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Since when did it matter whether or not pirates lied, and cheated? Jack angrily ripped the cloth he was trying to tie, and threw it at the wall. And how was he to blame, at all? She was hardly setting a good example, after all- leaving her fiance- no, they'd been married, hadn't they?- for him? He thought he heard a noise and quickly stopped his tantrum, pressing his ear to the door- no, merely the wind. No crying Elizabeth, rushing to his door- ready to break it down- bursting with tears, and the need to apologize for being so bloody mad.

"Where does she get off, anyway?" Jack mumbled, grabbing the cloth savagely from the ground, then looking at it mournfully. He couldn't remember a time when he hadn't tied it about his head. And now it was ripped. Great. Perfect. He tossed it back down. "What did she expect? Honestly? A nice, honest little puppy of a lover?" He snorted at the thought. Sure, she'd shown belief that he was a good man, but even good men slip up, don't they? What could she have expected?

"Cap'n?" Jack leaped to his feet, pushing his hat onto his head in an effort to hide the lack of red upon his hair. Gibbs entered awkwardly. "Not to be intrudin', Cap'n, but we're nearing land."

"Are we?" Jack asked, then he nodded. "Good. Very good. Good job." Gibbs left as uncomfortably as he had entered. Jack fumbled with his hat as he removed it. "Stand tall, old buddy," A little voice whispered in his ear- a remnant of the madness that had seeped into his brain during his stay in the locker. "Thanks," He muttered as a bitter reply. Then he stuffed the hat onto his head, and straightened his shoulders.

After a few minutes of pacing, he forced himself to leave his quarters. Elizabeth was nowhere in sight. He gritted his teeth. Where was that woman? They were almost at Port! She was bloody impossible- always disappearing, and crying, and yelling. He frowned, then turned to Gibbs.

"Any sight of the insane?"

"And what's that supposed to mean?" All the low voices on the deck instantly stopped, and Jack gulped minutely. He turned, putting out his hands to show innocence.

"'Ello, love," He greeted her. Elizabeth simply crossed her arms.

"Jack Sparrow, you have some explaining to do." Jack was teetering between a few replies- shouting that he had been right, shouting that she was being annoying, timidly saying hollow apologies, and…

"It's Captain, love, Captain Jack Sparrow." Elizabeth snorted in disgust.

"Captain? I thought I was a Pirate Lord-" She frowned, then narrowed her eyes. "You know, the Queen of the Pirate Lords?"

"And, by that round of logic, I am, in fact, your loving and handsome Captain King," Jack answered, without missing a beat. Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

"The Queen is much stronger then her so called 'loving' King."

"Only in Chess." Jack answered with a cheeky grin. Elizabeth slapped him. He frowned, cracking his jaw. "I think I might have deserved that."

"Think?" Elizabeth repeated. "Think?" She rolled her eyes, threw her hands up, and sighed exasperatedly. "You cheated on me! Not just with some lady, or some old friend…Jack- you paid someone to cheat with on me! In Tortuga!"

"I'm a pirate," Jack replied firmly, wishing suddenly that they had done this in his quarters, not out on the deck in front of the eyes of his crew. He rolled his eyes, "Lizzy- all there's to do in Tortuga is get drunk, and do what I did when I did it- and I like to not do one without the other." Elizabeth glared daggers at him, and he smiled innocently.

"You're infuriating!" She growled. The level of anger in her voice surprised him.

"Who're you gonna tell? William? I happen to think he wouldn't care much whether the man you cheated on him with cheated on you." What had meant to be a jeer came out cold, and Elizabeth simply froze, as if she had been slapped, and didn't quite know what to do. Jack knew he had said it wrong, and quickly said, "Lizzy-" But she shook her head, eyes already wet. William, as Jack well knew, was a sore spot with her still.

"I hope they catch you and hang you, Captain Jack Sparrow." She spat, retreating into her quarters. Jack felt like hanging his head, and curling up in some corner he could find, but instead, he turned, and smiled at his crew.

"Women. Gibbs, you were right- rotten luck to have 'em aboard. What say we port and have some fraternizing, savvy?" Gibbs seemed unsure, but the rest of the crew seemed overjoyed that he wasn't going to mull over his domestic dispute.

As they walked on the deck, Jack glanced over his shoulder. Elizabeth hadn't left the boat. He wondered distantly whether he should leave the Pearl with her- after all, she had a tendency to take things he loved… rum…his life…his heart, he supposed...

"Cap'n?" Jack jolted at Gibbs' voice, and he turned to the lightly-bearded man with a grin.

"Mr. Gibbs! What can I do for you?"

"I'm worried." Gibbs said bluntly. "T'arn't good luck to be fighting and arguing when a woman's on board, and a storm is brewing."

"Relax." Jack said easily, putting an arm around his first mate. He squeezed him, then let go quickly. "Elizabeth and I'll sort it out- you know me."

"You could talk an oyster of it's pearl," Gibbs relented uneasily. He met the Captain's eyes, then said, "But Elizabeth is no oyster."

"Neither was Davy Jones, but I nearly took my debt from him." Jack answered with a grin. There was just a shadow of fear stemming from the dark memory in his eyes, and Gibbs caught it. He didn't say anything about it, though, choosing instead to remind him,

"At the cost of 100 souls."

"And had I gotten them, I would have done well for myself." Jack answered simply. "Now, rest up, drink, and do as you will." He walked a mite faster then the stocky pirate beside him, and reached the bar far sooner than him. Smiling broadly at a bar waitress with a short skirt and ripped leggings, he said,

"I'll have rum and a kiss, love," She smirked at him dryly, then smacked a small glass of rum in front of him. He grinned. "Forgetting something?" She slapped him. He shrugged, then leaned back. "It seems this is not a good day for me." He smirked, and downed the drink. "If I order another, can I get that kiss?" Another slap, but he was sure her eyes said yes.

Elizabeth frowned, completely annoyed. She had assumed that within an hour, a very drunk Jack Sparrow would come swaying into her quarters, and then charmingly apologize, dissuade her of leaving, kiss her, and then fall asleep on the floor. But he hadn't come. She frowned, then rested her elbows on her knees, and her head on her hands. She wondered whether he was really so angry at her that he wouldn't apologize- but she wasn't terribly timid, or stupid. She knew he had been wrong.

"Jack, are you so stubborn?" She muttered under her breath, annoyance tinting her light voice. Laying back on her bed, she wondered for perhaps the billionth time why she loved the pirate. And whether he loved her as he so often drunkenly proclaimed.

"And of course, I had to save her- I am a gentleman, after all- so I leapt into the water, securing myself a place on the noose the next morning." Jack told the rapt young bar waitresses.

"What happened? How'd you escape?" The younger brunette asked, awed.

"There was an attack that very night by an old ship of mine…" Wait for it… "The Black Pearl." All four young women gasped, and the one who had slapped him earlier asked,

"You're Barbossa?"

"No, love," Jack said with a smirk, pulling the drink to his lips, and pouring it down his throat. "I shot Barbossa." He slammed his drink onto the table, and pulled back the sleeve of his shirt, revealing the Sparrow tattoo. "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow." All four women gasped, then blushed, then fawned over him.

"Cap'n," Gibbs walked up, and Jack turned to him with a raised eyebrow. Then he smirked.

"Mr. Gibbs-" He turned to the girls. "He's my first mate." The girls turned a prospective eye on the older pirate, who seemed uncomfortable with the attention.

"Not what I meant, Cap'n." Gibbs said. "Thanks, though. I meant we ought to be leaving soon."

"Why?" Jack asked sharply.

"It's nearly dawn," The first mate answered, sending a glance out of the window at the pale blue sky. Jack nodded.


"This isn't Tortuga, Jack- pirates aren't exactly welcome here." Realization dawned in the sluggishly inebriated pirate's mind. Then he turned disappointedly to the girls. He'd been wooing them too long.

"Sorry Girls, Captain Jacks gotta run."

"Come on," The brunette said with a pouty lip."Stay a little longer…at least tell us what happened when the Pearl attacked…"

"Or how you shot Barbossa," The blonde added. Jack grinned toothily, then looked at Gibbs, who shrugged.

"I s'pose they won't be rushin' in at dawn, to scourer for the like o' you and me." Jack grinned.

"Good man! Grab a seat, Mr. Gibbs, and help me regal these fine little ladies with ou' stories." Gibbs smirked, rolled his eyes, and slid into the seat beside his captain.

"Alright, Cap'n," He said. "Where were you?" Jack grinned.


Elizabeth pushed the door open a crack, to peek out into the early lights of dawn. Where was he? Where was anyone for that matter? They knew better then to stay out after dawn. People were less lenient when the sun was out, after all. She slipped from the cabin, and ran onto the docks. Where was her so-called 'Loving' pirate king? Knowing Jack, in deep trouble.

As Elizabeth wandered around some dusty dirt roads, she began to wonder what would happen was Jack to get on the ship while she was gone. Would he leave? She frowned at the thought, but was quickly distracted at the loud shout of,


"Jack," She breathed in fear, hastily running in the direction of the familiar voice. When she was close, she peered around the corner of a bar, and saw Jack and most of the crew of the Black Pearl in chains, handcuffed together. Jack particularly looked drunk, but the others seemed more sober. A man who was obviously a guardian of the law was sneering at him.

"Captain and deck-swabbers all hang by the same rope." Jack didn't seem perturbed by this, but Elizabeth's breath caught in her throat. Hung? Jack?

"Then I'd like me title to hang with me." He responded, looking positively untouchable.

"Then good riddance to the two of ya," A woman with ripped leggings and a short skirt told him distastefully. She glared at him, and he grinned cheekily at her.

"You'll miss me, love- I know it." She scoffed, and went into the building Elizabeth was standing beside. Her heart was going a mile a minute- what was she supposed to do? Gibbs spotted her, and furrowed his brows. Then he subtly elbowed Jack, who looked at him first, then in the direction he was gazing. His kohl surrounded eyes widened in surprise, before he smirked. He looked adorable, and Elizabeth wanted to run to his side, break the chains, and take him back to his beloved Pearl. Jack smiled at her once more before turning- though this time it was less amused, and more sad- then said to the man, "You may have caught the captain, lad, but you didn't catch everyone." Elizabeth's eyes widened. Was he ratting her out?

"Oh?" The man asked, turning. Jack nodded, then grinned.

"And you won't. Cause they'll be far from here by tomorrow. The pirate code, you know? They'll know to leave me behind." One last smirk, one last quick but somehow-lingering gaze on Elizabeth, then, "That's what they'd do if they was smart."

But Elizabeth didn't fancy herself very smart at the moment. With a wicked and terrified grin, she turned back and ran. She didn't see the small hurt and huge relief on Jack's face.

But she did see the Pearl, and she knew that inside, a mind that had constructed great escapes had slept and lived. Along with lots of weapons.