.

"It's just us",Spyro responded.

The group made their way into the living room where the conversation seemed to be over. Spyro grinned at the elders and sat down on the couch as did the others.

"So anything new that I should know of?",Spyro asked.

"Uh, well lets see, nope nothing that I can think of",Trondo said.

"Alright, so when are we gonna leave in to get this shadow elder?",Spyro responded.

"Your group can leave tomorrow if you feel like you have the strength",Cyrus answered.

"Right, bright and early tomorrow",Nestor said.

"Well I'm goin to catch a few Z's",Sparx said as he made his way to he bedrooms.

"I think all of us should",Spyro suggested as he too made his way to the bedrooms.

"Me too",Katrina added.

"Well I'm gonna study this map some more. See you tomorrow",Cynder said.

"I'm just gonna sleep right here",Nestor said as he sprawled out on the couch.

Spyro made his way into a bedroom with Katrina behind him. Spyro jumped up onto a soft bed and saw Katrina make her way through the door.

"Hey",Katrina greeted.

"Hey",Spyro responded.

"You mind if I umm . . . if I"

"No problem",Spyro said as he slid over giving Katrina some room to lay.

"Thanks Spyro",Katrina said.

Spyro smiled as she curled up on the bed beside him. Spyro closed his eyes for a few seconds then felt Katrina's lips lock onto his. Spyro opened his eyes to see Katrina then closed them again and resumed kissing her.

"I love you",Spyro smiled.

"I love you too",she responded then kissed him again. The kiss continued as it began to get physical.


Later on into the night

Cynder studied the map is if there was a test she forgot to study for the next day. The elders and Malefor went to their rooms to get some sleep while she studied. Nestor's snoring was the only thing she heard now other than the mysterious squeaking noises she heard in one of the rooms earlier. She looked at the document then the map pinpointing where the other elders could be. After a half- hour she was beginning to doze off so she decided to go to sleep onto one of the nearby couches.


The next day 7:04 a.m.

Spyro awoke to see Katrina still sleeping beside him. He smiled then quietly yawned as he carefully got off the bed to see if the others were up. He made his way into the living room to see Cynder and Nestor sitting at the table looking at the map.

"Well look who's finally up",Nestor greeted.

Spyro rubbed his eyes,"How long have you two been up?"

"Long enough to see that Trondo had some food in the fridge",Cynder said as she rubbed her stomach.

"He had food in the fridge?",Spyro asked.

"Yea, we could have eaten here last night instead of hunting",Nestor replied.

"Figures, I'll be in the kitchen."

Spyro walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge to see that Trondo did indeed have some food in it. He grabbed some meat and placed it on the grill. He flamed it to a charbroiled goodness then sat at the kitchen table to begin his meal. A minute later Katrina walked in the kitchen with a bright smile on her face.

"Morning",Katrina said.

"Morning",Spyro muffled.

Katrina made her way over to Spyro and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"So I heard Trondo had some food in the fridge",Katrina asked.

Spyro nodded as she opened the fridge. She grabbed some meat then Spyro cooked it for her. When it was done Katrina took it with gratitude then sat beside Spyro at the table to enjoy her meal. A few minutes passed until Cyrus made his way into the kitchen. He smiled at Spyro and Katrina and opened the fridge and grabbed him some steak to eat. Spyro finished his meal and cooked the steak for Cyrus to eat. Cyrus thanked him as Katrina finished her meal also.

"About to leave for the mines?",Cyrus asked as he sat down.

"Yea, once we get our armor together we'll be on our way",Spyro responded.

"Well I bid your group good safety for the trip. I would tag along but I have to stay here and help Boldar look after Artisan."

"Thank you Cyrus",Katrina said.

"May the ancestors watch over you",Cyrus quoted as he took his first bite.

Spyro and Katrina made their way into the living room where Cynder and Nestor already suited up and handed Katrina and Spyro's armor over. They put their armor on and bid one last farewell to Cyrus. They made their way outside to the morning streets where dragons were opening up shops for business. Spyro and the others made their way to the western bridge for the mines were west of Artisan. In a few minutes they made it to the stone bridge and waved at the dragon guarding it. When they made it to the grassy area they took flight over the treetops with Cynder as the leader for she seemed to know where the mines were. Cynder was first with Nestor and Sparx behind her. In the back were Katrina and Spyro. A few minutes passed and Spyro looked over at Katrina then tickled her side with his wing. She giggled in response then tickled Spyro with her wing.

"Hey stop it",Spyro laughed.

"You started it",Katrina said as she tickled him again.

"Yea but I did it once, you did it three times",Spyro laughed.

Cynder looked ahead in search of their destination. More time passed as the morning sun creeped up higher into the sky. Nestor looked around at his surroundings. He saw the mountains in the far north and south seemed to be a continuous forest. The flight continued as Spyro and Katrina were thinking about last night. Spyro looked at Katrina as he knew what she was thinking then she responded with a smile then a quick kiss. Nestor looked back and smiled at the sight then resumed looking ahead. About 15 more minutes passed. The flight was still going and Cynder was still looking for the mines as did the others.

"Are we there yet?",Sparx asked like an annoying child.

"Do you see a mine around anywhere?",Cynder asked.

"No",he replied.

"You just answered your own question",she answered.

"Maybe we passed the mines",Nestor suggested.

"It seemed pretty far out on the map so I don't think we passed it yet",Cynder assured.

"Like how far?",Sparx asked.

"Umm, I would say around 20 to 30 miles. I'm not really sure",Cynder answered.

"How far do you think we've gone",Sparx asked.

"I would have to guess about 7 miles",Cynder answered.

"Aw great. We still got probably 13 to 23 miles to go. It's going to take forever to get there",Sparx complained.

They continued over the dense forest. It was mostly quiet but for a few questions about the mines to Nestor.

"The mines used to be used to dig up gold. But a few years ago it caved in burying most of it up making trips for gold impossible",Nestor explained.

"Making it a perfect hiding place for an elder to be",Spyro thought.

The sun made its way higher into the sky. Spyro guessed they had been flying for around an hour and gone about 11 miles. The group landed to rest their wings and walked while their wings rested. Time passed then Spyro spotted the enemy up ahead. Spyro pointed ahead to a group of 4 gnorcs ahead walking in the forest. The others saw them then split up into so they would be in 4 groups. They slowly made their way closer to the gnorcs until they were in earshot. Spyro signaled for an ambush and they made their move. Spyro sprinted toward the gnorcs. The gnorcs turned around to see a purple dragon blazing toward them. Spyro leaped onto one gnorc then mauled on his face. The other 3 gnorcs unsheathed their weapons and were ready to strike Spyro until Nestor caught them by surprise when he pounced onto another gnorc like a tiger. The gnorced screamed in fear. One gnorc swung his mace at Nestor but Katrina sped up and charged into the gnorc with an ice tackle attack. The gnorcs movements were slowed while Cynder and Spyro finished off the last gnorc that was still a threat. The last gnorc still standing attempted to slice Katrina but only failed as a result of being slowed. Katrina froze him in place them broke him into pieces which slowly melted as it touched the warm dirt.

"If gnorcs were here then that only means the mines are close. Keep an eye out for it",Nestor said.

The dragons took flight again and progressed deeper into the forest. A few minutes later a busted up old mine cart was spotted on the ground. Afterwards was a few rails. Cynder carefully looked down into the forest and spotted an opening with a railway leading straight into it.

"That must be it",Cynder said as she flew down to it.

They landed in front of the entrance. Spyro looked down the tunnel and saw a few dimly lit decorated lanterns down it.

"Hey look at this",Nestor said.

Spyro, Cynder, Katrina, and Sparx turned to see Nestor looking at a operational mine cart on the rails. Then Nestor grinned at them.

"It would be faster",Nestor grinned.

"Are you saying that we ride this hunk of junk down into the depths of what mostly likely is gonna be destruction?",Sparx said.

"Yea",Nestor simply responded.

"Count me in",Cynder said as she jumped in the cart.

"Looks like fun",Katrina said then jumped in.

Spyro smiled at the group then jumped in the cart waiting for Sparx to get inside.

"Agh whats the use",Sparx said as he flew inside.

"Wait this thing isn't gonna push itself",Katrina said then was stopped by a sudden bam to the back of the cart. She looked back to see Nestor pushing a cart to give them a start down the tunnel. When they gained momentum, he jumped in the cart.

"Now don't forget about that handle sticking up beside the cart",Nestor said. "It's the brakes."

Spyro nodded then looked into the deep dark tunnel of the mines they were about to enter.


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