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"Yo" - Normal speech

"Echooo" - Thoughts

"Sooo booored" – Kyuubi talking

Chapter 1: Unsheathing the Sword

Konohagakure or The Village Hidden in the Leaves is home to many people including the hero of our tale. Our hero is a 10 year old boy with bright yellow hair that stuck up in every possible direction, electric blue eyes, 3 whisker-like birthmarks on each cheek, and clothed in an orange jumpsuit. His name… Naruto Uzumaki, the aforementioned hero. (I'm not gonna be describing what people look like besides Naruto cause it's a pain in the ass lol everyone looks like they do in the anime)

Where is he you ask? Well currently he's running from a group of Chuunins after pouring blue die in the hot springs. Let's take a look shall we.

-Streets of Konoha 12:30 pm-

"Get back here brat!" yelled one of the Chuunin.

"Ha ha not on your life loser," laughed out Naruto.

Naruto sped off down the street and took a sharp left the Chuunin hot on his tail. The group took the same turn as Naruto in hopes of catching him they passed a certain wooden fence and dashed off towards the market district at the end of the street. When they were out of sight of the wooden fence a piece of illusion cloth fell revealing a chuckling Naruto.

"Morons," Chuckled out Naruto, "I believe now it's time for some victory ramen at Ichiraku's."

"Oh yeah?" someone said from behind the boy.

Naruto jumped into the air and spun around quickly to see his sensei from Konoha's Ninja Academy, Iruka Umino. "Ah Iruka-sensei what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the Academy?" asked a surprised Naruto.

"I could ask you the same thing, Naruto," Iruka deadpanned.


"Get your ass to class Naruto before you stall class anymore," Iruka said.

"Yes sir," Naruto said with a mock salute before he booked it to the Academy.

-Konoha's Ninja Academy 12:45 pm-

Naruto broke through the classroom door and took his seat at the back of the class. A couple seconds later Iruka appeared in the room with a swirl of leaves. "Alright now that everyone's here," a glare was sent Naruto's way, "we can begin our physical training of the day. Everyone outside we'll be going to Training Ground 17 today. Now march," Iruka instructed.

-Training Ground 17 1:30 pm-

Once the Class got to the training grounds they stopped in a clearing with 3 training logs in the ground and small stream behind them. "Alright class today we're going to have a little race. About 2 miles or so to the North of here is another clearing the Mizuki and I will be. Your goal is to get there the fastest but be warned there are traps throughout the area you'll have to detect these traps and avoid them," Iruka explained, "Now… go!"

After Iruka explained the rules he disappeared in a swirl of leaves and the students dashed off into the forest trying to reach the goal first. Now what people don't know is that Naruto was a natural at puzzles and other things like this, due to the Kyuubi being sealed into him (*gasp he does? no way?!?) his Spiritual Awareness was higher than any normal person's which helped him get through them. Although Naruto didn't know this he trusted his instincts (his spiritual awareness "nudges" or whatever you wanna call em) which helped him get out of jams loads of times.

"Dumbasses going straight through is the worst idea,that's where the most traps will be," Naruto thought as he saw 2 of his classmates, one with pink hair and the other with pale yellow hair, just start running straight through he recognized them as Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka, respectively, the biggest Sasuke Uchiha fans in the class, "Man I am so glad I'm over that pink haired, crazy ass, banshee. Although the blonde does have some nice legs hehe"

Naruto took a right when his "instincts" sensed danger up a head. He kept on going in this fashion letting his instincts guide him. Jumping through the trees as fast as he could he could sense his senseis up ahead "Yes almost there," Naruto thought. Seconds later he burst through the edge of the forest into the clearing landing a short distance away from Iruka and Mizuki.

"Yes I'm the first one! Eat your heart out Sasuke!" Naruto yelled excitedly.

"Congratulations Naruto! After this how about I treat you to some Ichiraku ramen?" Iruka asked.

"Yay! Thank you sensei." Naruto cheered.

A couple minutes later the first couple students dropped into the clearing they were Sasuke Uchiha and Kiba Inuzuka.

"What how did the deadlast beat us?!?" Kiba bellowed.

"Arf," Akamaru added.

"'Cause I'm awesome ya chew toy," Naruto responded.

"Hn" Sasuke responded, "How did he beat me I didn't get caught in any of the traps? I'll have to step up my training. Oh well besides this silly race proves nothing he's still a loser."

"Hey want me to knock your teeth in deadlast?!?" Kiba yelled.

"Like you could dog boy," Naruto retorted.

As Kiba and Naruto argued the rest of the class started to enter the clearing. "Alright class good job," Iruka praised, "The first 5 to get here were as follows: #1 Naruto Uzumaki."

"What?!? How did that loser beat my Sasuke-kun," Sakura screeched.

"Because I actually train unlike you stupid fan girls," Naruto retorted.

"Whatever you probably cheated deadlast," Ino said, "You could never beat Sasuke-kun."

"Quiet!" Iruka yelled, "Naruto was the first one that's that. Now as I was saying #2 Sasuke Uchiha, #3 Kiba Inuzuka, #4 Shino Aburame, #5 Hinata Hyuuga. That's the end of today's class so your all free to go."

The students dispersed as Iruka approached Naruto, "Ready to go get some ramen, Naruto?" Iruka asked. "Hell yeah!" Naruto responded excitedly.

-Ichiraku Ramen Bar 5:00 pm-

"I'm only gonna pay for 3 bowls today Naruto," Iruka said before Naruto could order an ungodly amount as they sat down on the stools.

"Fine," Naruto responded, "I'll 1 miso, 1 beef, and 1 shrimp old man!"

"Coming right up," the old ramen chef called from the back.

"Hey Naruto how's it going?" Ayame, the rament stand's waitress, asked.

"It's going great I was the first one to get through the obstacle course so now Iruka is treating me to ramen. Yay!" Naruto responded enthusiastically.

"Wow that's very impressive Naruto I'm glad to hear it," Ayame giggled at his antics.

"That's right very impressive I was wondering how you did it, Naruto?" Iruka asked curiously.

"Well… I've always had like a 6th sense for danger so detecting those traps was cake," Naruto responded cheerfully.

"Hmm well that's good to hear that will definitely help you in the field Naruto," Iruka said.

"Here's your ramen Naruto." the chef said as he placed the first of the bowls in front of him, "And don't worry about the bill Iruka it's on the house. Naruto did a good job so I think a reward is due"

"Yay!" Naruto yelled loudly, "Itadikimasu!"

The group just laughed at his outburst before talking about trivial matters while they ate.

-Dark Alley 6:00 pm-

In a dark alley were 2 shadowy figures. One had straight silver hair down to his neck wearing a Konoha headband and Chuunin vest. The second person had black hair tied back in a ponytail that went to his shoulder blades he also had an eye patch over his left eye and a wooden sword tucked into his belt.

"So are you the famous demon slayer known as Musashi?" asked the silver haired figure.

"Yes, that is correct. So I guess that makes you Mizuki, correct?" asked the second figure now named Musashi.

"Yes , I am. I have a job for you I want you to kill this demon," Mizuki answered pulling out a picture of a blonde haired boy with 3 whisker like marks on both cheeks.

"That's no demon that's a child," Musashi responded narrowing his visible eye.

"Do not be fooled that's just his human skin that bastard hides behind," Mizuki growled.

"Hmph fine. $500. No exceptions."


-Back Streets of Konoha 8:00 pm-

"Man I ate a lot that ramen was extra tastey today," Naruto exclaimed as he was walking back towards his house.

"Danger!" Naruto thought as he tucked and rolled to the right just as a wooden sword slashed right where he was seconds ago.

Naruto look over and saw a strange guy with an eye patch holding said wooden sword in a professional looking stance gained years of experience.

"Hey what's your problem asshole?!?" Naruto yelled at the stranger.

"Silence demon. I've been hired to slay you because you've been causing this village a lot of trouble," Musashi responded narrowing his eye.

"Those eyes… I'm no demon. But if its fight you want then it's a fight you'll get!" Naruto yelled as whipped out a kunai holding it in reverse grip as he charged straight for the weirdo.

"To easy," thought Musashi as he brought down his sword on Naruto's wrist knocking away his kunai. He followed up spinning around the blonde and sending a powerful blow to the young ninja-in-training's back knocking him down.

"Give up demon you're not going to win. I suggest you stay down and this will all be over quickly," Musashi said.

"Oh yeah old man well I'll show you!" Naruto yelled as got up and took his street brawler's fighting stance. "Your crappy stick won't take me down!"

"This is wooden sword carved from a thousand year old tree and cleansed in a sacred stream. It's a conduit for Spirit Energy perfect for slaying demons. Which it has proven many times. Now die, Shaputo: Shinning Sword!" Musashi yelled as he jumped and struck Naruto in the shoulder followed up by a numerous amount of very fast and ferocious strikes all over his body. Naruto fell hard to the ground after that attack, a chunk of wood landing right next to his head.

"Huh?" Musashi questioned giving a curious look at the end of his noticing that the tip was broken off, "He broke my sword? His spriritual power must be pretty impressive to have done that. Hmph well it doesn't matter it's over now." He turned to walk away when he heard a grunt coming from Naruto. He looked over and saw the boy standing slowly with the tip of his sword clutched tightly in his hand.

"I told… pant… you… pant… that crappy stick… pant… won't take *cough ugh me down," Naruto growled out staring hard at Musashi.

"What creature are you? No one has survived my Shinning Sword attack. Hmph oh well you won't live through a second one," Musashi said as he brought his sword up to deliver the killing blow. He jumped into the intent on finishing Naruto off.

As he was coming down from his jump Naruto was panicking inside, "Oh no! He… really wants me dead. Why am I holding this," he looked at the tip of the sword in his hand that he subconsciously brought up to block the incoming attack, "Why couldn't he crack off a longer piece?!?"

As Musashi brought down what was left of his sword intent on cleaving the blonde in half yellow electricity began crackling off the broken of the chunk of sword Naruto held in his hand. The electricity formed together into one solid piece of yellow energy, that looked a little bit like the blade of a sword, which blocked Musashi's strike.

"What is that?!?" Musashi cried as his sword was block by the yellow energy.

"How the hell should I know," Naruto yelled back.

"What are you?!?" Musashi yelled back.

-Naruto's Sewer Mindscape-

A huge cage with piece of paper that had he kanji for seal on it was at the back of a very large room. Behind the cage a pair big red eyes with vertical slit pupils stared into the water that covered the ground. An image was being displayed in the water which allowed the eyes to see what was happening outside of its prison.

"Huh? Well well well it seems my host isn't as useless as I thought. Looks like I won't have to give him any of my chakra this time. Now… what will you do? Ha ha ha," a dark voice rang out behind the cage.

-Back to the fight-

Musashi was staring at the new turn of events with shock clearly evident on his face. Naruto saw his chance to strike and brought his sword-like energy mass back and gave a devastating blow to Musashi's stomach which sent him flying across the ground tearing up the street. He slid across the ground a good fifty feet before his back hit a street light knocking him out. Naruto looked on surprised by his new shown feat of strength. Naruto brought the energy sword up closer to his face to inspect it, "Woah badass! But how am I supposed to turn it off?"

"Think of it just disappearing and it will 'turn off'." a dark voice sounded.

"Who's there?" Naruto asked as he looked all around himself trying to locate the owner of the voice, "Show yourself or I'll use this sword on you next!"

"Calm down. Think your answers and I'll hear you."

"Hello, can you hear me?"

"Yes I can. Now get back to your apartment and I'll explain things when you get there."

"Ok," Naruto thought as he concentrated on making his sword disappear before running back to his apartment to get some answers.

Chapter Endb

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