A/N: Okay, so this is just an extra chapter dedicated to 'woodnotes', who gave me the idea of a hurricane. Sorry for the long wait; life's been very busy. Hope you guys enjoy this one! And hey, feel free to review! Oh, by the way; I've been lucky enough to have never been near a hurricane, so sorry if my description is a bit off.

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Sam cursed.

There just had to be a hurricane, he thought to himself as he followed Dean through the pounding rain and powerful gale force.

"Sammy, hurry up!" Dean yelled over his shoulder. Sam tripped in response. The rain beat down heavily on him, and Sam was ready to give up and lie there when a hand gripped the back of his jacket and hauled him up.

"No sleeping on the job Sam!" Dean yelled as he dragged Sam to shelter.

Sam noticed that even after they made it, Dean's hand remained on his jacket.

He wasn't going to complain.