A Day In Hazzard

There at it once and Luke Duke are being chased by sheriff Rosco and Deputy Enos Strate.

It is a normal everyday occurrence in Hazzard looks over at his Cousin Like and says

"Luke, don't you think Rosco and Enos's car's need a wash"

"Yes I do, I think Hazzard pond in a perfect place to get them washed"


As Bo and Luke head outta town and towards Hazzard pong with Rosco and Enos right on their tail.

When they are at Hazzard Pond they make a quick right.

As always Rosco and Enos cannot make the turn and fly right into Hazzard Pond.

Bo stopped the General Lee and they hung out the window and looked back at Enos and said

"They're ok"


Enos and Rosco climbed or more like swam out of their cars.

Bo and Luke climbed back into the General started it up and they took off for "The Boar's Nest".

Rosco's POV

"Enos, You Dipstick, you let them get away"

"But, Sheriff"

"Don't but Sheriff me, Enos"

"But, Sheriff, It wasn't my fault"

"I don't care, You Dipstick"

Rosco then pulled his CB handle out of his car and said

"This is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane calling Cooter"

"Yeah, Rosco, What do you want"

"Don't talk to me like that, Cooter"

"Well just tell me what ya'll want"

"Mine and Enos's patrol cars are in Hazzard pond again"

"Ok I will be out to give ya'll a tow out"

"Thanks Cooter"

"Ya, I'm gone"

Normal POV

So while Rosco and Enos are waiting for Cooter to come pull their cars out of the pond, Boss Hogg is on his way to "The Boar's Nest".

Since Daisy's Jeep is in the garage getting her radiator fixed Bo and Luke have been taking Daisy back and forth to work.

When Bo, Luke, and Daisy are about to leave "The Boar's Nest", Boss stops said

"What is it now, Boss?"

"Daisy, I need you to work a double shift today, one of them just called off so I need you to work her shift tonight"


Luke butted in and said

"NO, Daisy"

"Yes fellas, you two just get on home to Uncle Jesse. I will call you on the CB when I am done"

"Ok, Cousin"

They both kissed her on the side of her head and proceeded to leave the Boar's Nest.

Daisy then head's back in and start to get ready for the supper rush.

After a half hour or so Rosco and Enos came walking goes back to Boss's office and Enos walks over to said

"Hi, Daisy"

"Hey, Enos, why are you all wet?"

"Well um we were chasing Bo and Luke and we flew into Hazzard Pond again"

"Man, what am I ever going to do with ya'll?"

"Yep, Daisy, I thought you were done?"

"I was but someone called in sick, so Boss is making me work"

"Well, Daisy, if you need a ride home I can give you one if you don't want to make Bo and Like come clear back here"

"Thanks, Enos"

"You're mighty welcome Daisy"

"Do you want anything to eat?"

"Sure, how about the regular"

"Let me guess, bear with an egg salad sandwich"

"You're right on the dot as always, Daisy"

"Why thank you"

She then got Enos his bear and walked back into the kitchen to fix him his egg salad sandwich.

When she finished it she walked back out of the walked over to Enos and sat it down in front of him.

The supper rush then after everyone has come and gone Enos is helping Daisy lock up "The Boar's Nest" for the night.

When they are done that walked out and Daisy locked the doors.

They both walked over to his patrol car, they then head for the Duke the way Daisy gets on the CB

"Lost sheep, this is Bo Peep, are you out there"

"This is Lost Sheep, Bo Peep, come back"

"Ya fellas, don't worry about coming to get me because Enos is giving me a ride home"

"Okay, we will see ya soon"

"See ya, fellas"

She put the CB handle she is really enjoying riding with Enos.

She is in love with him and he is in love with her and the whole county knows it.

After a while they made it to the got out and went around to Daisy's car door and opened it for her.

She got out and he shut the smiled at him and said

"Thanks for the ride, Enos"

"It's no problem, Daisy"

"Well, um"

But before Daisy could finish her sentence Enos interrupted her and said

"What are you doing tomorrow evening, Daisy?"

"Nothing, Why Enos?"

"Well I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner and a movie in Atlanta."

"I would love to, Enos"


She leaned up and gave him a kiss on his cheek they bid each other good night.

Enos left and Daisy quietly went into the house, everyone is asleep so she quietly walked over to her room.

She took a shower and dressed in her night smiled under the covers of her bed.

She laid her head down and fell asleep, her dreams filled of her and Enos.

Ok first of all this is my first shot at writing a Duke of Hazzard please go easy on me. I know it was short but the next chapter is going to be awesome. I love the thought of Daisy and Enos are perfect for each that's what this story is going to be about. I hope you liked review review review