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I studied Grimmjow as he sat quietly on the bed. My chest was ripping open again, although deep down I always knew he was going to leave me, and it was no surprise he would end up with Shirosaki.

"I'm sorry, I thought of telling you but I didn't want to mess it up. We went in the pool and Shirosaki kissed me, I pulled away and told him to leave. I'm sorry, you have to believe me"

I sat quietly on my chair; maybe he was telling the truth, but how could I know that. Convenient that he was going to tell me…

"Please you know I love you, please believe me" he said as he kneeled down in front of me.

I wanted to believe him, the hole that was opening in my chest started feeling with warmth but I still felt it wasn't right.
"Ichigo" he took my hands tightly with his "Look into my eyes"
I did. His beautiful, bright cyan eyes that were shining once again. I thought of how they were so dark before and now they were brighter than ever. Was it because of me?

"Do you believe me?" he spoke softly.
"Yes" my heart told me to trust him but my mind wasn't so sure.
He stood and kissed me "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I can't even tell you how much I love you"

I couldn't help but smile. "Baka"

He chuckled and kissed me again. Then he sat on my lap and pulled us to the computer.

"Who sent you this?" he asked looking at the picture.
"I don't know… same one that sent the picture to your dad" I wasn't sure if I should bring up his dad.
"Who the fuck is this guy" he said frustrated. "Their trying to break us up" he thought out loud.

My first thought was that Shirosaki was the one behind this, but he couldn't have taken the picture, and I didn't think he would ever send a picture to Grimmjow's dad.

But then who? Maybe someone I don't know that wants Grimmjow for himself, or herself; maybe it's a girl.
And then suddenly a name popped in my head and it made perfect sense.

"Renji" I said.
"What?" Grimmjow turned to see me.
"Renji…he has to be the one behind this"
"Your neighbor?" he asked.
"Yeah. I think he's in love with me, that's why we stopped talking"

"Asshole. So what do we do?" Grimmjow said as I got my cell phone and called Renji.

"Hey Renji?" I said after he answered his cell.
"Yeah?" he couldn't hide his excitement.
"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies?"
"Sure! What time?"
"I'll pick you up at 6"
"Great, see you then"

I closed my cell phone and grinned at Grimmjow. He laughed and grabbed his cell phone. "I'll go do my part"
At six pm sharp I was outside Renji's house, and I didn't even need to honk because he was out the door as soon as I parked in front of his house.

"Hey Ichigo" he beamed once inside the car. I hadn't seen him in a while and he was looking very hot. He had more muscle and he looked tight and sexy in his shirt, and he still had his beautiful face. I smiled as I sped towards the movies.

"I'm sorry I haven't been talking much to you" Renji started "You still with him?" he couldn't hide his anger when he said 'him'.
"Yeah" I smiled "It's gonna take more than pictures to break us up" I said turning to see his shocked face.
"Uh- wha-what do you mean?"
"Don't play stupid we know you sent the pictures and I'm not mad… we're closer cause of them actually. But I hope that after tonight you will stop trying"
I could see him nodding his head in silence.


"Grimmjow, I'm really sorry about today" Shirosaki said as he drove to the movies.
"Don't sweat it; just want to make sure that you know that me and Ichigo are not breaking up" I smiled.
"Yeah totally, I'm really sorry" he said as he parked the car. I studied him as he walked to the entrance, he was wearing tight jeans and another polo; he looked sexy as hell.

"So Ichigo's coming?" he asked once we got to the entrance.
"Yeah... there he is" I smiled as I saw my sexy strawberry walking towards us with a confused pineapple next to him. He was looking very hot himself.

"Shirosaki, Renji" Ichigo introduced him. They smiled and shook hands, and if I wasn't mistaking they were practically fucking each other with their eyes. I turned to look at Ichgio and grinned.

"Oh shit! Ichigo I forgot my wallet at your place" Shirosaki and Renji looked at me. "Did you bring your car?"
"Yeah, lets go. You go in and we'll catch up with you" Ichigo said to the confused pair.
"But-"Shirosaki said to me.

"Go on, we'll be right back." I said as I started walking with Ichigo. Renji and Shirosaki were still confused.
"Don't do anything we wouldn't do" Ichigo winked and the pair laughed nervously. They quickly looked at each other and then looked away.
As we walked towards Ichigo's car the pair walked inside.

I thought how much things had changed. I went from dying from loneliness to living happily with Ichigo. I never thought I would ever be with him, and I could've never imagined that I'd love him this much.

As I held his hand and got closer to the car, he smiled at me and I realized things would always change around us and things would always be in our way, but nothing would break us. It's him and me.

I looked at Ichigo as we got closer to the car, and found it was amazing how sexy he was and how much I loved him. I smiled as I thought everything would always be ok because I had him by my side.
I pulled him in front of me and placed my arms around his stomach.
"Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing" I started whispering as he smiled. "Telling me to give you everything... seasons may change, winter to spring…"
"But I love you" he broke in
"Until the end of time..." I continued.
"Come what may" we said together. He stopped and kissed me.
"Corny song" I said as we kissed.
"You love it" he laughed.
"Nah" I kissed him again and then pulled away "I love you"

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