[ A/N: Five of 'Five Things That May Or May Not Have Happened To Robin Branagh'. Drabble challenge from werepuppyblack. Some dialogue lifted directly from S01:EP01. ]

"Alternate universe"

"Robin! Robin!"

Robin ignored the yelling and banging on his bedroom door, concentrating on keeping his breathing even. Hanging upside down was a delicate operation; he'd only recently had the cast off his arm. He heard the footsteps recede back downstairs and relaxed. He'd get another half hour practice, at least.


"Jonno, why don't you go for a walk? Get a feeling for the place?"

"I don't want to get a feel for the place." Jonno muttered under his breath. He didn't really want to be in Stokely at all. If it weren't for his Dad's stupid obsession with vampires, weren't for his attempt to stake deputy head master at his old school, then he wouldn't have to be.

"Or, you can help me unpack," His Dad motioned at the boxes full of stakes he'd just dragged from the car.


Jonno gave it his best attempt to slam the caravan door on his way out.


"Zoltan," Vlad smirked, "I'm a pre-teen vampire. That means I have the reflexes of a night hunter, combined with an incredibly ability to sneak out behind my parents back." He gave the stuffed wolf a wink. "Don't wait up."


Jonno wandered aimlessly. Stokely wasn't too much different to the last town. A few less old people, a few more chavs. He sank down onto a bench miserably, watching two young children throw bread crusts to the duck's under their mother's watchful eyes. He missed his Mum.

He was still watching when a boy sat down next to him, glancing in his direction and offering him a shy smile. Jonno nodded in return. The boy held his hand out, "Vlad. I've just moved here."

Jonno eyed him up cautiously for a long moment, trying to work out whether or not it was a wind-up. Eventually he shook Vlad's proffered hand. "Jonno. I've just moved here too."

Vlad grinned widely at him. "Chilly!"



"Alright! I'm coming!" Robin spat, pushing past his mother and storming down the stairs. It wasn't like he'd asked to go on this stupid camping trip. His Dad slammed the van door the instant he was inside, his parents clambering into the front seats.

Robin stared glumly out of the window, seeing nothing of any interest bar two boys wandering back from the park. That was Stokely. Nothing ever happened.