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Previously: BPOV

When I awoke in the morning I rolled over and was surprised to find Edward was not beside me. I experienced a moment of panic before I spied a piece of paper marked with his elegant scrawl upon his pillow; I smiled and read his letter:

Good morning my love,

I trust you slept well. Thank you for last night, it was...most pleasurable.

I'm sorry I can't be with you this morning, but I have a surprise for you tonight which I must organise. Enjoy your day and I will see you later on.

I love you, my love. Missing you already.

Yours always, Edward


I rolled over and snuggled into Edward's pillow, inhaling his earthy and unique scent, missing him already. I clutched his precious love note tightly to my chest, grinning giddily in anticipation of what was to come. My reaction surprising even myself, because despite my well-known adversity to all things related to the notion of "surprise." I couldn't help but feel that Edward's surprise for me this time, would be nothing but joyful. I smiled and sighed happily as I rolled onto my back and gently brought my hands to softly caress my ever growing baby bump. I softly whispered to my bump, "What's Daddy up to hey little one?"

A wide grin spread across my face at the thought of Edward as a Daddy. It had a nice ring to it and I know that he will be a wonderful father. I couldn't help the images that popped into my head of what our little one could possibly look like. Our baby was already such a precious being, born out of such adversity and unusual circumstances, and I knew that he or she will be treasured like no other. I couldn't help the joy that spread through me at the thought of a little bronze haired baby with bright green eyes nestled in our arms. Boy or girl, human or vampire...or something in between, I knew I wouldn't have it any other way.

I lay languidly in bed for a few more moments, enjoying the rare day of bright sunshine that filtered into the room, before my relaxation was interrupted by the swift entrance of Esme and Rose as they filtered in and joined me on the bed. Esme softly kissed my forehead, wishing me a good morning while Rose looked tentative and nervous until I gave her a gentle urging look, silently asking her what was wrong. Finally realising after her furtive glances back and forth between my face and baby bump, I smiled genuinely at her, my heart clenching for her. I gently nodded that it was okay and she moved closer to reverently touch my belly, visibly sighing in content at the touch of precious life held within.

"So any idea what Edward's up to ladies?" I abruptly blurted, hoping to catch them off guard and find out the big surprise. But as soon as I uttered the words, their faces quickly masked up, revealing nothing. I inwardly smirked, you're good Edward, I'll give you that. I'll just have to discover the surprise some other way. I can tell the girls won't crack. I wonder what he could be possibly promising for their cooperation.

"No idea," they chimed innocently together- too innocently.

"Mmm hmm sure girls, but for some reason I just don't believe you. However, right now, me and the little one have a giant craving for some chocolate chip pancakes," I said with a chuckle, patting my tummy gently.

"Coming right up sweetie," Esme said with a sweet smile, patting my arm as she moved off the bed. She had such a kind heart, I wanted to do something to repay her for all the kindness she has lovingly bestowed upon me, maybe Edward would know of something I could do for her. Rose shifted upon the bed, bringing me back from my thoughts and looked down at me, her eyes unwittingly betraying her pain and envy of my situation before she quickly put her mask back up, her attempted smile not quite reaching her eyes as she left the bedroom.

"Well little one, no answers to be had from them. Perhaps we'll just have to wait and see what Daddy is up to, as much as the thought annoys me." I huffed as I shuffled out of bed, however the instant my feet hit the floor I was once again hit by the overwhelming wave of nausea that could only signal the onslaught of the terrible morning sickness that seemed to plague my pregnancy. I hastily stood and clutched my hand to my mouth as my stomach rolled violently and raced to empty my poor stomach before it unwillingly did it for me.

As I hovered over the bowl heaving, the absence of my love hit home. No matter what, he had always been here for me every morning since he had found out about the baby and my morning sickness. He was always there to hold my hair back and to gently rub soothing circles on my back as he whispered soothing words of his love for me and our baby. I knew then, that whatever he was planning today had to be of something of great importance for him to leave me like this.

Finally after what felt like hours, my stomach seemed to settle and I sat back from the toilet, caressing my tummy as I was silently thankful for my vampire legs and the stamina it gave them. My poor human legs wouldn't have been able to handle the pain and strain from kneeling on the hard tiles for such long periods of time.

I was just about to lift myself off the floor when I caught a glimpse of pale blue in the corner of my eye. With my vampire sight I quickly focused upon it and gasped when I realised it was a bunch of freesias nestled where Edward would normally sit next to me. My heart clenched at his thoughtfulness, even when he couldn't be here, he still found a way for his presence to settle me, and with the freesia's from our meadow, so meaningful to both of us and our love, my heart swelled with love for him. I quickly spied another piece of paper marked with his familiar scrawl within the buds, and read his words:

Forgive me, my love.

I hate to be away from you when you need me so

I promise I will make it up to you, my heart.

I love you Bella and I can't wait to see you

Not long now, my love

My heart is yours always, Edward

How did I ever get this lucky? How did I ever find him? How did he find me? To witness and feel the love of someone so genuine, so true, and so pure of heart was to me, simply astounding. I still felt like I had to pinch myself everyday just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, however even in my dreams, I mused, I still would not have been able to do justice to the beautiful soul that was Edward.

I quickly had my human moments in the bathroom, before dressing in some of the new maternity clothes Rose had so thoughtfully bought me. I slowly made my way downstairs to the kitchen and generously took my fill of Esme's delicious chocolate chip pancakes. "Mmm Esme, they were just what the doctor ordered, simply delicious"

"I distinctly don't remember writing a prescription for pancakes Bella, but the "Doctor" is glad that you are eating." Carlisle said with a wide smile upon entering the room and giving me a soft kiss on the forehead before moving to embrace Esme. "How's the thirst Bella?" Carlisle asked with concern.

"It's manageable so far. Edward is very vigilant that it doesn't ever get to be too much for me, but I am still not used to the taste of rust, no matter how much it quenches the burn," I said with a disgusted face. Carlisle chuckled softly, "It does take some getting used to Bella, but both you and the baby are doing very well sweetheart. Just enjoy yourself while you can."

"I will Carlisle; I would enjoy it even more if people didn't continue to keep me in the dark about my surprise!" I half growled with a grin, causing Esme to chuckle at me, "Bella, dear, it wouldn't be a surprise now then would it?"

"No I guess not, but you all know how much I hate them."

"Yes sweetheart, but I know you'll love this one," she smiled knowingly.

"Now that's just unfair, you can't tell me things like that and then leave it there," I said with a frustrated huff. Carlisle smiled at me with sympathy as he made his way out of the kitchen, offering over his shoulder with a smile. "You'll find out soon enough Bella, just be patient." I huffed again; it wouldn't be soon enough for me.

I made my way into the lounge room and flopped down on the couch beside Rose to watch some TV hoping to pass the time, while I wondered how much longer he could possibly be, and what the hell he could be up to. He better not be getting me a car or something like that, I mused. Only to be interrupted by the sudden sound of a car turning off the highway and crunching the gravel as it drove up the drive way. I turned to Rose expectantly with the hope of Edward's return, but she just shook her head at me, the look in her eyes causing panic to rise in my chest. This was clearly an unexpected visitor and from the look in her eyes and the sudden frantic appearance of the rest of family into the lounge room with their anxious looks outside which suddenly all turned towards me, I knew our visitor was... human.

I frantically met each of their gazes, my questions and fear burning wildly. I was- what could best be described as a new born half-vampire who was yet to confront a human. I didn't know if I and my thirst were ready for this. I quickly jumped to my feet, panic spreading throughout my body, words spewing forth from me with vampire speed "I'm not ready...I can't do this...What if I..."

"Hush Bella," Esme soothed as she wrapped me in her embrace, "You've got to calm down. Stress isn't good for you or the baby."

"I know. I just don't know if I'm ready for this yet." I cried.

"Bella," Emmett soothed at my side. "You can do this; we won't let you hurt anyone. From what you have shown so far, it appears that you have remarkable self control already. We'll just stand in the corner, if the thirst gets too much for you, Rose and I will hold you back." He said as he gave me a reassuring bear hug.

"You can do this Bella. From my preliminary observations I think your draw to blood is not as strong as that of a full new born and therefore I think you will be able to handle this. We would never put you into a situation that we didn't think you could handle Bella, you must have faith in yourself." Carlisle said wisely as only he could, spoken confidently with his many, many years of experience.

I felt my body tense and stiffen as the car finally pulled to a stop and the offending human loped slowly to the front door, the startling peal of the doorbell ringing out to break the tense silence. I could hear the human's every breath and the pounding of their heart, the blood pulsing rapidly through their veins. I felt a slight burning in my throat, but it was nothing that I couldn't handle. Carlisle gave me a final searching glance and I nodded at him from the corner of the room that I was okay and he slowly opened the door.

Instantly a gust of wind moved swiftly through the house, the scent of the human rapidly thrust upon me, assaulting my every sense. I tensed further, instinctively moving into a slight crouch as a small snarl emanated from deep within my chest. Emmett quickly placed a reassuring but firm hand on my shoulder, while Rose whispered soothing words to me over and over.

There efforts reached me through the overwhelming onslaught of the humans' presence, but I couldn't help but feel that if Edward were here I would be that much calmer. I watched intently from the corner of the room, out of sight as Carlisle greeted the man and conducted a short exchange before signing for a small package. In the blink of an eye the exchange was over and the human was on his way, unscathed.

I finally dragged in a much needed breath and felt everyone's gaze descend upon me. Emmett abruptly lifted me into a bear hug, "You did it Bells! Your first human and not even an attempt to take a bite."

I looked around the room stunned, I guess I did it, I smiled to myself. Carlisle looked at me with a penetrating gaze, silently questioning my experience. "I felt thirst, my throat burned upon his scent, but it was nowhere need as bad as I thought it would be. I could control it, perhaps now I could see Charlie," I said with undisguised hope, only for it to be crushed by the sad gazes of those around me.

"Bella, despite the obvious changes in your human appearance, I hate to say it, but you didn't take a breath the whole time the man was here. You can't hold your breath for that long around Charlie, and seeing as you aren't a full vampire and still need to breathe you still need to work on it further before you could even think of seeing Charlie," Rose stated softly but truthfully.

"I guess, I just miss him," I said despondently, my brief glimmer of hope fading swiftly.

"I know sweetheart, we'll work on it. Now that you've had your first exposure, it should only get easier with time. Don't give up on Charlie; he hasn't given up on you Bella." Carlisle said kindly moving to embrace me with a fatherly hug, it was kind and what I needed but it still wasn't Charlie.

Carlisle pulled back from my arms and handed me a brown paper package, I looked at him curiously and he said it was for me. Me? Who would be sending me packages, and then it clicked, Edward. But why? Was he trying to test me by using a human to deliver it? He knew how much I wanted to see Charlie again; perhaps he was aiming to build my confidence? To give me hope that it was still a possibility...

I moved to the couch and opened the package to see that it contained an old red leather bound book. It was about the size of my palm and clearly very old, it looked treasured and well-used, the gold lettering worn and faded, but still legible. The title was simple yet profound: "My Life, my Love." I opened it up and the smell of the yellowed and musty pages hit me, instantly calming and reassuring me as I read the subtitle: "A collection of 16th and 17th century works of love and the lives it fulfilled." I reverently moved through the pages, astounded by the thoughtfulness and the love behind Edward's gift when another familiar piece of writing caught my eye. I reached for the envelope hidden in between the pages and nearly dropped it when shocked by the weight of the envelope that obviously contained something more than just a letter. I looked around the room with questions upon my lips, but find I am all alone.

I gently placed the book down on my lap and carefully opened the envelope, once again experiencing a flashback to the night of my birthday. I didn't think I will ever be able to look at another envelope again without experiencing flashbacks of that fateful night, because even though I can feel some of my human memories beginning to fade, that night will be with me forever. I pulled the envelope open and reached for the enclosed note when something inside glimmered in the bright sunshine of the day, catching my eye.

I reached in and felt the sensation of cold metal as I pulled the object out and in the bright light I finally saw an object that took my breath away. It was a delicate platinum necklace crowned with what looked like a solid crystal heart pendant. However by the way said pendant was glinting and refracting the light of the sunny day, I knew for a fact that the pendant was more than likely a diamond, a big one at that. I immediately began feel angry at Edward for spending money on me, but just as I began to get worked up, I remembered the letter and hastily grabbed it up, eager for an explanation of such extravagance:

My love, I know what you're thinking, just stop please.

I love you so much and I wanted to give you this.

This necklace was my mothers and has been passed through the many generations before her. It is called "The heart of light" and that's exactly what you are Bella. My heart and my shining light.

Please accept this heart of mine, it would please me no end to see you wearing my heart as you already wholly possess it.

Please continue to be the light on the dawn of my days, placing a golden glow on the never ending twilights of our days and shine the guiding light of your stars upon our love for eternity.

I love you my Bella, please accept my gifts. Read the book, and despite the thousand upon thousand words within its many pages, know that they could never be enough to convey the depth and strength of my love for you my one & only, my forever and my always.

My Bella.

Internally I'm a blubbering mess upon reading his heartfelt words, but on the outside there are no tears of joy streaming down my face like I feel there should be, just another of the many changes it will take time to get used to. I read and re-read his words of love over and over again, the smile upon my face growing wider and wider every time. I gently caress the glinting heart within my grasp, the concept of him giving me his heart fills me with joy and I know I cannot refuse him this. I quickly clasp it behind my neck and vow to never part with it or my love ever again. The feeling of the stone against my skin is comforting, sending a shiver of warmth through me and I feel closer to him somehow already. I press the stone against my chest, as if holding his heart to my own and I sigh in content as I open the first page of the book and begin to read the fables of love that cannot compare to the love in our hearts.


I'm awoken from my slumber by someone gently jostling me as they sit next to me on the couch. I look up and see its Rose as I give her a sleepy smile. "What time is it?" I ask.

"Time to get dressed sleeping beauty," she smirks at me.

"Huh?" I manage to mutter with confusion, rubbing my eyes to wake up from where I had fallen asleep while reading the poems of love. Rose startled me as she thrust a large white box wrapped in gold ribbon into my hands, urging me to quickly open it. Which I quickly do, seeing no option to refuse an overzealous Rose when she appeared to be in such a good mood. I pulled upon the ends of the ribbon and worked the lid of the box off, pulling the gold tissue paper apart to reveal glimmers of light and the smoothness of midnight blue silk. I gasp at the sight, tentatively reaching to pull the delicate fabric out of the box and sit in awe at the beautiful dress in my hands. It's exquisite and seemingly perfectly cut for my expanding body. Sleeveless, with a v-cut in front & back and coming to just above the knee, where there is a hem of delicate beading of black, silver and more midnight blue. It's demure yet deceptively sexy, it's perfect. As I stand from the couch to hold the dress up and get a better look a piece of paper flutters to the floor from within the folds of the dress. I bend down; expecting to once again see the familiar scrawl of my love, but this time it's blank. I quickly open the note and bring a hand rapidly to my face in shock as I gasp, "Alice." Quickly slumping back to the couch in shock:

My dearest Bella,

Words cannot convey how much I miss you, my sister and when I saw what Edward had planned for you, I knew I had to do this for you.

Please accept my gift, because if I cannot be with you in person, at least let me do this for you.

I love you Bella, we both do.

Enjoy your night

Alice xoxo

Once again if I could cry I would, instead I just launched myself into Rose's awaiting arms, sobbing silently into her neck with the pain of missing them both.

Rose eventually calmed me down and then with Esme's help me, got me dressed and did my hair and makeup. My mahogany tresses gently upswept with soft curls cascading delicately down the exposed expanse of my back. I thought I looked nice and only hoped that Edward would think so too, as I sat alone in our room to wait while overlooking the forest.

Suddenly I was startled from my reflections by the fluttering of wings. A beautiful stark white dove flew up to the balcony, and sat upon the railing with an envelope in its beak. I was surprised by its appearance because normally they, like most animals, are afraid of vampires and even halfpires. Edward must have gone to a lot of effort to coax the bird to do his bidding, because clearly after the day I'd been having, this had the hallmark and devotion of Edward written all over it.

My suspicions confirmed as I opened the note:

Follow the petals my love, come find me. I'm waiting for you, my heart.

I quickly moved through the house searching for these petals or anyone else, but the house was deserted. Eventually I found the beginning of a trail at the back of the house marked by a scattering of stark white rose petals, their sweet scent permeating the air. As I crept through the forest following the trail, twilight descended. The sun lowering and casting the forest in a beautiful golden light as little tea light candles began to guide my way. Their flickering light gently nestled amongst the branches and undergrowth, guiding me to my love.

My anticipation and anxiousness grew with every step I took, my thoughts buzzing inside my head, what was he up to? And how much longer before I could see his dazzling golden eyes with my own? With the way he looks at me, with such love and devotion, I couldn't wait to see him again.

Eventually I began to see the faint glow of golden light up ahead, steadily growing stronger with each step I took. As I looked around I realised I was very close to our meadow and my anticipation grew even stronger at the thought of our special place.

As I finally neared the entrance to the meadow, the trees ahead glowed brightly in the light coming from within and music began to play. The soft strains of a piano, its notes so poignant and heartfelt and I could instantly tell it was a composition by Edward. I brushed through the trees guarding the entrance to our sacred place, and the sight before me stopped me instantly in my tracks. I gasped loudly in shock, my hand flying to my mouth.

It's beautiful, magical and breathtaking, my mind and words cannot do it justice. It was magical beforehand, but now... the light is luminescent, candles on every available surface, in tea lights to hurricane lamps. Everywhere else there are freesias' creating a beautiful blue and white carpet. There's shimmering white organza draped on and from the trees all around the meadow, and in the candlelight it creates an almost golden halo surrounding the meadow. Producing an intimate room of sorts with a roof of glimmering stars appearing with the onset of nightfall.

In the centre of all this, as I move further in, is a patch of white soft silk on the meadow floor nestled amongst the freesia's. Scattered upon this is mounds of white silk cushions of every size, almost creating a cloud of silk. In the middle of this, a picnic is set up, with more candles and what looks like two champagne glasses filled with orange juice. But what strikes me most of all, is that my love, my Edward is nowhere to be seen.

I creep further into our meadow and find a note atop of the basket wrapped around a length of white silk, it's a blindfold, put me on. I sit down amongst the cushions and put it on, waiting with fervent anticipation. What on earth is he up to?

With my newly sensitive hearing I can hear him as he moves quickly into the meadow. I can feel his body and his scent as he finally stands before me, my senses heightened by the blind fold. He leans in close, his lips caressing my ear as he whispers huskily, "So beautiful." Sending a tremor of desire and something deeper throughout my body. I feel the fabric rustle and then movement in front of me and he finally whispers for me to take the blindfold off. And when I do, I gasp, I'm stunned, speechless, my body trembles with overwhelming emotion and my slow beating heart stutters.

My love, my Edward is on bended knee before me, a ring box extended in his shaking hand before me.

"My love, my heart, My Bella. The depth of my love for you cannot be conveyed, you are my one and only, my everything. I love you and our precious baby with all my heart and no matter what life has in store for us, I know I want to experience it with you by my side. As my wife, my partner, my love and my everything. I love you Bella and nothing would make me happier than having you as my wife for an eternity. Bella, my love, will you marry me?"

"Edward..." I whisper, my voice husky and overwhelmed with emotion. I stare at my love upon bended knee for a timeless moment, absorbing his words of love and his proposal before his concerned gaze breaks through my consciousness and I realise I haven't answered him.

"Yes, Edward. Yes, of course I'll marry you and love you forever. No matter what happens with us in the future, I know there is no contemplating it without you, the love of my life, by my side. I'll marry you in a heartbeat – well a human heartbeat that is, haven't got time to wait for my slow heartbeat these days." I chuckled.

Edward's eyes lit with utter joy at my acceptance and he swiftly removed the platinum solitaire cut diamond ring from the light blue box and gently slid the ring on to my finger, leaning down to gently kiss it before he returned his blazing eyes to mine. "I'd wait for you my Bella. I've waited all these years and if I had to, I'd wait an eternity for you." He vowed, staring intently into my eyes.

"But luckily for you my love, you don't have to. I'm here, we're here and soon we'll be husband and wife, with an eternity to spend together." I grinned widely.

"Forever." He promised softly against my lips.

"Forever." I whispered as we sealed ours words with a passionate and heartfelt kiss, fuelling each caress of lips with the strength of our promises and the depth of our love.

Our lips parted briefly as Edward moaned huskily, "The way you look at me Bella...God it does so many things to me. I fell alive; it gives me shivers, like I'm the only one for you."

"That's how I feel all the time." I murmured against his lips. "When I'm near you there's an electricity running through me, a lifeline and I don't fell complete without it, without you."

Edward smiled so brightly at my words and it was beyond wonderful to see. "Bella you've made me the happiest man on earth." He vowed passionately as his lips captured and possessed me, his tongue ravaging mine as he hovered above me, gently pushing me back into the comfort of the silk cushions.

"Make love to me Edward." I huskily murmured in between frantic kisses. He released the sexiest growl, his lips hovering above my neck before nibbling my ear and moaning, "With pleasure my love." His body came to rest between my spread legs as I reclined, his weight pressing me into the cushions, his hard cock nestling right where we both wanted it as I rocked my hips against him, moaning with the friction. I wrapped my arms around him as he kissed everywhere he could reach, treasuring me with his lips and tongue. I ran my hands up and down his back, holding him to me, loving the weight and feel of him. This is what I had waited for. "God I love you Edward Cullen."I moaned devotedly.

"And I you, soon to be Isabella Cullen. God I love the sound of that," he growled. His lips possessing mine again frantically, the sweetness gone only to be replaced by overwhelming need and want. I grasped his ass in my hands, holding him close to me, while rocking my hips against him, his cock twitching against me through the barrier of silk.

"God I love this dress Bella, but it's gotta go," He rasped as he quickly slid the silky fabric off my body. He sat back on his haunches and stared down at me in what looked like rapture at the sight of me reclined before him, silhouetted in the candle glow against the white silk cushions. "You're a vision, my love to none compare. And this," he said cupping my necklace. "The heart of light. My heart looks perfect nestled here amongst your bountiful lushness my love."

"I love it," I said breathlessly, "And I love you more than ever because of it."

His eyes widened at my words and he began to lovingly stroke the midnight blue and black lace of my half cup bra, my newly generous breasts barely contained. His tongue trailed its way across the mounds, his growling and moaning shooting straight to my quivering centre. He reached behind the cushions and hastily flicked my bra away, his dark golden eyes descending across the gentle swell of my body. His eyes held so much love and devotion as he looked up at me while softly caressing and kissing my gently rounded belly before he seductively swirled his tongue around my belly button, to which I could only offer an unintelligible moan of pleasure.

He sat back again as his fingers lightly traced my body from hip bone to hip bone, skirting the black lace of my panties on all sides as his fingers traced my black lace garter belt. His fingers gently flicking it as his black sexy eyes pierced mine, "These my love, should be illegal. I think we'll keep them on."

"You keep talking like that and you can have anything you want." I murmured huskily, my eyes offering myself up to him.

"Anything?" His eyes blazed.

"Anything." I whispered.

He groaned huskily, wild thoughts clearly flickering behind his eyes, before he finally settled on his decision. "I just want you. Always." He grunted his voice heavy with need.

"Always," I moaned as I cupped his shoulders and pulled him back down to me so I could feast once again upon his lips. My fingers frantically worked to undo the buttons on his white dress shirt, but I was so overwhelmed by lust that I fumbled repeatedly, huffing impatiently.

"Just tear it love, you know you want to."He chuckled.

"God yes," I moaned, my fingers gripping the sides and tearing it apart, his beautiful, broad chest once again revealed to my gaze. I didn't waste a second, kissing my way across his jaw and the length of his neck, licking and sucking his collarbone as I pushed him onto his back. I hovered above him as I swirled and gently bit his nipples, rasps of sexy breath coming from him, my name a whisper of his desire upon the wind.

I pulled the shirt further open and tongued my way down the valley of his abdomen, his muscles contracting at my very touch. I swirled his belly button, like he did mine, his cock twitching against my body as I obviously found a sweet spot, his loud growl of pleasure confirming my thoughts. I looked up at his dark eyes as I quickly undid his belt buckle and gently eased his zipper down, careful not to catch his straining cock. As I did, my ring suddenly glinted brightly in the candlelight. His eyes sparked with emotion and possessiveness as he quickly stilled my hand from reaching for his cock and brought it to his mouth. He kissed my ring, his eyes burning into mine with the love and desire shining outward. His tongue flicked the diamond before his sucked my finger into his mouth, his tongue twirling around my finger and ring, my pussy quivering at the sensation and the darkly seductive eyes devouring me.

"Ungh," was all I could offer, my body and mind on sensory overload. With vampire speed he flipped our positions and was once again hovering above me. I wrapped my legs around him as he rocked against my core and used my feet to push his pants and boxers down. His hard cock coming to nestle against the damp silk of my panties, the thin barrier keeping me from my heart's desire. As if sensing my need, he abruptly ripped the panties from either side of my hips, his intensely dark eyes never leaving mine as his cock finally nestled with no barrier against me. I rocked my hips against him, his hardness nudging my clit pleasurably as I whimpered wildly.

"I can't wait my love, I need you." He rasped out, his cock pulsing against my sensitive clit.

"Take me." I answered breathlessly, my dark eyes staring passionately into his, begging him to make me his.

"Yes," He ground out, as he took his weight upon his knees and forearms as he hovered above me, and gently nudged the head of his cock into my centre. I cried out loudly in pleasure, only for it to be exacerbated as he quickly thrust his large length the rest of the way in, pleasurably filling me like nothing else could.

"Ungh, God I love you Edward" I cried as he stilled and breathed heavily above me, buried deeply within, his body visibly shaking with emotion and the tension of restraining himself. His black eyes met mine intently and I whispered, "Let go my love, make me yours."

He growled the loudest I've ever heard him, but it was damn sexy, as he grasped my hips and abruptly reversed our positions, his cock still buried deep within me as I straddled him. "No, make me yours Bella, please." His eyes begging me to guide him, to give him what he so desperately yearned for. I smiled widely down at him, my eyes trying to convey the fathomless depth of my love for him as I tightly clenched my inner muscles around his pulsing cock. He hissed wildly in pleasure, his eyes rolling back in his head as his hands clasped my hips, gently urging me on. "Together then." He vowed.

I nodded as I placed my hands on the expanse of his chest and with the aid of his hands upon my hips, lifted myself up his length and slowly but firmly lowered myself back down, our eyes intent, never leaving one another. The love and passion shining back at me pure and unadulterated.

"You feel so good Bella; I never knew it could be like this, I'll want you always." He murmured, his eyes overwhelmed with sensation and the emotion of the moment. "Me too, Edward, me too." I moaned as I continued to ride his length, I brought my left hand to sit with his hand guiding my hip and he entwined his fingers with mine, rubbing my ring finger as he did, his eyes sparking with pleasure and emotion. "Yes, always yes." I cried as I eyed him.

He growled loudly, his hips and cock thrusting up into me with barely restrained need. "Bella...I can't, it's too much... please."

"I know, just let go." I panted.

His eyes flashed and he brought his knees up and gripped my hips, my body falling forward, my hands splayed upon his chest as he began to thrust harder and harder up into me. I cried and whimpered at the sensation, my back arching as my breasts jutted forward only to be captured my his sweet and delicious lips. "Oh god Edward," I cried out.

"I know love; let it go, ride it with me." He breathed against me. He tilted his hips further up and began hitting me right where I needed him, a gasp of pleasure abruptly escaping me as I moaned. My hands buried themselves tightly within his hair, as I headed towards oblivion. His mouth continued to ravage my nipples as one hand left from guiding my hips and snaked between our thrusting bodies to find the nub of pleasure guaranteed to send me over the edge. And when he found it, I gasped wildly, my eyes shooting open as my muscles constricted tightly around him.

"Fuck Bella," he ground out in reaction as he pinched and teased my clit. God I loved it when he lost control and swore like that in the heat of the moment.

"I'm going to..." I panted roughly.

"Yes, let go love," He rasped as he thrust into me a final time, burying himself deep within as my muscles clenched and convulsed around his length in orgasm, my eyes flying wide open in pleasure. His warm seed exploded within me as his body quivered and released with a loud and feral grunt of pleasure as we both came undone together in an explosive culmination of our love, our cries of pleasure echoing throughout the forest.

I lay panting against his chest as I struggled to come down from the greatest high of our love so far. He held me tightly within his arms against his heaving chest, as my muscles continued to quiver around his softened length, tremors still sweeping through us. "God that was just..." I panted.

"Love," He whispered against my cheek, "Our love."

"And to think, it's only going to get better and stronger from here on out." He chuckled, his blissful laughter vibrating though his chest against my face, as we lay satiated together in the golden glow that was the sanctuary and sacredness of our meadow and basked in the euphoria of our love.


Yes, I was barely eighteen. Yes, I was pregnant and some might say we were rushing into things. But in our circumstances there was no rush if I was going to be a full vampire, which I hoped to God I was, because I didn't want to even contemplate the other prospects of what could happen. I knew we would have to at some point, but for now, I was happy, so happy I wanted to squeal and jump around like Alice. That had to be some indication of the level of my happiness if anything, I thought as I grinned down at my fiancé, yes fiancé, I internally squealed. I was so happy to be set to marry this wonderful man. He was my everything and has given me everything that matters the most to me, his heart, our baby and our life together. I would lovingly cherish it all for however long my life on this earth would be and no one could take away our love...

...or could they?


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