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"Father, why is mother still sleeping?"

"She's very tired, Kirie."

"Why are people crying? She'll wake up soon, right?"


-----September 12, 1979------

Looking out the window, Kirie Himuro sighed as she looked at the sight of the newly bloomed cherry trees. She had thought of leaving her home many times to see the world outside her own small world. Outside this small room she is forced to be in day after day. Away from her father's face not looking over her time from time. However....

She never even tried to leave the house even once, not even her own room.

She questioned her father every time he comes up to talk to her about why she wasn't allowed to leave. The answer was always:

"You are too young, Kirie. Wait until you're older."

(Too young? You always answer with that answer. I don't want to hear that shit anymore. Give me the real reason, father)

Kirie looked away. "Too young? Father, I am nearly 17. Is that really too young?" She sat on her bed.

He stared at her with a hint of anger. "Yes Kirie." he replied sternly. "I believe you are too young to leave this house. You do not have the knowledge of surviving in the outside world. It is best that you stay with me until you do."

(That is bullshit right there. Plain Bullshit. How do you expect me to learn how to live in the outside world? I have never even been outside this damned house for 10 FUCKING years.)

Kirie closed her eyes, holding back tears from falling. "I understand, father."

Kirie's father nodded and soon left the room. After hearing her father's footsteps slowly going away, she laid her head on her pillow and sobbed. As tears came out of her eyes, she looked at a photo. It was a photo of three people: Her father, still looking normal before that incident. Her mother, before she "went to sleep". A little girl, who grew up to be the now lonely young woman named Kirie. A sob escaped from her lips once again as she thought of the times back when her mother was alive and healthy, her father still a sane and loving husband and father and when she, herself, was a happy active girl. Now, everything is the opposite: her mother is not around anymore, preferably still "sleeping", her father became cold and distant from Kirie and may have even lost a bit of his mind, and Kirie.......

She is now just a sad little girl demanding to see the world how it truly is...

"Father, may I go outside?"

"No Kirie."

"But why?"

"It is not safe outside. Would you want to become like your mother?"

A little girl soon broke down crying while the father just stood there.

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