[ A/N: One of 'Five Things That May Or May Not Have Happened To Robin Branagh'. Drabble challenge from werepuppyblack. ]

"Role reversal"

Vlad shrank back towards his bedroom wall, heart pounding in his chest as Robin advanced towards him, the tips of his fangs glinting in the candlelight. He jumped as his back made contact with the cold brick, the knowledge that he had nowhere else to run sending a strange thrill through him.

"Give in?" Robin asked, his voice dark and more than a little menacing. He lifted one long fingered hand to Vlad's throat, tracing his jugular with a surprisingly gentle touch. "I've waited a long time for this Vlad."

He knew he shouldn't want this, knew it was wrong. And still he let his head fall back, offering himself up to Robin; shivering in anticipation. Robin groaned and buried his face in the curve of his neck, kissing from his jaw line to his collarbone before – finally – biting down.

Vlad clutched at Robin, one hand fisting into the back of his shirt, the other in his hair holding his head in place. It felt so good, even better than he'd imagined. The fact that it was Robin was enough to make him feel faint, his legs feel like jelly. If it wasn't for the other boy's reflexes, the way he shifted to support his weight, he was sure his knees would have given way completely.

"Vlad. Vlad are you alright?" Robin lowered them both to the floor, an arm around his shoulders keeping him sat upright. "Vlad, speak to me." Vlad blinked up at him hazily, grinning dopily at the obvious concern on Robin's face.

He reached up and touched his fingers softly to Robin's cheek. "I'm alright. More than alright." Vlad pressed the pad of his thumb tentatively to the sharp edge of Robin's fang. "But next time," he pulled carefully at the plastic, removing it from the other boy's mouth, "I get to play vampire."