Marcus Flint, your average Slytherin

It was common knowledge members of the Slytherin house did not have friends. One could say they collected various acquaintances. And Marcus Flint was no different; on this particular evening he was to be found in the cold and dark Slytherin common room sitting as close as possible to the fire and thumbing through a thick text for his potions class. Suddenly a large thump broke his concentration, he glanced up slightly and saw a heavy tome sitting on the desk in front of him.

"Anyone sitting here?"

Marcus shook his head without looking up to address the speaker.

"Thanks. So you doing the potions work then?"

"Just because I acknowledged you and confirmed that no one is sitting there." The quidditch player looked up, "Parry, isn't an invitation to sit nor is it an excuse to start a conversation based on needless prattle."

"Oh, Marcus," the speaker emphasised his first name, "we're all friends here right?"

Flint slowly closed his book and raised a sardonic eyebrow, "Friends, Parry? I wouldn't go as far as to say that. Now if you don't mind I want to finish this tonight."

"Why bother? Its potions, Snape would never fail a Son of Salazaar."

Marcus once more looked up sending Parry a penetrating stare. "I, unlike some people do have a sense of pride about my work."

"Pride, oh how very Gryffindor of you." Flint looked up suddenly, incensed. Before he could begin Parry added, "Don't worry I wont tell anyone."

Flint shook his head and went back to the book, "So, is it hard?"

"Why don't you try it and see for your self, Parry."

Parry smirked, "Oh and where's the fun in that Marcus? C'mon, help a friend out?"

The Slytherin chaser sighed and his brow furrowed slightly, "There you go again with the 'friend' thing, Parry."

"It's not going to kill you, having friends. And it's Evie."

"Now who's acting like a Gryffindor," Evie's eyes narrowed, "Don't worry, I wont tell anyone." Marcus mocked further.

Parry smiled widely, as if struck by a sudden thought, she rose from the armchair opposite Marcus. She then daintily picked her way over to the sofa Flint was sprawled across and sat down next to him. Marcus' stiffened next to her, and he gave her a sidelong glance. Evie smiled once more and lent over Marcus' shoulder, whispering in his ear, "So, is it hard?"

Flint closed his eyes and slammed the book shut; a slow smirk began to spread across his face as he turned to face Parry.

"You wont know until you try it, Evie."

"Ah, I knew you'd get used to the friends thing."

"Yes, I suppose it is growing on me."

"You see? I knew you'd see it my way. So, the potions, is it hard? I mean my parents actually want me to get an O in potions so I can't just try it and have Snape give me a pass. But the stuff we were covering…" Evie was suddenly cut off as Marcus' mouth came crashing down on hers, his hands wrapped around her middle as he stood her up and manoeuvred her towards the chair she had previously occupied. Still wrapped up in their all-consuming kiss, Marcus pushed Evie backwards and she landed heavily in the chair, all the while his lips never leaving hers. He broke off suddenly, "Yeah, I'm really starting to like this friends thing." With that he shot her a wicked smirk, picked up his potions book and swept out of the common room.