Just a tiny piece that was inspired by a conversation between me and Ozymandias Bowie, and my wonderings of what exactly Daniel would say when first meeting Rorschach. Thought I would throw on here so you could share a laugh. ;)

Might expand on this, write a "First Meetings" fic, but for now, this is all I have time for. Please don't take this seriously.

Daniel- no, Nite Owl- gave the newly arrived vigilante a curious once over. Hunched shoulders, hands thrust in the pockets of a weathered trenchcoat, brim of the fedora pulled down over a... face? Nite Owl found himself leaning closer, trying to angle himself so the light could illuminate the oddity better, and suddenly he was looking at a white mask, features coalescing into a symmetrical black ink that was continuously shifting and changing patterns.

What the hell? Nite Owl wanted to ask, taking a step back from the smaller man. Out loud, however, he said, "Nice mask."

"Thanks. Nice suit." The reply wasn't offensive, but rather offhand, as if gratitude wasn't really a huge part of this man's vocabulary.

"I'm Nite Owl." The caped vigilante said, extending a hand. He was secretly delighted to find the handshake returned.

"Rorschach." Nite Owl swore that the ink swirls took on a demented smiley face before shifting into something unrecognizable.

"Rorschach? Can I call you Rorsy?" It was a joke, but as the hand dropped away Nite Owl instantly knew that this 'Rorschach' would not tolerate cute nicknames.

"No. I am Rorschach." With a shrug Rorschach put his hands back into his pockets, ending the conversation.

Anyone else want to call Rorschach 'Rorsy'? :D