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Chapter 1: Alone

Raven sat with her face squinted in frustration. The tell-tale alarm had just rung with an alert of a petty villain, and the team had left her behind, though not without many a protest. But there was just no arguing with Robin. She was the best at it, and still she lost quite often.

The tower was much too quiet for her tastes. Sure, Raven enjoyed the sounds of silence, but after years of being on this team, she had to admit that sometimes she would miss the noises of screaming and explosions in the corridors. Well, you only miss it when it's not there, she reasoned.

Bored. Raven was actually bored. She had read her books millions of times, and though they never seemed to get old, she was immensely opposed to reading at the moment, which was quite unlike her. Yet she could find nothing else to do.

Damn that man

Raven had not imagined that a simple robber could best her, and she was right on that count. But gang members could be very sneaky indeed, mostly the one that had snuck up from behind with a lead pipe. The asshole had beaten her up, choked her, and thrown her off the top of a forty-three story building. She just thanked Azar that Robin had caught her before she had hit the ground (though they had only been inches away from the concrete). However, the fall had done her quite a bit of damage.

And now Robin had insisted that she stay home and rest.

It was the weakness that destroyed her. The very feeling of not being useful, the degradation of being left home due to injuries that she felt had no effect on her fighting. Raven clenched her fists from within her darkened room, trying so hard to concentrate on the solidity of her three word mantra.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos…,"

Suffice to say, it was not working very well. Her purple curtains blew in a sudden burst of air. Then the slightest creak made Raven's eyes shoot open, wary and suddenly aware of how alone she was at that very moment. She shook the feelings aside. She was Raven of the Teen Titans. She didn't do fear. She refused to.

Raven's hands lit with dark, crackling energy as she stood from her bed, eyes sweeping her room for anything out of the ordinary. There! A dark shadow skipped across her walls. Raven hardened her expression, wishing briefly that her hood was up to hide her face. There was a quick thought in her mind that this was only a petty villain like Control Freak, but she discarded the notion when she quickly noted that if that had been the case, he would already have shown himself and bragged at the look on her face. No, this person was smarter. Faster. Darker. Her eyes flew to the white chest under her bed. Locked. Okay, that's one problem that doesn't have to be dealt with.

I should call for help, she thought, eyeing the yellow communicator lying like a beacon of light on her old wooden chest of drawers. No, they're on a mission. I can deal with this myself. I can take care of myself. This thought made Raven feel more defiant.

"Who's there?" she demanded, "Show yourself!"

There was a deep, amused chuckle, and Raven found herself continually whirling to find the source as it moved about her small living space. All shadows seemed to jump and rise with the dim lighting in her room, and soon Raven found it hard to know where to look. Her ankle throbbed with the pain of being leaned on, but she pushed the prickling sensation aside. This was important. She needed to concentrate. Her amethyst eyes tried desperately to hone in on the intruder, and her fear was slowly mounting. No, she would not ignore the fear. Uncertainty had its chokehold on her. The unseen enemy is always much more imposing than the obvious one.

"I'll only ask this one more time," Raven's eyes glowed black, "Who is this?! Why are you here?!"

That dark chuckle once again. But now Raven's mind connected to memories and she recognized the voice that had created it. Her neck prickled with fear that only this man could bring her.

"Oh, my dear Raven. I'm disappointed that you even have to ask."

A shift. Orange. Rustle of fabric against legs. Tight arms suffocating a thin waist. A mind numbing, astronomically painful prick. Limp lavender locks. And then the darkness.

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