The Christmas Waltz

The radio on their bedside hummed a soft tune, allowing the two to relax. It was Christmas Day, and Amestris was at peace, putting aside everything else for the holidays.

Hawkeye smiled as she glanced over to the gifts brought to them earlier by some friends and colleagues. There were packages of varying sizes, wrapped in all sorts of colorful paper and ribbons. These were sitting around a pot of poinsettias, the only indication of the season in the room. Various postcards have been stuck in between the flowers, sent by friends from other areas of Amestris, greeting them a 'Merry Christmas' and wishing for their speedy recovery.

"On to our last song for this program," the radio announcer said. "From everyone at Capitol Radio, we hope you all have a happy Christmas!" The announcer signed off, and soon a waltz filled the airwaves.

Frosted windowpanes,
Candles gleaming inside,
Painted candy canes on the tree.

Santa's on his way,
He's filled his sleigh with things,
Things for you and for me.

"Hawkeye," the Lieutenant turned to her side, towards the owner of the voice that had called her. He had his hand outstretched towards her, a smile lighting up his face. "May I?"

She only looked at him, hesitating because she knew that though they were both in the hospital and were officially on leave, they were still under the military's gaze, and any inappropriate action would surely have consequences.

But with a sigh and a smile, she took the Flame Alchemist's hand and helped him to his feet. Gently placing his one hand on her waist, she took the first step to pull them both into a slow waltz. "Only because it's Christmas, sir," she smiled, though knowing he couldn't see it.

"You really are very kind, Hawkeye," the Colonel replied, falling into the waltz quickly. He gave her hand a little squeeze and smiled gratefully. "This might be my favorite present this year."

Grinning too, a nurse closed the door quietly, deciding to give the two this time for themselves. It is Christmas, after all. The check-up can wait till tomorrow, she thought.

Because it's the time of year when the world falls in love,
Every song you hear seems to say, "Merry Christmas,
May your New Year's dreams come true."

And this song of mine, in three-quarter time,
Wishes you and yours the same thing, too.

Merry Christmas!

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted, huh. As always. ^_^;

I'm actually not entirely satisfied with how I've written this, given the fact that I haven't been writing fanfiction for months now (and that I've grown too used to writing news articles—all straight to the point and no fancy, flowery stuff and all). Le sigh.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this, even if it is quite short (and consequently quite crappy). Also, I'm pretty certain that Roy and Riza wouldn't have stayed confined in the hospital all the way until Christmas. (And that there really is no such thing as Christmas in the FMA universe.) It's just that I thought this scene would be really cute if I were to set it here. So… just pretend this all fits perfectly into the canon. Haha! Suspension of disbelief? XD

Again, happy holidays!

Oh, since it's Christmas… I'd love to have a little present too, you know. ;) Review?