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"Cap'n?" Jack didn't respond, the brim of his hat pulled down low- beneath his eyes. "Cap'n?" Gibbs reached forward to tug him out of whatever daydream or sleep he might have fallen into, and the captain jerked suddenly, and straightened his hat, as though he had been completely awake and sober, and was in control.

"Yes, Mr. Gibbs?"

"Are you having any sort of plan forming?" He asked nonchalantly, as if he didn't really care whether or not the rope would be around his throat within the week.

"A little." Jack answered, not ready to admit he hadn't even been thinking about an escape plan. His thoughts had been on Elizabeth. It didn't matter if they escaped anyway- there were few ships they'd be able to 'commandeer' here, and the Pearl was long gone, with lovely Lizzy steering it.

"Anything that might work?" Gibbs persisted.

"You never know," Jack answered, before pulling his hat low, signaling to his first mate that the conversation was over. Gibbs took the hint, and sighed quietly under his breath.

"And can you tell me what you're thinking about, then, if not a way to get out?"

"Try to guess, mate," Jack told him with a crooked grin, his eyes shut lazily. Gibbs smirked, raising his eyes to the dank ceiling.

"At least one of us has something like that to think about." Jack smirked at him, raising his hat with one hand.

"Why, Mr. Gibbs, I did offer you those girls at the-" Gibbs shot him a dark look before he could even finish the sentence. The Captain smiled at him pleasantly. "I'll be getting back to my planning, Mr. Gibbs," Gibbs finally tore the hard look from the other pirate's eyes.

"I was hoping you'd say that."

"Is it bad luck to be hung, then?" Jack asked dryly after a moment, wearing a knowing and amused grin. Gibbs turned, a hint of a smile on his dirty face.

"Aye, Cap'n," He said. "Very bad luck."

Elizabeth threw herself into the chair that Jack always sat in when charting where they'd sail to, or doing whatever else he did when he locked himself down here. Her eyes drifted through the dark and musty room, finally finding a few small bottles. She grabbed them almost viciously, needing a bit of inspiration, then frowned.

"And he complains of my taking all the rum?" She muttered, her nose wrinkling despite herself at the heavy scent pouring from the bottle. "He seems to be the one stealing all of it, and making away with it." She sighed, bit her lip, then said, "Come on, Elizabeth, you have to save him." You're only one person, a small and cruel voice whispered in her mind. She shushed it, and then opened the drawers of the table. "What have you in this place, Jack? There must be something helpful…" She fumbled through various objects and empty bottles, then found lots of parchment. "Plans?" She asked under her breath, hope shining in her eyes.

She frowned. Simply letters. An eyebrow raised. From and to Will?

"What secrets have you been hiding from me?" She asked softly, anger simmering in her blood. She often wondered at how unfaithful her pirate was, and how blatantly regardless of her feelings, but this? This was utter…utter…something! This was cruelty that couldn't be done unintentionally. Perhaps he felt for her on a physical level- perhaps even the slightest bit of emotional connection- but if he had wrote to her ex-fiancé to boast of how he had won, to speak of her as a prize- or perhaps to simply complain of her- it was too great a felony to dismiss- to forgive. She frowned, and suddenly realized that she was crying.

"What did you expect?" She asked bitterly, brushing the back of her hand over her wet cheeks. "He's a pirate." She stood angrily, and walked to the deck, pleased to feel the wind of the sea kiss her cheeks. She would leave…but- she frowned again. What had Jack even expected? The ship couldn't be crewed by one person…it was madness to even think it could. Had he simply wished to manipulate her? To make her save him? She frowned, and punched the mast. Pain stabbed her knuckles, and she looked down in shock. She slumped against the mast, and closed her eyes.

"Yo-ho yo-ho, a pirate's life for me." She whispered, tears trickling unhindered down her face.

"Well, Captain, you're set for tomorrow. You'll be first- you're special after all. The Captain." He repeated it with a dark smirk. Jack looked up at the guard who had arrested him, and grinned.

"And glad you know it, mate. But I seem to recall that a Captain goes down with his, or as the case may be, her, ship. And, if you had not, in fact, noticed," He pointed slightly out the barred windows where the gallows stood, prepared for him. The rope swung lazily in the slight wind, the gray sky behind it threatening. "That is not a ship." The guard sneered at him, then snarled sardonically,

"If it helps, we can name the gallows 'ship'. Either way, you will be hanging from them tomorrow morning."

"Hang on a second, mate," Jack said, following the guard as he began to walk to the door. "Even if we name it 'ship', it isn't mine! It's wrong to steal!" The door slammed. Jack turned to Gibbs, "Well. That went well, I think." Gibbs rolled his eyes.

"Have you any plans better then pestering the guard, Jack?" Jack shrugged.

"I'll find a way. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, after all, mate, and he's hardly even a swordsman. Wouldn't have caught me if I wasn't so bloody drunk."

"You're always drunk," Gibbs retorted. "It wasn't because of that."

"O'course it was, Mr. Gibbs," Jack answered huffily. "Unless you mean to say that that scraggly dog is, in fact, a better swordsman?" Gibbs raised an eyebrow. "I thought not." Jack snapped, then he threw himself onto the dirty floor, and sat beside his first mate. "I'll figure something out, savvy?" Gibbs glanced at him, his eyes weary.

"Aye, Cap'n."

"Just one letter," Elizabeth murmured, opening the drawer, and hefting out the large stack of parchment that she had replaced in the desk. "Just one." The first was from Will, she noted, with a mixture of emotions. She gently skimmed the words.

Jack,The sea does not lie. Tell me the truth, or I'm coming and finding out for myself.


She read it with a frown. She wondered vaguely how Will had learned to write so nicely, since he had grown as a less then fabulously wealthy member of society. Then she pondered on the length, and how Jack had obtained the letter. And finally, she thought about the words written. She gently ignored her earlier proclamation, and read a second,


I can guarantee that Elizabeth has done no wrongdoing- the sea is full of bloody sharks, mate, don't listen to them. After all, people said I was a dru

Elizabeth reread the letter. Where was the rest of it? She frowned, then groaned.

"What's going on, Jack? What didn't you tell me?" She looked at the next letter.


I am no liar! I wrote the truth before, and I won't be writing it again to meet your fancy. And what have I to fear, anyway? You're a bloody eunu

Once again, the letter was unfinished. Elizabeth felt annoyance gnaw at her, then she wondered suddenly how Jack could write so nicely, as well. But then again, the pirate was an enigma. She looked at the next letter, then gasped.

"Forget Elizabeth- she was a good lay for a while, but if you stay with her any longer, Turner will come after you, and he has the ocean as his army! Remember that?"

"What are you talking about? Lizzy is the love of your life, mate! You can't just forget about her, and act as though she doesn't exist!"

"What's all this about Elizabeth? We're talking about the living part, remember? If you had stabbed Jones' heart, then you wouldn't be in this mess at all, but you didn't, and now you're here. Figure a way out, savvy?" Jack nodded slightly. Gibbs, fast asleep, didn't notice.

"What you're saying, mate," He murmured to the Jack sitting on his knee. "Is that I need to just put all this off until I get me and the crew out of this, right?" Jack nodded.

"But what are you going to run to? Before, it was all alright, you had the Pearl, but Elizabeth has the Pearl now! Remember? Escape, and you'll just be postponing the gallows' fun."

"And what's wrong with that?" Jack looked between the two Jack's as they fought, then stifled a yawn.

"Mates?" Three small heads turned to look at him. "I know I've got a big decision, but why don't you three mull on it quietly why I rest me eyes a little?" They nodded, and Jack fell into a sleep filled with miniature versions of himself fighting over Elizabeth and a peanut.


I've heard stories. Bad ones. I may be unable to go on land, but the sea is where I belong now. I hear things from sailors who've met their ends, Jack, and they've told me things about you and Elizabeth. More then one, and from more then one ship- the first was a sailor who knew me and you- a mutual acquaintance, if you will- he said that he'd seen you and Elizabeth- snogging, he said. Please, Jack, I need to know if it's true.

As a pirate, you may be dishonest, but as a friend, I beg you- be truthful…

What's going on?

Captain Will Turner

Elizabeth didn't know when she had started crying, and stopped breathing, but her face was wet, and she suddenly gasped for air like a fish released into water after agonizing minutes on land.

"Will…" She whispered, digging her head into her hands. What had Jack replied? Why hadn't he told her? She gently plucked the letter from the top of the pile, and read the next,


The truth, they say, hurts. It hurts more then a sword or a gunshot wound, sometimes, and I'd know, because I've had quite a few bad truths in my life, and many more stabs and shots. The thing about me and Elizabeth, we- and there is a we- have

Another letter unfinished.


Who exactly was this 'mutual acquaintance'? And why did he feel it his place to

She could understand easily why this letter had not been completed.


I love

She read the three words five times, before taking a deep breath, and biting her lip.


We all like to think we've found this lady, or that man, and that this lady- or that man- is the lady- or man- that we were born to meet, and we like to think that when we meet this person, we know it right away. This is bloody STUPID. I didn't know I loved Elizabeth when I first met her, you know? I like damsels in distress, alright, but I didn't think I wanted to 'snog' her, as that bloody 'acquaintance' said- who was that guy?- but now I do, so either get over yourself and it, or just come and kill me. I'm bloody drunk, right now, so it would probably be quite easy,

Your friend and ex-Captain

Jack Sparrow

It was quite easy to see he'd been drunk- the lines were uneven, words misspelled, and the whole thing was covered with stains from ink and, possibly, rum. Elizabeth sighed, rubbing her temples. She skipped through letters, until she found a finished one.


Don't trouble yourself-

Bloody liars, hoping, probably, to get out of their debts somehow. Tell our mutual acquaintance 'hello',

Captain Jack Sparrow

"Dawn will be coming soon, Cap'n,"

"And let it come," Jack told him with a grin. Gibbs frowned.

"Cap'n?" Something clicked in his mind suddenly, and he grinned, "Cap'n- have you…?"

"I've got a plan!"


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