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Chapter 1

Sakura smiled wistfully.

Ah... that was such a good book. How she wished for a man, preferably someone like that male lead, to sweep her off her feet and carry her to happily ever after. 'Yeah, I'm a hopeless romantic. So what? Bite me.' Her thoughts, however, were broken when her roommate stormed in and went straight to the bathroom.

"O... kay..." Sakura blinked. "Someone needs to go so bad." Sighing, she decided to finally stand up from the couch. She groaned as she stretched out. How long had she been lying there, anyway? Well, if her sore muscles indicated anything – hours, no doubt. But who could blame her? She loved reading, and it was such a magnificent book. She couldn't stay away until the very last page. Oh well.

Her grumbling stomach reminded her that she hadn't had lunch yet. Sakura let out another sigh before walking towards the direction of the kitchen. "Hey Naoko, I'm going to make some sandwich, want some?" Sakura called out, but she got no reply in return. Instead, she heard weird noises coming from the bathroom. "Naoko?" Sakura retracted her steps and knocked. "Are you dying in there?" She pressed her ears towards the door. "Naoko, are you okay?" Leaning in closer, she realized that her friend was crying. "Sweetie, open up!" She started knocking loudly as she got more worried.

Desperate to get inside, Sakura went and searched for the bathroom keys. When she found it in one of the drawers, she immediately rushed back and pushed the key in. She opened the door urgently.


Louder sobs greeted Sakura's ears. She found her friend lying beside the bathtub with her face buried in her hands. Naoko's round glasses was on the floor next to her.

Sakura crouched down to her friend's level. "Naoko... Sshh..." She tried soothing the other girl. "It's okay... calm down, sweetie..." Sakura engulfed her in a hug, which Naoko instantly welcomed. "Hey... what's wrong?"

Naoko continued crying on Sakura's shoulder. It took her awhile before she got the strength to open her mouth. "H-he's get-getting," her voice was croaked, "He's g-getting ma–married!"

Sakura's brow knitted together in confusion. "... Who?"


Sakura's mouth formed into a small 'o'. Kenji – Naoko's boyfriend. "Oh, honey..." Sakura tried to understand, but she was still confused. How could Kenji be getting married? He was dating Naoko for a few months now! Unless... he was cheating on her? 'That – that lying –' Sakura's inner rant was stopped when Naoko began crying again. "Sshh, honey. It's his loss." Sakura continued to comfort her friend while trying to reign in her anger. How dare he! "He's an ass for doing that. He doesn't deserve you."

"Y-you don't un-und-understand..." came Naoko's broken reply. "I'm – I'm..." More sobs wracked her form. "I – I'm... pregnant!"

"Oh..." Sakura stiffened. She was thrown for a loop. "Oh..." Now this twisted things up. "Oh." Sakura took a deep breath – panicking would not be good. "Honey, you have to calm down. This will be bad for the baby." Sakura winced when her friend wept harder. That wasn't the wisest thing to say. "Sshh..." She waited until Naoko settled down a little before she asked, "Does Kenji know?"

Unable to speak, Naoko just shook her head.

Sakura pulled away to look at her roommate. Her eyes were puffy, and her nose was red due to all that crying. 'He is so going to pay.' True that Sakura wanted her own prince charming, but she was definitely no damsel in distress. Hell, she would turn into a dragon if those she loved and cared for weren't treated right. She was especially sensitive to Naoko since it was her who took good care of Sakura when she was new in Hong Kong. "Listen to me, Naoko," Sakura started strongly. "I will talk to that bas – I mean, to Kenji. He couldn't just marry off. He needs to know this. He needs to own up and take responsibility."

Again, Naoko shook her head.

"...What?" Sakura stared at her. "No, no, Naoko. He needs to know this! Even his wife-to-be must! She should know that she's marrying a good-for-nothing –"

"He's g-getting married –"

"I know. You told me. That's why –"

"– t-today..."

Okay, now that officially twisted and distorted things up.

Naoko hiccupped. "I w-went to him this morning to – to tell him the news that..." She cried harder again. "... that I'm pre–pregnant... but before I could, he – he broke up with me. He told me... he said he was getting married this af-afternoon." She clenched her fist. "He was – he was engaged all along."

Sakura was pissed with the man, but she quickly calmed herself. Naoko's welfare was the first priority. "Do you know where?"

Naoko distraughtly shared the details, "A-along 45th avenue –"

"I know the place," Sakura declared. There was only one church along that area. It was a very big one, and it was impossible to miss.

Sakura glanced at her watch. It was still early – she could still stop it. Now, the problem was Naoko. She just couldn't leave her here alone.

"Hey, guys!" A feminine voice called out from the outside. Bingo! "Your door wasn't locked so I went right in – holy shit! What happened in here?"

"Thank goodness, Chiharu!" Sakura exclaimed. "You answered my prayers."

"Huh? What?" Chiharu shook her head. "What are you – what is –"

"Can you take care of Naoko for me?" Without waiting for an answer, she transferred the depressed girl to Chiharu's arms. "Thanks!"

"Sakura!" Chiharu called her when she stood up. "What's wrong? What's going on?" She was utterly confused and a little panicked over the strange turn of events. Obviously, her initial plan of just chilling and hanging out wasn't going to happen.

"Just – just be here for Naoko, okay? I'll be right back."

"Where are you headed? Are you going to kill someone?!"

"What? No!" Sakura realized that she might have had a murderer's look plastered on her face so she straightened her expression. "Although, that seems to be a good idea... Ugh! Just be – stay here!" With those final words, Sakura grabbed her car keys.


It took Sakura around half an hour to get there. She was still as pissed as she was when she left the apartment complex. No, actually, if possible, she was more pissed than before. Why? Traffic was a bitch, and people kept shouting and honking at her for her crazy driving. Hello, she was trying to save a friend's future here! And to add to that, she was so freaking hungry!

"You are so going to get it," Sakura grumbled as she stepped outside her car.

She looked at the place before her. Wow... had Kenji always been this rich? Because from the looks of it... Argh, enough about that lying scum!

"Excuse me?"

Sakura looked to her side and saw a guard walking towards her. "Yes?"

"Can I see your invitation, ma'am?"

"Invitation?" She gulped. Yeah, she forgot to plan. "Oh, you see… funny story... err... I forgot it?" Damn, she sucked at lying.

"And you aren't wearing the required attire. I'm afraid I couldn't let you inside the premises."

"What?" Sakura looked down at her jeans and shirt. Okay, no arguments there. "But – but..." She needed to get inside! If she started a fight, they would surely ban her. Hence, Sakura decided on another approach. "You see... I'm not actually a guest here. I'm a... uh..." She smiled charmingly at the expectant look of the guard. "I'm... one of the wedding coordinators."

The guard nodded. He seemed to buying her bull, but he still needed the necessary proof. "Can I see your I.D.?"

She bit back her growl of frustration. "Ah yes, that... Actually, I don't need an I.D. Everyone there knows me."

"Can I have your name then? I'll see if you're on the list."

Sakura's patience was running thin because her time was running out. "I'm a last minute substitute... coordinator... assistant? Uh... yeah."

"I'm afraid I didn't get that, ma'am."

She cleared her throat. "I said I'm one of the coordinator's assistant. It was a last minute thing, you know. One of the assistant got sick, and um... so they called me since they, uh... needed all the help they can get," Sakura rambled on her lies. "And, um... and they only informed me about this a couple of hours ago, so that explains my lateness. Yeah..."

Again, the guard gave a nod. "Your name, please?"

Damn it! This man was working on Sakura's last nerve. What kind of wedding was this? Why did security have to be so strict? "Iwa Ayame." Another lie.

The guard looked down at the list in his hands. Gah... that was one long list.

"Listen..." Sakura forced another nice smile. "The wedding is about to start soon, and I have to be there. You wouldn't want to be responsible for the delay of the wedding, right?"

The guard seemed to consider letting her go since he was taking an awful lot of time locating the name she gave. Not that it was there in the first place.

"I really have to be there," Sakura added more pressure. "I'm, uh... in-charge of the procession of the entourage."

Sakura was now extremely anxious. She was already thinking of ways of how she could knock this man down. Well yeah, maybe sometimes violence is the answer?

Just then, a muffled voice came from the radio that was attached to the guard's waist. Sakura watched impatiently as the guard converse with whoever was on the line. From what she could gather, the guard was needed somewhere else.

Sakura readily took this opportunity. "I really have to go," she reiterated, purposely interrupting. "I mean, I still have to change, they have my, uh... formal clothes there." She knew she was pushing it, but come on!

Finally, he sighed in defeat and gave in. "Okay, ma'am. You may now proceed."

'About damn time!' Sakura murmured her thanks before sprinting in.

However, if she looked across the church even just once, she would see the registry office... where a certain civil wedding was about to start.

"You have got to be kidding me," Sakura muttered as she started running through the huge parking lot and the immensely long driveway. Why did she park her car outside? With little care, she couldn't help but notice the luxury cars and uniformed men standing about. '... Bodyguards?' Sakura shook her head when she reached the huge front door.

The bride and the groom were now in front, with their backs turned to her. She was right on time. The wedding was just about to start.

"Wait, hold on!" Sakura cried when two men started closing the doors. She immediately stepped inside. When the priest was about to open his mouth, Sakura shouted, "Stop!"

Almost immediately, everyone turned to her.

"Stop the wedding!" She continued. "I have – hey! Let go of me!" Sakura tried breaking free when the men by door grabbed her. They were too quick. She saw two more walking towards her. Uh-oh. She needed to do this fast. With all her strength, she pulled one of her hands free and pointed at the groom. She sent a quick prayer and asked for apology for the things that was about to sprout from her mouth in the house of God. "You dick!"

Audible gasps were heard before hushed whispers broke out.

"You're nothing but a cheap lying bastard! You – ow!" She got seized again, but that didn't stop her. "You prick! You got my friend pregnant! How dare you marry someone else?! What kind of a man are you, huh? How could you escape your obligations?!"

Everything was now in complete uproar. People were no longer speaking in low voices. Sakura's outburst caught them all off-guard. Even the guards who were trying to detain her were taken aback.

"You vermin-ridden, useless piece of crap!" Sakura took this chance to continue. "You don't deserve to be happy, you worthless man-whore! You should be ashamed of yourself and drop off the face of the planet! You're a waste of space and –"


The whole room turned silent when the bride slapped the groom. It was as if things were in slow motion as the bride turned around and headed for the exit.

For one brief moment, Sakura caught the painful expression of the bride. She saw the unshed tears on those lovely amethyst eyes when the bride walked passed her.


Sakura was snapped back to reality when another man came running out. He was so fast that she only saw the back of his head. She spotted him wearing glasses, though.

Chaos erupted, and Sakura got officially thrown out. "Okay, okay! I'm leaving!" There was no point in staying there anyway. She made her point, and Kenji learned his lesson. He was bound to come and find her. To add to that, she was able to humiliate him in front of his friends and family, and she was feeling rather proud of it. She was not generally a hateful person, but he hurt Naoko, and she wasn't going to let that slide. "Alright, I'm going!" Sakura repeated as she tried to push the uniformed men surrounding her. "What the..." She abruptly stopped when she realized that they were, in fact, not letting her get away. "Hey! What are you doing? Let me go!"

"... You..."

A deadly voice halted Sakura from her protests. She swiftly turned around and came face to face with one hot gorgeous man – an incredibly angry gorgeous man to be specific.

"Who the hell are you?" He gritted out.

Sakura wanted to ask the same thing, but she noticed his clothes... and that was when she realized... she was in deep trouble. Oh, shit.

This man was the one who stood by the altar... This man was the one she threw insults at... And fuck... this man was not Kenji.

'Oh, god.' Sakura gulped. She ruined the wrong wedding! She made a very, very fatal mistake. But – but how could this happen? She was informed that the wedding would take place here!

"Answer me!" The man lashed out.

She was starting to get fearful. 'Oh, no...' Was it really her fault? They were about to start, and she was so freaking desperate to stop it. They were throwing her out so she didn't have any other choice but to expose it in a public manner!

The man stepped closer to her, making her wince. "Who –" his amber eyes were flashing dangerously. "– Are –" his voice was full of venom. "– You?"

Sakura shivered lightly. Aside from feeling scared, she felt her energy being drained from her previous tirade. She knew she needed to get away. She didn't want to face the wrath of this man. "I – I..." She frantically looked around for a chance to escape. However, that was when she noticed the huge sign placed near the door.

She froze.

Li-Daidouji Nuptial

Oh, fuck.

Yeah, she crashed the wrong wedding alright.

... And just her luck, this wasn't any ordinary wedding. She just successfully ruined the union of the two most influential families in the country.

Double fuck.

What else could Sakura do? She fainted.

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