9 Months Later

Daisy's POV

The party at the "Boars Nest" was awesome. Nothing could top Enos's proposal though. I still cannot believe it. That was 9 months ago, 2 weeks after the party we got married at the farm, where I have always wanted to have my wedding.

Uncle Jesse is doing well; Bo and Luke are just as rowdy as ever. Except now they are both married. Not long after my wedding they meant these two girls named, Sara and Jean.

Jean is Luke's wide and Sara is Bo's. We are all living at the farm. The boys are currently working on remodeling the house and making it bigger. They better hurry because a little Duke/Strait is on the way.

That's right I am expecting mine and Enos's first child. All of Hazzard is excited, it's back to being hectic again, which I love it.

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