"I'm so sorry" He said, holding me tightly. I let myself me paralysed in this hug, the last hug for a long time. He left walked over to her, locked hands with her and left. A hand fell on my shoulder. "Did you wanna hang out Sam? Get your mind off all this?" Tucker asked, I laughed politely. "I think I'm just going to head home and wrap myself in something my grandma made me" I whimpered. I gently hugged him and walked away.

As I entered into the street I began to run. Run as far away from the heart ache of this place, into the safety of my room and my grandma's blanket. My only thing left of her. I grabbed a piece of paper and pen fiercely and began writing. I had to get rid of these tears somehow.

It was the last time you held me whilst I slept in your arms

The calmness and safety of knowing you were there

Will I have to wait an eternity to hold you again?

You were always with me, now you're so far away

I miss your face.





Each second was an hour, each day a year

As I watched you disappear

I will wait that eternity to hold you again

Because I love you more than anything else in this world

I put the paper down and wiped away the last of these angry tears. They would never get to see this, either of them.