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The Central Times

Fuhrer Celebrates Amestris-Xing Friendship Day with Xing Emperor

The Fuhrer, General Roy Mustang, along with his personal entourage paid a visit to the country of Xing last week. In commemoration of the Amestrian-Xingese cooperative program initiated by the Fuhrer early in his term, he set off on a journey to Xing to get to know the country and its people more.

As far as his entourage is concerned, sources say that the hand-picked companions of the Fuhrer include his right-hand woman and personal assistant, Colonel Riza Hawkeye, the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse Elric, renowned automail mechanic Winry Rockbell, the Strong-Arm Alchemist Major General Alex Louis Armstrong, and military personnel Lieutenant Colonel Jean Havoc, Lieutenant Colonel Heymans Breda, Major Vato Falman and Captain Kain Fuery.

From an interview with the Fuhrer, he has stated that the Xingese culture is indeed rich and vibrant. After the said trip, he has shown interest in alkahestry, the Xing equivalent of alchemy. (Continued on page 2)


"They could've chosen a better picture." Roy commented. He had just returned from the said trip to Xing, and his weariness from the journey was evident on his face. He sat behind his desk, reading the day's paper, when he suddenly comes across a page spread with a few photographs from the trip (courtesy of Fuery). "Really, why did Fuery give that photo anyway?" He was irritated. It wasn't like it was that embarrassing though. It just so happened to be a picture of him fiddling with chopsticks while everyone was happily eating. It wasn't embarrassing at all; it was…

"But it was just a photograph of everyone eating," Riza reasoned out, trying to make Roy think of it lightly. "There's nothing to be ashamed of, sir." Roy shifted his view from the paper to her face; he did not look pleased. She didn't understand what the fuss was all about. Roy opened his mouth as if to speak, but quickly decided against it. He sighed instead, folding up the paper into its original two partitions, and then halving it, making it smaller. He carelessly plopped the newsprint onto the edge of his desk, alongside other documents that he had already finished reading.

Roy sighed. "You don't get it, do you, Colonel?" He slumped into his seat. It may have just been a photograph of everyone eating, but it's… just. My pride! It's hurt; the whole population of Amestris will see before their very eyes, how the Fuhrer, the man who is supposed to lead their country and be all-knowing, cannot handle a pair of stupid chopsticks. Damn chopsticks. Why didn't they just use spoons and forks instead?!

"I'm afraid I don't, sir." Riza replied. "But I'd be willing to listen to your side, if it makes you feel better." After working with this man for so many years, Riza has already learned the ways to dealing with his moods. In fact, she could as well as write a book about it. "A Dummy's Guide to Dealing with Roy Mustang"—But that would be a different story.

It was July 4th, three days before the anniversary of Amestris and Xing's Friendship. It had been two years now, since both parties' consensus on keeping a friendship and cooperative with each country. Amestris was to help Xing, and Xing was to help Amestris—be it military service or anything else; something—anything friends would do. So it was like that. On the first year of the Amestrian-Xingese friendship, it was the Emperor who visited Amestris. Of course, I had to show him around—though he had already stepped foot on the country some time ago, it was only proper to give him a formal tour. He was pleased, and so was I.

This year, it was I, on behalf of Amestris, who visited our friends at Xing. It was a rather tiring journey—imagine having to cross the desert! If it weren't for my companions and the thought of representing Amestris, I would've… actually, no, it isn't like me to just die off in the desert, right? I've been through worse--anyway, we were warmly welcomed by the Xingese people. We were taken to the capital, where the Emperor resides.

Will you believe me if I told you that Ling kid from before—yes, that one who eventually became Greed—finally became the Emperor? Well, Fullmetal couldn't believe it at first either. It came as a surprise for everyone, I guess.

Ling of the Yao clan was the Emperor of Xing. He still had his men (and woman) old Fu and Ranfan with him, just as I had Riza and everyone else. He ordered his subjects to give us a change of clothes, despite us bringing our own; the clothes were made of silk, I believe. A few hours before dinner, we had the chance to go around the city. Xing was definitely vibrant and lively, and judging from the architecture and surroundings, they still keep pride in their history and traditions.

We got back to the Imperial Palace by sunset, and as expected from the Emperor (and Ling himself), dinner was a feast. Hundreds of dishes were served, consisting of only the best in the Xingese cuisine. Seafood, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, rice, soup—everything! There was such a wide variety that I couldn't even remember what the dishes were called.

"Wow, I've never seen so much food since I got my body back," Alphonse said happily, eying all the different dishes that lay in front of him. "I wonder which one I should try first~" He was ecstatic; after all, it had been years since he last tasted food, and one or two years of getting his body back still has not compensated for the time lost. Fullmetal, on the other hand, said no words; he went ahead and put on his plate all his short arms could reach. ("What 'short arms' are you talking about?!")

As with Alphonse, I wondered which ones I should try as well. I would've decided quickly, if only it weren't for those damned chopsticks. Really, now that I think about it, I should have just stabbed them like barbeque.

Do you not know that I am a Fuhrer?! Why aren't you following me?! I'm hungry, please let me eat. Damn. What you want me to do?! Oh yes, I was fiddling with them. It was hard to keep the food between those two sticks. How did they do it?! It was rather embarrassing, seeing as I was seated between Ling and Riza. Ling—he's the Emperor; I fail to impress at this. And he's younger than me—he's just around Fullmetal's age! And yet I, an adult, fail to use such seemingly simple device called chopsticks. And Riza—well. Let's not talk about that.

She must've noticed I haven't eaten yet, and my plate was rather sloppy with now crushed up pieces of uneaten food. Her next move came as a surprise to me. She's not… no, she is! Waah~ Riza, thank you! She picked up a small dumpling (I think that was what it was) with her chopsticks and held it up to me. It was such a tasty looking little dumpling; small, round and plump, wrapped in translucent, thin wheat skin. If my memory serves me right, it was filled with steaming hot shrimp—oh, no, not Fullmetal, that would be disgusting!—I mean real shrimp. That's nice; feeding me. I feel loved.

I was in doubt at first; it seemed too good to be true. However, she did not show any sign of insincerity. And besides, Riza was never dishonest. "Aah~" It was very delicious, as expected.

"There really should be some Xingese restaurants in Amestris!" I exclaim; I must have been smiling pretty widely at that moment (I'll leave it to you to think why I was very happy). "Well, the chopsticks are a problem, but… really, there should be some Xingese restaurants in Amestris. What do you think, Colonel Hawkeye? I should decree it or something when we get back!" I fiddled with the chopsticks again, eager to get another bite out of the wonderful cuisine. I wasn't getting any luck.

And Riza was ever so kind to hold out another piece of dumpling to me. I opened my mouth again, ready to devour the tasty little treat. It was inching closer and closer to me. I can almost feel it, smell it, taste it—

Oh, she moved her chopsticks. And on impulse, I follow—my mouth open, waiting for the taste of food. Heh, that's what hunger can do, even to someone like me. She moved it again, to the opposite direction this time. Now up; down. The dumpling was going around in circles—so was I. I must've looked pathetic.

It stopped; Riza smirked—heh? And she ate it. Damn.

And then there was applause and laughter. Oh yes, Riza is a comedienne.

"Oh, I'm sorry about that, sir." Riza said, suppressing her laughter. "It's just that—sorry." Roy kept a straight face; remembering the whole experience just made him feel all the more displeased. "But you did manage to learn to use chopsticks soon afterwards, right, sir?"

True, I did get to use the damned chopsticks eventually. But still. "Yes, I suppose you're right." And with that, he dismissed the topic, as Riza went off to get his pending paperwork. He silently awaited her return, fingers wrapped around two pens, holding them as if they were- Chopsticks. Geh.


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