Hey guys! I'm sorry, but this is not an update.

As you may know, I'm a first year student and also an aspiring author, which means I have very limited time to get things done and still find time to write my fanfic stories and other stories. I'm having a very hard time getting it all done, and I'm sure you've noticed updates on this story are getting rare recently.

So, even though I really hate to do this, I'm gonna have to put this story on a temporary hiatus, just until the end of my next semester this July (then it'll be on again full-time). And I mean it when I say I hate to do this, both because I love writing this fanfic, and because I know I'd be bummed/pissed if a fanfic I was reading got paused for a few months. So I'm really sorry, and I hope you understand. And keep in mind, it is definitely temporary.

You all have been so great, and you're reviews always made me smile or jump up and down with excitement! I wish I could give you all bonus checks, but that's impossible I'm afraid. So just know, you're all amazing to me.

And if you feel like it, please review just to tell me what you think about this, if your mad or giving up on this story, which… I hope you aren't :)

Morie xx.