First fan fiction story ever.

"Hibino we need to talk" Kyota said with a look of utter seriousness

"Sure aren't we talking already"Hibino said teasingly."Alone" He said glancing at Miho and Arisu

Serious what's up with him this time Hibino thought as Both of her friends walked out of the classroom.

"What is it Kyouta" Are you having one of your moments when you act like you are P.M.S ING

"I'm Leaving tomorrow ......" Is that all,getting all worked up because of some holiday.

" Are you going to Okinawa again"Hibino said half interested

"No im really leaving ad i think that we should break up" W..what?????

".........." Is he playing with me he actually looks serious.






"If you must go then you must" She said coldly masking her left the room and then she collapsed on the floor sobbing and calling his name.


Kyouta's POV

I expected her to look a little bit more sad but i guess that i expected too much .I am the one leaving without an explanation or an address,i shouldn't expect her to care or be hurt,i should be happy that she sounds like she hates me but it tears me up inside to think of her hating me.
I am a real Baka arent i ,simply demanding that she feel sad and not earning the right to be someone who really means a lot to her.

"Hirashi pls look out for her, take care of her and also report new developments to me" I said to a very much trusted friend of mine

"I will" He replied as i walked out of the school never looking back because if i do i might just shed a tear.(Kyouta is rambling on )

I always will love u Hibino. You are the first woman that i trusted who didnt let me down,i hurt you instead.

I hope u find someone else who can cherish you and wont leave u for their dreams.

At least that's what you should BEST.

I think silently as i throw my letter to you into the little opening in the post office.I hope u finally forgive my cowardice.

Normal POV

"Do you think that Kyouta is done talking to Hibino,I mean we have got chores to do" Arisu said angrily feeling a little jealous of Hibino

"Yeah lets go check on them so he doesn't suddenly spring a proposal on her" Miho said jokingly waiting for a reaction from Arisu who never failed to deliver.

"WHAT!. He wouldn't really.....I mean ......ugh lets go" Arisu said running towards the classroom and she swung the door open to find Hibino on the floor shaking, crying and shaking some more.

"Hibino are you okay" Arisu said asking a very stupid question as far as Miho could understand.

"Yes she's okay that's why she's in 's what an okay person would do" Tch what an idiot that Arisu all brawn no brains.

"Guys...K...kyouta he's leaving for Russia tomorrow" Hibino managed to say before fainting and throwing both of her friends into hysterics.

Phone conversation


Miho: What the f**k?

Officer: First of all you do not need to swear over 1-9-9(Japanese equvalent of 911)

Miho:Send me a f****ing ambulance

Officer: You do not need to swear you b***ch

Miho: My friend is.....(line disconnected)


Miho:I need an ambul...........(line disconnected)

"Whats going on Miho why isn't there an ambulance yet" Arisu said with fear in her eyes as Hibino refused to wake up.

Officer: Hello

Miho: I really need an ambulance my friend is unconscious.

Arisu:She isnt responding to CPR Dammit send a F-ing ambulance.

A couple of minutes later sirens fill the air as Hibino was carried on a stretcher almost lifeless and her two friends looked shocked and they both looked lost in thought .

What the hell just happened here? They both thought.


Hibino POV

My head hurts i feel like have just been repeatedly hit with a the heck happened to me and why am i in the HOSPITAL...

....Oh i remember now Kyota broke up with me and if its the day i think it is he is probably on a plane to russia for whatever reason.

"Hibino you are awake now"Said a smiling Miho.

"Yeah that would be the idea" I replied . Why is she acting so strange.

"Are u okay "

"Yeah... I am. Hey is that a bird"


"Oh its flown away" Awww.

"Miho where is Arisu"

"Um...What did you say?" Why is she avoiding my questions.

"Okay then where's my mum and sis"

"Them they left an hour ago" She says absentmindedly

"When am i leaving"

"Today after the doctor checks you out"

"So what was wrong with me"

"I've gotta go bye" What is up with her.

NEXT DAY.........

Everyone is acting so strange and Sis has been acting weird since she went to get the mail and Miho wont let me move and inch its actually very annoying.


"You cant be here"

"Why" I think its Kyota and he has decided to stay but why is Miho arguing with him.....

.......It isnt him its sis's boyfriend and now im in a bad mood :(


Hibino has forgotten all about Kyouta and is going out with Hirashi Hatake(New guy).

"Hey get off me Hirashi u perv" Hibino said as she tried to read and stop herself from laughing as Hirashi(Her boyfriend) tickled her as usual trying stop her from studying.

"Okay you win are you happy now" She said admitting defeat but secretly still reading her book

"No i want a kiss" And at that moment she did something that the old Hibino would never have done without being embarrassed she kissed Hirashi on the stairs.

"Eeew thats gross,you are killing my eyes" Miho said covering her eyes in mock disgust and then kissing her new boyfriend she had broken up with the other one.

"Ugh you guys i'm going to throw up my lunch"Arisu says walking down the stairs with her gang.

"It was spaghetti can you imagine spaghetti as vomit" Jamal said as he walked down the stairs with Arisu who he has liked for a while but won't ask out because Arisu still likes Kyouta.

"Jamal" The entire group gave such a grossed out look.

"What! i was just saying".

(bell that ends lunch rings)

"Yay class is starting I'm so happy" Arisu said sacartically.

"Its great to see Arisu-chan feels the same way" Hibino said happily and in that split second everyone wondered how someone so smart could be so thick.

Miho's pov

I was just thinking about how its great that Hibino has gotten over Kyouta when Daichi- sensei walked in.

"There is a student who isnt exactly new and is quite well known. You can come in now.

Its Kyouta

That was such an expected ending to this chapter. I was going to write more about how she has grown without him but i got bored

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