Author's Note: I've had this on my hard drive for a long time, but didn't actually think about posting it until today. Set sometime between the scene in the elevator and Peter sending the email. I guess there's slight Peter/Josie if you squint.

Josie lay on her bed, the door closed, her crutches propped up against the wall next to her. She closed her eyes and sighed, thoughts flying through her mind like butterflies in the wind. Her fingers traced over her lips, ghosting the path they had taken not too long before. It was different, kissing Peter – no, it wasn't even really a true kiss, but a kiss all the same – than it was kissing Matt. A part of her wondered…no, it was better to focus on what she had, and could hold, than what she could have had if her life had continued down the path it'd been on before. She didn't hate Peter. She never could.

She'd call him. Say that she was sorry about his brother, do the whole courtesy song and dance routine. Maybe more. She'd see how he reacted before making any rash decisions on further words to speak.

Not now, though. Tomorrow. She needed sleep now. She'd do it tomorrow, after school. He'd be shocked. That'd be the point. Hopefully pleasantly so.

She buried her head in her pillow, and faded off to a fitful sleep, dreaming of what the new day would bring for her.