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Following You

His bag bulged, the weight making his bed divot. His sandaled feet padded silently on the floor, walking back and forth in his small apartment. Grabbing things out of his closet, kitchen, and bathroom and proceeding to stuff them in the bag. He couldn't believe what he heard. He couldn't believe that what they wanted to do was even legal. Well, maybe it was only legal for him, the nine tailed fox, the only thing they saw him for.

The Counsel. Elders of the Village. Old Jaded Farts. Whichever name you please. They never saw Naruto for the person he was. They ignored his fight for righteousness. Ignored how skilled of a ninja he was, and how well he fights for and defends his village. No, all they saw was the Kyuubi, deep inside him. They think they know that Naruto will loose control over the demon and the seal will break. What's one young man over a nine-tailed beast? How well could he really contain it for, and how long? No matter that Naruto is one of the most determined ninja since the Forth. No matter his own wellbeing. He had to be under surveillance. Or sealed away. Earlier, he found out their distrust of him with his own ears.

He was on a break from missions for a week. Naturally, Naruto always gets bored of sleeping and relaxing after the first two days, so he sets out to explore the village he knows like the back of his hand, but anything's better than sitting in a stuffy apartment all day, it feels like a cage. He began to make his way over to the Hokages tower, and up on the roof were his favorite secret passage was. The one leading right above Tsunade's office, where he could hear everything. Though one of those times didn't serve him well, as he caught Tsunade and Jiraiya old people flirting, which of course ended with a punch in the face, Jiraiya on the receiving end. Even though the last part was amusing, Naruto was slightly disturbed…

He wiggled his way down the dusty shafts, until he found the spot he knew was sturdy right above her ceiling boards. From above, he already heard people talking. When he got closer, he recognized them as Tsunade, and the elders. He settled himself and began to listen, lightly fanning himself. It was friggen stifling up there.

"From the his last mission, we can not ignore the possible danger he can inflict on this village. He has become too powerful" The woman elder said in a stern voice.

"I assure you, that he would never direct that kind of power at his own home." Tsunade replied, a twinge of annoyance in her voice. So, they were talking about someone on Konoha. Naruto felt a slight churn in his stomach.

"And how do you know that, Tsunade? Maybe he himself would not, but that thing inside of him could overcome him at any moment, or during strenuous battle, as exampled before in pervious missions. There are no guarantees in this delicate situation" The eldest man stated. The churn turned into a flip, he could feel his heart beating in his ears. "He could even be persuaded and collaborate with the demon-"

"Naruto would never do that! Why are you seeing his own personal strength as a threat? Shouldn't it be, the stronger he gets, the less we need to worry? Why did you not confront this matter while he was a defenseless child?" Tsunade boomed back. So they were talking about him. He had always known the higher ups were weary of him… what were they thinking? What are they going to do?

The woman took a step forward, bracing her coming argument, "Because back when he was young, the Fourths seal was still strong, it is now weakening, he can even draw power from the Kyuubi. The fox is leaking though, maybe he is covering how much that demon is effecting him"

"The Naruto I know doesn't even know how to cover anything about himself"

"And how long have you know him?" the man chimed in, "Since he was a small child? A baby? You've known him for a few short years, two of which he was absent for"

"You just need to meet him for 5 minutes to know everything about him-"

"Enough Tsunade! We are tired of your argument, in which you have no proof. Something must be done about the nine tailed child." The woman walked forward, Naruto heard a crumple of paper as is was firmly placed on the Hokages desk. "This is a contract. A contract stating that Narutos rights be handed to us. We will arrange what is best for this village, by keeping it safe, and not allowing a reenactment of 16 years ago, letting hundreds of people die. Since he has no parents, his rights have always been passed through Hokages. This would last until he was 18, but this contract is for his whole life, or whenever the beast within him is removed, whichever comes first. "

"He will stay under constant watch of elite shinobi" The man added, "He will not be allowed outside the confines of this village. He will spend his first days under psychological evaluation; to decipher which housing he will be acceptable for him. Ranging from his apartment, to a sealed cement cell. His seal will be examined, and another seal will be issued on top of it. This will cut off his chakra flow, not allowing him to escape, or for the Kyuubi's chakra to seep through."

His mind went blank; he couldn't listen to another word. Naruto's breath came quick. His mouth was bone dry and he felt like he was going to be sick. Under the councils control? Nowhere in that contract did he hear his own wellbeing, his freedom. All it translated to was confinement, surveillance, and torture. His chakra cut off? He wouldn't be able to train, fight, or do anything! He wouldn't be able to leave the village!

Something clicked, that made him jerk in realization. No chakra? No missions? No leaving the village? Under those circumstances. He would never be able to search for him. Never again would he see him, or fight him, or try to drag him back.

Sasuke would be an even further reach than he ever had been before.

His chest tightened. Hands trembled; his legs couldn't support his crouching position anymore. The rims of his eyes prickled.




He fumbled his way out of the vents, onto the top of the building, and he automatically darted to his apartment. He mindlessly leaped atop roofs. He dropped down to his door and shoved it open. His eyes scanned the clock as he tumbled face first onto his bed. 5:47PM. His arms wrapped around his pillow as he stuffed his face into it. His mind reeled with questions. Desperation and depression seeped in deep, tears escaped his eyes and absorbed into his pillow. He made no sound. What would become of him? Confinement. No Sasuke? No life? Would he even be able to see all of his other friends? Sakura-chan, Kakashi-sensei, Ero-sennin, Shikamaru, Fuzzy-eyebrows, everyone! Even the kind old man and his daughter at the ramen bar! This couldn't be happening. For hours, he stayed motionless. Empty. The shock started to wear off, but reality just enhanced. He winced and held his breath whenever he heard footsteps pass his door, expecting a knock, and five ANBU be outside his door to take him away.

His mind began to clear, and he put it to action. This can't happen. This won't happen. Even if Tsunade-Baa-chan does sign that binding contract, he will not allow this to happen. He is still a person with his own free will, no matter what they see him as. There has to be a way out, there has to be a loophole. He bent his mind around the contract, looking for something in the information he heard. But then again, Naruto was never really good at this sort of thing. Shikamaru would do better, but he doesn't even know about the Kyuubi. And he must not. Another hour of mulling, and he came up with the only answer he could. The only way to be able to run freely, and search for Sasuke.

That was to leave the village, and never come back.

Naruto slowly turned on to his back, and looked blankly at his ceiling, tracing the lights from outside across the white space. It was dark outside. He turned his head. 10:11PM. He cynically snorted once to himself. Leave forever huh? Isn't that what he was prepared to break every bone in Sasuke's body for? Leaving? Over the years, he raked and raked over Sasuke's situation. Why he left, his motives. Point blank, to get power for revenge against his brother. His and Naruto's situation were different there. But he felt trapped in the confines of this village, like he couldn't spread his wings (1). He couldn't acquire a certain freedom. In that aspect, their situations were one in the same. Naruto now understands this feeling. The feeling of Konoha's walls getting smaller and smaller. Knowing what you could achieve outside of them. Knowing you cant go beyond them. Your whole world shrinks. He knew what he had to do, as painful as it seemed. He felt as if hundreds of pounds of pressure lay upon his chest. His every heartbeat was painful in knowledge of what he must do. He would pack and leave in the early morning, 2AM maybe. Longing for his village already echoed in his chest. Was this how Sasuke felt?

Which brought him here, the sound of him zipping up his small packed bag was probably the loudest sound in the whole slumbering village. His clock read 2:15AM. It was time. He hitched his backpack on and walked to his door, resting his hand on the cool handle. He turned around to scan his apartment one last time. The place he spend his whole life. The good times, and the bad times. As a child he hated this place, the one man living quarters. It was silent all the time. No parents to tuck you in, no friends to spend the night. But over the years, as his missions became tougher, he began to like the quiet. It was nice, after a long, tiring mission to just come home and be able to be alone with your own thoughts. Especially right after Sasuke left, when he woke up shouting in the middle of the night. He wouldn't want anyone to see him like that. He loved this small apartment. He spent a lot of nights feeding his dream of becoming Hokage. What it would be like, the look on peoples faces. How he would fully protect the village he loved. All of that was out the window.

He turned the handle and stepped out, letting the door slowly click shut behind him, leaving it unlocked. As he began swiftly leaping though the pitch-black village, he looked up at the night's sky. A few miniscule stars twinkled billions of miles away. But there was no moon. A new moon, and a new beginning for him. He's giving up his life long dream of becoming Hokage. But that was already shattered the moment that contract was made. He's leaving the village for freedom, his own mental and physical wellbeing. The first task he must do is search for his first friend once again. Now searching for Sasuke would have no limitations, it would be a full time job. But with no village to drag him back to… what the hell would he do once he found him? Is Naruto Uzumaki really thinking that far ahead? Of course not, whomever thinks he is doesn't know him very well.

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(1)-This is a random authors note but don't u think its ironic that Sasukes third seal form has wings that he can actually fly with (they're not just there to look bad ass/creepy)? Like he's been confined by the hatred for his brother his whole life and burdened by the destruction of his clan, so they give him wings so he can fly freely… (sniff) its beautiful…(sorry, sasu-fangirl time)