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This is a sequel to WHO AM I, I AM....

Please read that before this story because like Neo from the Matrix Naruto had to have an adventure to learn to be Ironman before he could become the hero he was made to be. Now lets see where where that adventure takes him....


Ironman flew through the air at increadable speeds as he approached Konoha. As he passed over the walls people heard the sound of a sonic boom as he flew over the main part of the village and soon saw what he was looking for and crashed into the water of a small lake.

As he hit Naruto sealed his armor and swam to the surface before he climbed back out of the water and looked around.

A few moments later several ANBU landed in the clearing and saw Naruto standing there and he asked "Did you guys see that."

An ANBU in a cat mask asked "What was it."

Naruto said "I don't know, I was just here laying on the bank taking a nap when something hit the water and caused this huge splash that soaked me. Do you guys know what it is."

The ANBU all looked at the lake and the one in the cat mask said "Stay here and look for whatever it was. The Hokage has been wanting to see you Naruto since your prank earlier."

Naruto rubbed his head and said "Sure thing Yuu-chan. Lets go."

All the ANBU stiffened and Cat asked in a stutter voice "What did you say."

Naruto looked at her and said "Sure Yuu-chan, lets go see the old man."

Cat asked "Why did you call me that."

Naruto looked confused and said "Your names Yuugao, your dating that cool guy named Hayatte who is the best swords master in the village. I recognized your voice because I've wanted to talk to Hayatte about learning Kenjutsu from him and I've heard him call you that name before.....oops, sorry I forgot ANBU were suppose to keep their name secret. Sorry." as he rubbed his head looking sheepish.

Cat said "Well you are mistaken. I am not this Yuugao person."

Naruto said "Oh....sorry about that pussy-chan." with an innocent smile on his face making the cat ANBU face fault as the other 3 ANBU burst out laughing.

Cat said "The name is NEKO. DO YOU UNDERSTAND."

Naruto said "At least it's not Tora. Then I would be afraid of you."

Neko sighed and said "Look for whatever that was while I take him to the Hokage." as she walked over and slapped Naruto upside the head and said "Sorry, My hand slipped." before she shushined both to the Hokage office.

The Sandaime was looking out his window when they appeared and he said "Ah Naruto, I see Neko here was able to find you though I thought you were locating that disturbance."

Neko said "I was sir and my squad is at the location the disturbance ended. Naruto here was laying on the shore of the lake where the object hit and was covered by splash from it hitting the lake. He did not however see what the object was.......Also sir there was one other thing. Naruto here confused me with someone named Yuugao because of my voice. I do not know how close I sound to that person but someone might check to see because if he made that kind of mistake others might as well and target her to get to me. He had a real interesting story about how he knows her and you might like to hear it."

The Sandaime said "I see....well if that is all return to your squad and report to me what you find. I will deal with Naruto for his prank myself."

Neko said "Yes sir." before leaving in a swirl of leaves.

The Sandaime looked at Naruto and said "I see you got some new cloths."

Naruto said "Yeah, their a gift."

The Sandaime said "Really. From who."

Naruto said "My godmother." making the Sandaime freeze.

The Sandaime asked "What do you mean. I was under the impression you were an orphan."

Naruto said "My mother came from whirlpool in the land of water. Correct."

The Sandaime lost all expression on his face and said "I don't know."

Naruto said "Well she did. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki and she had red hair and green eyes which means that I got my blond hair and blue eyes from my father.......sounds like someone I've seen only in pictures huh." as he looked at the Sandaime with a knowing look.

The Sandaime frowned and said "I can not confirm nor......"

Naruto interrupted him and said "Jiraiya is my godfather."

The Sandaime frowned and said "You shouldn't make..."

Naruto said "Furballs sealed in me." making the Sandaime face pale.

He took a deep breath and asked "I see there is no denying anything. How did you find out."

Naruto said "What is a reason for a person to have two elemental affinities at my age." as he looked at his nails like he was inspecting them.

The Sandaime looked at Naruto for several moments and said "There are several reasons."

Naruto said "But what is the most likely one."

The Sandaime said "A bloodline."

Naruto said "There are 3 who have my bloodline that I know of. My godmother who my mother informed about me and my parents while she was pregnant with me, myself, and one other who I plan on meeting in the near future. My godmother has a rare disease that leaves her bedridden and can not make the trip from the land of water where she is to see me herself so she paid a mission to a ninja from the hidden mist to deliver a scroll to me from her with a blood seal on it so nobody else could open it. Inside was these cloths and information on my mother and father as well as instructions on where my mothers scrolls on my bloodline is located but I will need your help to get them. The mist nin was the reason I disappeared like I did after that prank as he used a jutsu to shushin me to where he was. He was also the one who informed me about Kyuubi being in me because he had to ask villagers about an Uzumaki and they told him about it. Now I am pissed that I had to find out from a scroll and a foreign ninja about my family and secrets about me that it looks like the entire village knew instead of a person I thought of as a grandfather and because of that I have lost a lot of trust in you."

The Sandaime frowned and said "Do you have the scrolls."

Naruto raised his sleeve on his cloak a little and showed a seal that held the armor and said "It's sealed in here. This is a special transfer seal that transfers from paper to flesh and it can only be opened by me when I am alone. It's part of what was in the scroll. There is several jutsu on the scroll that were left to me by my parents that I was to learn and I have learned one already and it will help me pass the academy test but I won't show it to you because I can't be sure you won't take the scroll to keep me from learning the jutsu or to deny my parentage."

The Sandaime looked down and said "Your father had a lot of enemies Naruto. If word got out about you being his son then they would target you. I was to keep it a secret until you made Chunnin at which time I was going to inform you about the Kyuubi as well."

Naruto said "The road to hell is paved with good intentions old man........ I've had to think a lot about what I should do now......I questioned why should I serve a village that spits on me and my family name.......why should I fight, bleed, sweat and possibly die for a bunch of idiots who can't tell a scroll from the kunai it's sealed in........I questioned why should I even care anymore........but most of all I question should I just leave and find somewhere where no one knows me and start over......" as he looked out the window.

The Sandaime looked down and Naruto said "But I realize that no matter what I think that there are certain truths that I am going to have to realize. If I did leave I know.....or at least I hope you would not send people out to kill me or bring me back and lock me away where someone else couldn't get me only because of the Kyuubi.....but your not going to live forever....the person who takes over after you may just do that or worse, put a seal on me like the Hyuuga's where they can have me publically tortured if I don't do as they say........and there would be nothing I could do is there......I would be nothing more then a tool for a village that would want me dead." as he looked at the Sandaime.

The Sandaime remained silent and Naruto said "I may not be book smart but I am not an idiot either......I don't have any skills that could be useful besides being a ninja so I have be one.......Even if there are those here I hate there are those I want to see safe.......I know I need money to live and I need to get stronger because there are those out there who would want the power of the Kyuubi and it would most likely cost my life......I know I am not strong enough to fight them at my current level and maybe along the way I can get what I always wanted besides being Hokage.....You want me to serve this village as a ninja right."

The Sandaime nods and Naruto said "Then how about we make a deal. I will serve this village faithfully and not get revenge on them for the way they treat me but in exchange I want some things myself. Things that should be mine had the Kyuubi not attacked and things that will make my life better. So how about it. Don't think of me as a civilian now or a ninja. Think of me as a mercenary who wants to join Konoha so he can have a home to work from."

The Sandaime took out his pipe and began to smoke it and said "Very well....what skills do you have that would be beneficial to the village."

Naruto smiled and said "I have basic sealing knowledge including explosive tags and sealing scrolls. I have basic Kenjutsu skills with a sword and a scythe that I am working to improve. I have the ability to make over 100 Kagebunshin at a time. I know the tree walking, water walking, leaf balancing, exercises that I learned in the last few hours with the help of Kagebunshin. My chakra reserves are Jounin level at least but my control is barely better then an academy student. I have other skills that I wish to remain a secret until I can better use them."

The Sandaime blinked and said "Really, how did you learn sealing."

Naruto said "Kagebunshin are really an interesting jutsu and I don't see how come you don't use them to do your paperwork. Anything they learn is transferred back to the original when they dispel though it is only mental training like reading, jutsu and chakra control. With the help of them I have read several books on sealing, Kenjutsu with staffs, scythes, and swords that I had several Kagebunshin read and memorize enough to where I had a fight with my Kagebunshin using that knowledge and I was able to defeat them with only minor cuts but like I said it was only basic but with more time and training I can improve in those areas. As for the exploding notes and the sealing scroll.....my orange jumpsuit was an excellent test for the exploding seal when I drew it and was able to get it to work. I also sealed my weapons into my cloak here so I don't have to carry them in weapon pouches so I think I got the basic of sealing down as well."

The Sandaime said "That is actually quite impressive. How were you able to understand all that though."

Naruto glared at the Sandaime and said "Because I am not the idiot everyone thinks I am. I've been kicked out of class, sent to the corner, asked questions on things we haven't even learned and been given different test then everyone else and defective equipment that I had to pay triple price for. Of coarse I am going to be the dead last of the academy when you have all that against you for something that wasn't your fault but tell me this. If I was really that bad at my actual skills then how was it that I was able to paint the Hokage monument in broad daylight without being caught until I was done."

The Sandaime frowned as he looked out the window and asked "Has it really been that bad for you Naruto."

Naruto looked out the window and said "I'm tired Jiji.....Your stuck in this office all day when you can use Kagebunshin to do your paperwork so you don't see all the shit I've had to live through or what the council and others are doing to the village. I may not be attacked physically but to see a mother pull her children away while glaring at you and telling them your a monster or having people knock you down and laugh at you while some idiot purposely steps on your hands is enough to make you want to give up..... You don't realize how much this village has changed over the years. They had to have been different for my father to sacrifice his life and mine for them. I know there is more to the Uchiha massacre then what people say. I know Danzo was connected to it somehow since he's got his fingers in everything he can. I've seen his special ROOT and I've been inside his base before on accident. I know the old nag and goat are in his pocket, hell I think they have a threesome with as much time as they spend together at his base."

The Sandaime frowned and he looked at Naruto and said "Are you sure about that."

Naruto asked "About what."

The Sandaime said "You've been inside his base before."

Naruto snorts and said "Yeah, you can't miss it. It's a couple of blocks away from my apartment. The only one story building in that whole are. The base is underground. You can get into it through the sewers like I did once on accident and come out that building. The old nag and goat go there all the time. Remember when I water ballooned them. They were in that building then."

The Sandaime wrote something on a piece of paper discreetly while Naruto was looking outside and the Sandaime said "Very well....what is it you want to join Konoha."

Naruto was silent a moment and said "You help me get my mothers scrolls is one of the things I want. I also want those sannin travel things I heard discussed when I was in the corner at the academy. When things get to much for me I want to be able to take a leave of absence and go blow off some steam away from all this shit. I also don't want to be on a team with anyone from my class....Shino and Shikamaru are OK but I know Shikamaru is going to be with Choji and Ino because of their families and I think that Shino, Hinata and Kiba will be together also but they see me as an idiot and it would take probably a life or death battle for them to see me as anything else. I am willing to work with a team to learn teamwork because I know teamwork is important but there are things I learned from the scroll of my godmothers that really interest me and I believe I can use them to be even a better ninja then I would be if I was with Sasuke and Sakura like I think I am going to be. If what I read is even half of what I can learn then my moms family must have been really cool in the past."

The Sandaime thought a moment and said "Alright, tell me about what you need my help to get your mothers scrolls."

Naruto said "My mothers scroll is being held by the Fire-lord. My father had him hold them in trust. I've activated my bloodline once on accident when I was younger but until I read about what my bloodline was I thought it was a weird dream."

The Sandaime said "I will send word to him today to get those for you. What do you want to do about a team though. I mean if you don't want put on a regular team then what do you want me to do."

Naruto said "I need someone to help me with the rough edges with my Kenjutsu skills. That's why I was thinking about Hayatte when Neko appeared and I heard her voice and she reminded me of Hayatte girlfriend. I don't want to be an actual apprentice though, just maybe a spar once a week so I can make my own style and any hints that he might be willing to give me if he agrees that is. I don't want it to be an order, more like a request. As for missions with a team well......there is a team I think I could work with and I think they could help me with my bloodline as well as my other skills and I might be able to help them also improve themselves and their sensei is cool though a little weird and he like Hayatte I think he could help me smooth down some of my rougher aspects in Taijutsu and possible give me advice for a style that would suit me."

The Sandaime thought a moment and said "Are you talking about team 9. Rock Lee, Hyuuga Neji, and Tenten under Gai."

Naruto said "Yeah, my bloodline has several uses with weapons and from what I have seen and heard Tenten is probably the best general weapon user in the village. I know she uses seals because I've heard jokes about where she keeps all her weapons and if she interested I might show her some of what my family scrolls said about our weapon style and she could work them into her style and then there is Lee....He is probably the strongest Gennin in Konoha right now and if he could use chakra I think he would have been Rookie of the year. With my Kagebunshin and my own unpredictability I can help Lee train against multiple enemies so if he was attacking several enemy ninja or bandits then he would avoid mistakes like focusing on one person and missing the guy coming up behind him. I don't really know anything about Neji so I don't know if I can learn anything from him or him from me."

The Sandaime smoked his pipe for several minutes as he thought over what Naruto had told him and said "You seem different Naruto."

Naruto said "I....I feel different jiji. I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know I'm not just some worthless piece of trash that was abandoned by his parents. My godmother told me that my mother passed away giving birth to me or so she was told in a scroll someone sent her and my father died sealing Kyuubi....I....I want to make them proud of me but I want to do it my own way. I want to show people I am not the Kyuubi and that I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. I want to meet what's left of my family which is also why I want the Sannin travel rights so I can go meet them without having my duty in the way. I want to show true strength comes from protecting that which is precious to you and not from your family name or skills......I don't want to be just a tool to be used and thrown away when done with it.....does that make any since to you jiji."

The Sandaime gave Naruto a sad smile and said "I have made many mistakes when it came to you Naruto....I can see that now. I should never have hidden who your parents were from you and I should have told you about Kyuubi myself instead of having you find out on your own like you did......you seem so much older and wiser then you should be....I can tell you have let go of your emotional mask you have had on for years and it appears that you have come out stronger then most would have.......I will agree to all your request and I will speak with Gai and Hayatte about what you asked however it will be their decision. If not I will come up with something......the way you are now I do not believe you would grow on the team I had planned on you to be on but I will find one that I think will help you if they turn you request down."

Naruto smiled and said "Thanks.....Do I get my travel rights."

The Sandaime said "Yes though you will have to check in with me before you leave, where you plan to go and when you plan to return so in case something comes up I can contact you."

Naruto said "Alright, that will work. Don't forget my moms scrolls."

The Sandaime said "I won't. Is there anything else."

Naruto thought a moment and asked "Did my parent leave anything for me....I mean a home, or land, or money. My apartment is OK but if what I hope happens with my relative then I'm going to need a bigger place."

The Sandaime thought a moment and said "Your family home was destroyed in the Kyuubi attack and the money that they left you I used to support you over the years."

Naruto frowned and said "My godfather....Jiraiya....he rights those pink books doesn't he."

The Sandaime blushed and said "Yes."

Naruto thought a moment and said "That means he really rich right."

The Sandaime said "I don't know, why."

Naruto said "Well, since he hasn't been in my life before I was thinking he owes me a lot of late birthday presents and if you haven't sold the land my parents home was in I could have a home built there or buy me a place far enough away from the actual center of the village where I could train at my home and not disturb anyone."

The Sandaime looked out the window and said "I might know of something that could be used but......It needs a lot of work to make it livable and it actually belongs to someone else but she has left the village and gave it to me to do with as I see fit. I could let you have it however the final decision would fall upon her if she returned to the village and asked for it back I would have to make you leave and give it to her."

Naruto thought "so he's going to give me that huh....how Ironic. No wonder she had looked at him for his permission." and said "I understand. Where is it and when can I move in. I have to do my own up keep right now anyways so if I have to do some repair work on the place that will give me something to do when not training and maybe give me some skills to fall back on if I get hurt and can't be a ninja anymore."

The Sandiame blinked and said "I hadn't thought about that but I guess you could be right. The place belong to the Nidaime Hokage of Konoha and is between the Shodaime's lands and my clans land. I can show it to you after you pass your Gennin test."

Naruto acted excited and said "Really....that would be awesome. Your place is far enough from the village nobody goes out there without a reason and I could use the area to work on my clan jutsu and if the Nidaime left any water jutsu that will help me with my bloodline."

The Shodaime asked "What is your bloodline exactly Naruto."

Naruto frowned a moment looking at the Sandaime like he was judging if he should trust him and said "Ice."

The Sandaime eyes got wide a moment and said "Really....you said you activated it already. When was this."

Naruto frowned a moment and got a far off look and said "These.....these guys jumped me once and they had a couple of swords and one of them went to slice my head off.....I was scared and I closed my eyes and screamed.......I waited for the pain and death to take me but......it never came. I opened my eyes and found myself in a block of ice along with the guys who attacked me......I remember wanting out of it and trying to get free and I got really tired after a while and the ice started to crack and I was able to break free.....when I did I ran.....I remember waking up in my apartment in my dirty cloths and found a note telling me not to sleep in the woods by my bed. I......I don't know if I killed them jiji.....Until now I thought it was a weird dream but.....if Ice really is my bloodline like my godmothers scroll said then....." as he bit his lip.

The Sandiame closed his eyes and said "You did it in self defense Naruto.....I guess you must have thought it was a nightmare before."

Naruto nods and the Sandaime said "It might have been or might not have been. Which ever case it is what do you feel about it."

Naruto thought a moment and said "I feel sick but.....I've known as long as I wanted to be a ninja that I would someday have to kill......As long as I feel sick that makes me human right."

The Sandaime said "Mostly.....as long as you don't take joy out of killing then you are still safe but if there comes a time you enjoy killing then you need to stop being a ninja."

Naruto nods and said "If...if that's all jiji, I'm kind of tired and I need some rest."

The Sandaime said "Yes....get you some rest. I will have ANBU clean up your prank this time since you did raise a valid point but you can't do things like that again. I am treating you as an adult and I expect you to act like one Naruto."

Naruto said "Yes Hokage-sama." as he stood up and started toward the door but stopped and said "Jiji..." as he waited for the third response.

The Sandaime said "Yes."

Naruto said "Thanks."

The Sandaime smiled sadly and said "For what it's worth Naruto I am sorry and I am proud of you."

Naruto nods and bit his lip still looking at the door and the Sandaime asked "Is there something else."

Naruto said "Mizuki......yesterday when I was leaving the academy I overheard him mumbling to himself......he said something about finally getting to kill the demon after he get the forbidden scroll.....I didn't think anything at that time thinking it was something he was reading since he had a stack of papers in his hand but...."

The Sandaime frowned and said "Don't worry about it Naruto. Just pass you test and I will meet you after the test to congratulate you and take you to your new home. I will watch Mizuki."

Naruto nods and said "Be careful grandpa." as he left not looking back.

The Sandaime looked sadly at the door a moment before his eyes hardened and he said "ANBU."

4 ANBU appeared and he said "I want all Captains in my office in one hour. We have had several security breaches today and I am not in a good mood. I also want Ibiki and Anko here as well. GO." the 4 were gone and the Sandaime sat back and smoked his pipe.

After Naruto left the Hokage tower he looked at the sun and thought "It's getting late. I guess I can go watch the sunset.....on second thought, that might not be a good idea right now." as he looked at the paint still on the mountain.

As he made his way home he mostly ignored the looks he was getting from people and he made it to his apartment and created some Kagebunshin to begin cleaning the room as he went to take a shower and Eva appeared behind him and said "Relax, I'm just going to wash your back."

Naruto nods and leans against the wall letting the shower hit his back and he asked "Am I doing the right thing."

Eva said "I think you are. For now you need to bide your time and get stronger. Akatasuki are strong. Stronger then both of us combined at the moment. We need time to get stronger and as long as we are in this village we have time to get stronger.....besides you still have to get your girls to love you."

Naruto bit his lip and said "But was it love......I mean Yuugao was with me as a replacement for Hayatte. We both know that. If she had a choice between him and me it would always be him. I care for her but it doesn't feel the same."

Eva blinked and asked "Feels the same as what."

Naruto said "I....I don't know how to explain it. I know I had feelings for Yuugao but they felt like..."

Eva said "Comfort."

Naruto blinked and asked "What."

Eva said "The feeling you had for Yuugao. You understood the pain you saw in her eyes and you wanted to comfort her. It was the same look you saw in Shizune and Tsunade eyes. Eyes of loneliness, sadness, and hidden pain. You saw it in Tsunami also which is why you agreed to pretend to be the father of her child."

Naruto frowned and asked "Are you sure."

Eva said "Yes.....it's the same look I see in your eyes and the same feeling I have for you." as she looked down.

Naruto frowned and asked "What do you mean Eva."

Eva looked up into his eyes and said "Do you remember what happened earlier when you saw Tenten die."

Naruto said "Of coarse I do. How could I ever forget it."

Eva said "Because you don't remember that I tried to calm you down and yet you had completely shut me out. You never done that before."

Naruto frowned as he looked down and said "I.....I don't remember. I just wanted to get revenge for Tenten and I was......" as he opened his eyes wide.

Eva said "You understand now, don't you. You were so focused on him that you were ignoring everything.....your words were 'Naruto dead, I am Ironman."

Naruto looked at Eva and she said "Who is Ironman Naruto."

Naruto opened his mouth and tried to say something but no words came out and she said "I think you are starting to understand......I don't love Ironman. I love Naruto. You must decide who you are going to be. Are you going to be the man or the machine. You can't be both."

Naruto bit his lip and said "What do I do then."

Eva said "Who do you want to be Naruto. You have a chance right now to make your own path. You will either become what you always tried to prove you are or you can become what you were meant to be. The choice is you....I am Eva Uzumaki, wife to Naruto Uzumaki, godmother to the Namikaze clan. I will guide you and your children down the path you chose but must set the example you want them to follow. Show me the path you chose Ironman."

Naruto asked "Why are you doing this Eva."

Eva let a tear fall and said "Because Naruto Uzumaki was not a murderer. He was not a monster or a demon. He was not a merchant of death. Your letting power corrupt you and turn you into something Naruto Uzumaki stood against. He was killed by you Naruto Namikaze. Now you can either seek salvation or damnation. The choice is yours and I will stand by your side because I believe you will make the right choice but I can't give you my heart because it died with my husband." as she disappeared.

Naruto stood there in the shower as he played over the words that Eva said as the memories of his fight against Sasuke and then Kakashi and he asked "Was I really becoming that."

Eva replayed the video around him and he closed his eyes and said "It hurts.....I saw her die and I...."

Eva said in his head "You wanted to die with her and kill the one who took her away from you....She became more to you then Temari, Yuugao or me ever could. Temari you never actually cared for besides wanting to do the right thing and what was your duty. You didn't like the fact what she did to Tenten from what you told me. You could understand Gaara because of your shared past but Temari was only a duty that was forced on you like the others. Yuugao was closer to you but your feelings for her were respect and admiration as well as sympathy. You respected her skills and admiration for her befriending you and accepting you but you felt sorry for her because of her losing Hayatte and the memories of what you saw Tsunade had become before you met her. Tenten was the only one you truthfully let through besides me but there are things that I can't understand because I am made to aid you."

Naruto frowned as he shut off the water and said "So you think that I actually love her."

Eva said "I do not know. I don't know what is real love but I do know that you are closer to her then anyone else. She's more to you then that crush you had on Sakura."

Naruto sighed and said "I'm sorry Eva....I didn't realize what I was becoming."

Eva said "Then redeem yourself Namikaze. I will be there to aid you when you need me."

Naruto dried off and slipped on a pair of boxers before he gave his cloths to a Kagebunshin to wash and he slipped into bed and thought "goodnight Eva....I do love you."

Eva remained silent until long after Naruto fell asleep and said in only a whisper "And I love you as well Naru-kun but I have to do what I am programmed to do. I am programmed to protect you and if you are willing to throw your life away it goes against my programming. I must do what I think is best to protect you.....even from yourself. I hope my actions show you to be more careful and to stop being so dangerous without thinking first."

The next morning Naruto awoke and looked outside his window as he began to get ready for the day and thought "that's strange, why is there smoke coming from over there." as he got dressed. After eating a cup of ramen he left his apartment and began to go by roof top toward where the smoke was coming from and he stopped on a roof near the smoke and thought "well this is interesting. Eva, can you give me a sonic scan of the area."

The vision changed and Naruto looked at the ground around him an thought "several sections have been destroyed by what looks like explosive tags.....Hmm.....27 bodies are below ground with 3 squad of ANBU sealing them up so who knows how many there was before. Looks like Jiji decided to handle things but what about the old war horse." as he looked around.

A voice from behind him said "Is there something you need here."

Naruto turned to look at the person standing there and said "Just making sure no one here got hurt and needed help getting to the hospital Ibiki-sama. Got to look after all our LOYAL men and woman, Right."

Ibiki looked at Naruto with narrowed eyes and said "How do you know who I am."

Naruto said "My old guard let me read his Bingo book once. I recognize you though you look like you gained a little wait and got a few more scars. Names Naruto but I'm sure you already know that."

Ibiki said "Yes though I have to ask what makes you so interested in this."

Naruto said "I guess you could say I was the one who let the fox out of the bag on this little rat hole. I hope none of the exterminators were hurt taking out the rats. They dug themselves pretty deep looks like."

Ibiki said "Yes they did and I must say you might want to avoid the shadows for a little while. Between the Rats and the Hounds the fox might get it's paw trapped."

Naruto smiled and said "But the fox is known for it's cunning and it's trickster personality but the fox has nothing on me. Take care of the kiddies Ibiki-sama. They aren't the only ones playing with mask these days." as he turned and jumped away.

Ibiki watched him go until he was out of sight and said "What do you think."

Anko merged from the ground with her arm bandaged and said "The kids got a set of balls to joke like that with you."

Ibiki said "I'm more interested in what he's got planned though. He knew what happened here but he was the one who informed Hokage-sama about this place so it's not surprising but he also knows about the fox but I wonder what he meant about mask.....somethings up with that."

Anko said "You think he's going to try and make his own ANBU like Danzo or something. Told the old man about this hideout to take care of his competition"

Ibiki said "No.....at least not in this village. He doesn't have enough support to pull that off. No....I got the feeling something more personal is up with him. His eyes never adjusted once while he was looking at me, even when my Hiate reflected sunlight into his eyes. He's also wearing a Chunnin style vest though it's been customized in the chest area."

Anko asked "Is that why you warned him about retaliation from ROOT and ANBU."

Ibiki said "No. The Hokage was right, our village security is getting to lax if a mist ninja can kidnap someone in broad daylight in front of ANBU without being caught and the fact Danzo little operation here was going on so long and we never found it. We've been compromised in deep. Only the ANBU captains knew about the plan to attack here last night. The fact Danzo is now missing and all that was here were weak Gennin level and a few low level Chunnin. Danzo got tipped off and took his strongest and most loyalty and fled. No other explanation. I warned him to let him know I'm watching him."

Anko frowned and said "What about the other Rat he told informed about."

Ibiki said "He's been under investigation for a while but nothing conclusive could be found. I got someone watching him up close. Go get some rest Anko, we got a long night ahead of us after Inoichi gets what he can from the the kids we captured."

Anko said "Right, see you later tonight." as she left in a swirl of leaves.

Ibiki looked back toward the academy and thought "You sure know how to raise hell kid." as he jumped down to where some ANBU were coming out of the building.

Naruto landed in front of the academy and saw several people look at him in shock with his new cloths. He had a pair of black ANBU pants, black combat boots, and a black modified Chunnin/ANBU armor vest with multiple pockets for scrolls and a black cloak with blue flames on the sleeves and the bottom of the cloak.

He shrugged and began to walk toward the academy. Sasuke saw Naruto new look and said "What's with the new cloths dobe. Think the cloths make the man or something."

Naruto looked bored at Sasuke and said "Hmm....you say something." as he reached for the handle to the door when he heard Eva warning and he ducked under a punch as Sasuke fist slammed into the glass of the door to the academy busting his hand and making it bleed instead of hitting Naruto.

Naruto looked around as several people watched as Sasuke wrapped a bandage around his hand glaring at Naruto who said "What. All I did was duck when you attacked me from behind."

A voice that went through the crowd said "That is very true Naruto. Sasuke Uchiha, attacking a fellow villager or ninja of our village without the permission of a superior or training is illegal and if I see you do it again I will have you removed from the ninja program. Do I make myself clear."

Sasuke gritted his teeth and said "Yes Hokage-sama."

Naruto looked at the Sandaime and said "What are you doing here Hokage-sama not that it's not an honor to have you here."

The Sandaime said "I just came by to give a small speech to everyone before you all took the exams. I use to do this every year when I was younger but I've been to busy that last few years. Since you were so kind as to reveal the secret to defeating a Kage's greatest enemy I decided to return to doing it for this class."

Naruto smiled and said "Any yet a Kage was defeated by a simple academy student."

The Sandaime glared at him but he had a smile on his face as he walked into the building.

Naruto turned and said "Alright ladies and gentlemen, the Hokage is waiting for us and time is money. If you still got a cherry, get it to class. LET'S GO." as he walked in leaving a bunch of blushing and shocked people.

A civilian parent glared at Naruto and thought "Such a vulgar creature. He should be put down."

An academy student snickered and thought "that was priceless. He could be related to Anko." as he walked into the building.

When everyone was in the class the Sandaime looked at the room and Iruka and Mizuki both stood at attention and the Sandaime said "Well I want to wish you all the best of luck on this test today. Today you will show your dedication to your village as well as the fruits of you hard work. Now I can't stay for all the test so if everyone will quickly come up and take a ball from this bag I will then take whatever the last ball in the bag out and watch the 5 with the matching ball color go first and for each one who passes that I watch I will ask a question of you and if whoever answer my question the best I will give you a reward. Do you all understand......good, then come take out a ball and return to your seat."

As everyone took a ball Naruto took his turn in line behind Kiba and ahead of Shino and took his ball. He looked at it and snorts before returning to his seat.

The Sandaime said "Now lets see who are the 5 lucky Gennins." as he reached in and pulled out an orange ball.

The Sandaime held it up and several people groaned and he said "Now would the 5 who have this color please come back up here."

Naruto walked up to the front with Sasuke, and 3 other random Gennin.

The 3 others failed the test because of being nervous and Sasuke passed the 3 jutsu flawlessly.

The Sandaime said "Alright Naruto, it appears that you are the last to go. Please perform the Henge, replacement and a bunshin jutsu."

Naruto listened to the wording the Sandaime said and asked "Can it be in a combination together sir."

The Sandaime looked at Naruto and said "I do not see a problem with that, do either of you have a problem with Naruto performing those jutsu in a combination."

Iruka said "No Hokage-sama."

Mizuki said "No but he must do the required number and they must be right."

Naruto said "Here goes then." as he put his hands together and 5 puffs of smoke appeared and there was 5 Kagebunshin appeared and 2 of them henged into demon windmill shurikens and 2 of the Kagebunshin grabbed them right after and threw them at Sasuke while the last Kagebunshin replaced himself with Sasuke and the windmill shurikens sliced through the Kagebunshin before one turned into Naruto grabbing the still flying shuriken and throwing it at Sasuke again who was trying to figure out what just happened only for him to get replaced again by one of the Kagebunshin who was destroyed while the Kagebunshin beside it grabbed the shuriken and threw it at the one who was a shuriken originally before it was destroyed and the shuriken revealed itself as Naruto and replaced himself with Sasuke and then both the remaining Kagebunshin who were standing besides each other henged into Sakura and Ino in a bathing suit and said as they put their faces cheek to cheek "Sasuke-kun, can we be in your harem." before they went up in smoke.

Naruto slapped his head and said "Damn clones. They take a life of their own.....so do I pass."

Everyone was stunned as they looked at Naruto and the Sandaime asked "What was that Naruto."

Naruto said "My Demon hunter jutsu. Why."

The Sandaime thought a moment and said "That is easily a B-rank jutsu bordering A. I am indeed impressed. You pass."

Naruto smiled and looked at the rest of the class and ask "What."

Sasuke gritted his teeth and said "Dobe, how did you do that."

Naruto said "Using the basic 3, why."

Sasuke said "Those were solid clones, not illusions."

Naruto said "Because their Kagebunshin. Fake clones are like fake breast, a big let down when you try to use them."

Several people blew back with a nosebleed from that including Iruka and the Sandaime.

Naruto shook his head and thought "pervert."

Sakura screamed "Pervert." as she got up and went to hit Naruto only for him to catch her fist and he looked at her eyes and said "I guess you decided to become what you hated most Sakura, how sad." as he let go of her fist and stepped back.

Sakura glared at him and put her hand on her hips and said "Oh Mr. Smart ass, what might that be."

Naruto said "Someone who picks on those who they think are weaker then them. You have become just like Ami, another bully. I don't need Ino to protect me though."

Sakura got tears in her eyes as she left the room crying and Naruto closed his eyes and thought "Damn it." as he ran out of the room after Sakura.

He caught her before she made it to the door leaving the academy and said "Stop Sakura."

Sakura who was crying said "Leave me alone."

Naruto said "Only if you stop crying. I know what I said to you was wrong but there were 2 reason I said them to you. Someone told me recently I was starting to become what I always hated and I decide to change my ways. Your doing the same thing I was. You treat me and others like Ami and the other bullies treated you when you were younger. After today were not kids anymore Sakura, were considered adults, old enough to drink, old enough to have sex and old enough to die or kill.........I know you want to show Sasuke and Ino both that your strong but your doing it the wrong way. You starting a new path in life Sakura and you need to become strong not for others but yourself. After all who do you have to look at in the mirror in the morning. Do you want to look at yourself and see a weak little girl who needed someone to protect her all her life or do you want to see a strong kunoichi of the hidden leaf village......I hope you grow up Sakura. Your cute as a little girl but as a woman you would be more beautiful. Become what you are, not what others want you to be Sakura." as he turned and started back to class.

Sakura stood there frozen thinking about the words that Naruto spoke to her and she took a deep breath before she wiped the tears from her eyes and walked back toward the class.

When Naruto walked back into the class he saw several people glaring at him and the Sandaime said "Where is Sakura Naruto."

A fist connected on the top of his head and Naruto was sent to the ground below and thought "you just had to drop that armor, didn't you."

Eva said in his head "You deserved that one."

Sakura walked into the room and said "Sorry about that Hokage-sama. I had something in my eye but I got it out.....Did I miss my test."

The Sandaime said "No Sakura, I was waiting for you and Naruto to return so I may ask the question I mention earlier. Please take your seat."

Sakura nods and sits down in her seat and Ino looked at Sakura and saw Sakura eyes and thought "what did you say to her Naruto....."

A Gennin looked at this and thought "Now that's interesting. It looks like Naruto started a fire in Sakura. I wish someone would do that for Ino."

The Sandaime cleared his throat as Naruto stood up and he said "Now Sasuke and Naruto. My question is why do you want to be strong."

Naruto crossed his arms and Sasuke said "I have to become because I have a dream.....no, it is a reality I will make......I will kill a certain someone and restore my clan." as he clenched his fist and blood fell from it.

Naruto took a deep breath and mumbled "he will also kill anyone who gets in his way, friend or foe."

The Sandaime frowned as he heard Naruto mumble as well as Sasuke answer and he said "I see......what about you Naruto, why do you want to be strong."

Naruto bit his lip and said "Strength doesn't come from how many jutsu you have or how much chakra you have.....it doesn't come from how many punches or kicks you can do. It comes from finding what is most important to you and protecting it with everything you have........I know a woman who is probably the strongest woman I've ever met. She has a father and a son who needed her. Her husband was killed in front of her and her family. She was attacked by some bandits and raped.....she survived all of it but she couldn't let it effect her. She remained strong holding in the pain she suffered while she carried a child in her, taking care of her father and son when the bandits controlled her village. Never letting it effect her and being the strength they needed when she was suffering herself because they were the most precious thing to her.....I saw the pain the woman was in when I met her and I saw the strength she has to endure till this day. I learned from her and another who gave his life to protect his master that true strength comes from protecting that which is precious to you. I have looked around me and found what is precious to me and I've decided to become the strength to those around me like she did for her family. That is why I want to be strong." as he looked at everyone in the room in the eyes.

Sasuke said "Your an idiot who will get himself ki....." as he was silenced by KI coming from Naruto who focused it at Sasuke.

Sasuke gulped and the Sandaime said "Enough Naruto."

Naruto frowned and said "Just so you know Sasuke, You have never and will never be on my precious list. I knew your brother and I think your brother lied to you to protect you from the real killers of you clan. I think he found the bodies before you did and lied to you so you would hate him and live instead of chasing the real killers and dying. I think all this time he's been either tracking them down himself or has already killed. I've believed that for years and I will believe it till the day I die. How can 1 man kill an entire clan with the same strength and weaknesses as him without anyone noticing until it was done. Answer that Avenger."

The Sandaime closed his eyes and said "Naruto, that's enough. The past is the past, you shouldn't bring up such painful memories."

Naruto said "Forgive me then Hokage-sama but if the past is so painful then why do we celebrate the death of so many people every year. I don't care if I pass or not or about your reward. I don't need a piece of paper or piece of metal giving me permission to do what I think is right or being strong for those around me. Lord Avenger over there can have it but someday his revenge will result in the death of someone who was a friend, allies, or an innocent who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just like...." as he threw his Hiate on the ground as he stopped talking and walked toward the door.

The Sandaime frowned and said "You can't leave yet, I haven't dismissed you."

Naruto said "I haven't taken the real Gennin test yet or signed my ninja registration papers Hokage-sama. Someone in your position should know about dotting the I's and crossing the T's to make everything legal. I'm still a civilian just like all them so if you will excuse me but I'm going to get drunk or laid, maybe both." as he walked out the door.

Iruka said "Forgive him Hokage-sama, he's...."

The Sandaime sighed and said "Right." making everyone in the classroom look at him wide eyed.

The Sandaime said "Last night my ANBU attacked a group of traitors who were planning the downfall of Konoha. Information was gathered that this group was involved in the Uchiha Massacre 5 years ago. It is unknown at this time if Uchiha Itachi actually had any part in the massacre and the only one who can know for sure is Itachi himself who made himself a missing nin by leaving the village that day. I had planned to investigate into the matter but because of Naruto outburst I feel that it is best that the current information be given to Sasuke so as the only Uchiha loyal to the village he can decide on the coarse of action."

Sasuke was shocked still as everyone looked at him and he said "It....he....I....." as memories of his brother and then that day played in his head.

The Sandaime said "It is your decision and once we have all the info from the investigation you can determine what to do then Sasuke....for now I need to return to my office and the rest of you have to take your test. I will have your sensei give you the reward I promise Sasuke but the truth is it should have went to Naruto who apparently has decided not to be a ninja. It's a shame, his father the Yondaime would be sadden by this turn of events all things considered." as he left in a puff of smoke.

Several screams of "WHAT." was heard throughout the room.

On the Hokage monument Naruto sat down and smirked as the memories came back to him from the Kagebunshin of the Sandaime and said "Now lets see where you go Konoha." as he stood up and the armor appeared on him and he flew away from the village.