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The night before my birthday I was lying in my bed, waiting for Edward to come through my window, and began thinking of the recent summer.

It had been the most extraordinary and wonderful summer I had ever had, all because of one beautiful person, Edward. He was my everything, and he was mine. I was finally starting to believe it after all the times of him telling me and showing me, especially the showing me. Oh how I loved him.

This summer had ended with the most special day of my life, the day Edward's love and mine had been fulfilled. He had finally buckled under my pressure and his desire, and we had made love in our beautiful meadow on that perfect summers evening.

We had hiked into the meadow on foot (instead of Edward running with me on his back) so that we could take our time, which not only increased the anticipation, but also my nervousness. We spent the afternoon lying in the meadow, Edward's skin sparkling beautifully in the sun. We spent hours just watching each other and fighting the knowledge that our summer was ending and that we would have to return to school soon.

But these thoughts were brushed aside suddenly by Edward turning to face me where I was lying and placing his beautiful, cold, hard hand on my warm cheek. I would never get over the feelings his touch inspired within me, there was nothing like it in the world.

Edward gradually leaned his face toward me, looking intently into my eyes as if sensing the momentous occasion, checking if it was all right. I reassured him by meeting him halfway, slowly joining our lips in a soft kiss, which gradually began to build. Edward kissed me hungrily, leaning his body farther over mine, pressing me into the damp earth. I gasped for breath, overwhelmed with the sensation of his touch, and Edward moved lower to softly kiss down my jaw and nuzzle my neck.

"Edward" I sighed softly. My moans and gasps seemed to spur him on, and he brought his lips feverishly back to mine.

"Mmm," he breathed hurriedly in between kisses. "You're so beautiful. I want you so much but I can't bear the thought of hurting you- I don't want to lose control", he said with anguish.

"Edward," I said, dragging my lips away from him with the last of my restraint. "I know you won't hurt me; you love me too much, and there's no way you could hurt me. I trust you, and I want this. I want it to be you and only you. I love you". With that I pushed him over onto his back, lying half across his beautiful, hard chest, and I kissed him with all my pent up love and passion. I think I caught him by surprise, which was amazing in itself.

He rolled back on top of me and pulled his face back. "I love you, I promise I will try to make love to you, but I can't promise to keep my control, love. You will tell me to stop if I hurt you, won't you? I can't hurt you, Bella," he said desperately.

I answered him my bringing his face back down to mine, kissing him passionately, and it felt like he surrendered to the moment when he kissed me with so much hunger I thought I might explode.

I ran my hands through his beautiful hair and slowly trailed them down his muscled back, coming to the hem of his shirt and reaching to pull it off, which he helped me with. It was heaven to see and feel the strength of his steel-hard chest and the contours of his muscles that sparkled in the setting sun.

He gave me the crooked grin that I love so much and said, "Well, clearly you're wearing too many clothes." I just grinned nervously back at him.

Edward slowly began to undo the buttons on my shirt and gently pushed the edges apart, slowly revealing my white lace bra and bare stomach to his passion-filled eyes. I felt self-conscious but looking into Edwards's eyes assured me; there was a hunger there that excited and pleased me.

Edward continued to kiss me hungrily, melding our tongues passionately together. I entwined his legs with mine, bringing his body closer, feeling his bare chest as well as his hardness. Which, assured me not only how much he wanted me but also how difficult being together like this was for him and his control.

I gasped for air as Edward continued to nuzzle my neck, and he slowly reached to unhook my lace bra. He then brought his lips to slowly caress my chest, moving little by little towards my taut nipples, and when he brought his cold, hard lips to kiss my peaks, I gasped loudly. "Please, don't stop," I cried, desperate for more.

He continued to caress and worship my breasts while I ran my fingers through his hair, holding him tightly to me. I decided it was time for my turn and pushed him over onto his back, kissing his beautiful lips and slowly running my lips down his neck, gently kissing and caressing his skin. I moved to his pale chest, running my hands lightly over his taut muscles that contracted under my touch.

I gently ran my hands to the waistband of his jeans and his belt buckle. I quickly looked up into his golden eyes, which had darkened to black with his desire, to check if he was okay and in control. He just smiled back at me with pure love and hunger in his eyes.

I gently unbuckled his belt and tentatively lowered the zipper on his jeans. Edward helped me remove them and then he pushed me onto my back and slowly removed my jeans. He brought his cold fingers back to caress my breasts, kissing my nipples and slowly trailing his hands down to the edges of my panties. I moaned in pleasure as he pushed my panties down and gasped for breath as I was overwhelmed with the passion and ecstasy of Edward.

He continued to kiss me hungrily while bringing his cold fingers to lightly stroke the sensitive skin on my hip and slowly moving them to softly caress my mound. He gently rubbed my sensitive lips; I was so wet for him, and I moaned out loudly at the sensation of his touch there.

I begged, "Please, Edward."

I wasn't quite sure what I was asking for; I just needed more. But Edward seemed to know what I needed, and he gently nudged my wet lips apart.

"Mmm...don't stop," I cried.

He slowly teased and rubbed my sensitive clit, my moans and gasps coming faster with the increasing speed of his cold, gentle fingers. He sensed I was close and brought his lips to mine and kissed me hard and then reached down to remove his boxers. The sight of Edward naked and hard for me was beautiful and something I would never forget.

"Edward...you're so beautiful...please." I cried desperately for more, needing him.

"Bella, I want you so much, please tell me to stop if it hurts" he begged me, using what looked like the last of his control.

"Edward, I will but I know you won't hurt me...please, I need you," I reassured him.

With my reassurance, Edward hovered over my throbbing body, placing his hardness at my slick entrance, eliciting a guttural groan of pleasure from him. I wiggled my hips to help him gain entrance; he was so hard and quite large, and I knew it was going to hurt.

Edward gritted his teeth and slowly nudged his hardness into me, and I gasped out at the sensation, the coldness of him.

"God, Bella, you're so tight," he breathed

Finally, he pushed through my barrier so he was buried all the way in me, and I gasped out loudly, closing my eyes; it hurt but I tried my best not to let it show. Edward instantly stopped inside of me, bringing his hand to cup my face gently.

"Bella...Bella, are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

"Yes, just give me a second," I said softly.

He waited, and the pain began to subside while the pleasure built. I slowly clenched my inner muscles and Edward hissed.

"Bella, that feels so good," he groaned.

With that, he slowly withdrew from me and then plunged back in; it only hurt slightly this time. He then did it over and over again, thrusting in and out, increasing his pace with our moans and gasps.

"Please, more, faster," I panted.

"Oh, Bella...Bella," Edward cried, thrusting even harder into me. He tentatively reached between our bodies and rubbed my clit again, and that sent me over the edge.

"Edward, I'm so close" I cried.

"Just let go love," he said between thrusts

And with that I screamed, "Edwaaaard," and exploded, my inner muscles quivering with the strength of my orgasm.

"Ahhh Bellaaaa," Edward grunted, and exploded into me in response to the contractions of my inner muscles. His body shuddering with his orgasm, while shooting his icy cold seed into my depths. His strong arms trembled above me, trying to uphold his spent body from collapsing upon me.

Edward pulled me tightly to his chest and held our still joined bodies to roll on to his back, so I wouldn't have to bear his weight. "Bella, that was, thank you. I love you so much," he said, looking intently in my eyes.

I brought my hands up to caress his face and looked into his eyes. "Thank you, that couldn't have been more perfect. I love you and before you can ask, no, you didn't hurt me. I am absolutely perfectly happy, and it's all because of you," I said happily.

I leaned down to his face and gently kissed him resting my head on his cold marble chest and feeling the happiest and most content I had ever been.

Yes, it had been the most perfect and momentous summer of my life. But as I lay in my bed waiting for my love to come through my window, I could feel the weight of my worries coming towards me- returning to school, Edward not wanting to change me and, most pressing of all, my coming birthday. I would be another year older, older than Edward. I did not want this but perhaps no one would remember my birthday.

I could hope...

I then suddenly felt cold arms wrap around me and I sighed happily; my love was finally here. I snuggled into Edwards arms and met his cold, sweet lips.

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