Entertainment Is An Interpretation

Doctor Pitt rushed through the wards to see his fair haired patient. "Doctor," Gibbs gave his usual gruff response. McGee and Ziva were out checking the scene but there hadn't been any sign of the ring master so far. "How's it looking?" Gibbs asked.

"It was just as I suspected," Brad saw that Tony was beginning to wake up. He noted the bandaged hand of Gibbs as well as the few scratches on his cheek. "It's a mixture of shock and exhaustion. I'd like to keep him in overnight for observation," Brad explained as Gibbs nodded. "Hey Tony," Brad greeted cheerfully.

Tony saw that his finger had been set but it was still throbbing and his arm was heavily bandaged. "Get off me!" He cried out before thrashing about. "Get them off!"

"Tony, it's all right. You're in the hospital," Brad said calmly. "What on Earth were you doing?"

"We went to the circus… Me, Abby and Tony. We saw clowns, GI Joes and dancing dogs. There was a big bear and all," he said with slurred words. "We fought them, we beat them all up… Was Barbie there?" Tony said as he tried to stay awake. "Cotton Candy. We had that," he said.

"I think I've overdone the pain killers," Brad said.

"I don't think so," Gibbs responded.

"He's going to be out for some time," Brad said. "Now let's talk about Abby," they walked to the other side of the room. Gibbs' face dropped. That sounded ominous. "Relax," he said. Usually they wouldn't allow a male and female to be in the same room. But this was a special case and it seemed that his two patients got agitated when they were separated.

Hey Gibbs Abby signed.

Gibbs breathed a sigh of relief. "You ok?" He asked.

Sore neck… Hurts to talk. Abby continued to sign. Use to think Apollo and Starbuck were cute now they're just a pain in the neck.

Gibbs was amazed that Abby still was able to throw in a joke after all this had happened. "What did she say?" Brad asked.

"Hurts to talk and she hates Apollo and Starbuck," Gibbs shrugged his shoulders. He looked back to see Abby sign to him once again. "DiNozzo's fine," Gibbs answered her.

"There's no serious damage done. I don't know what happened out there. But fortunately the wounds missed any arteries though the blood did make it look worse than it was… You mind telling me what happened?" Brad asked.

"Difficult to explain Doctor," Gibbs said and left it at that.

NCIS… Director's Office

Gibbs checked his watch it was well after midnight by the time he went to see Jenny. The Ring Master had not been spotted so McGee and Ziva put out a BOLO and were interviewing some hysterical witnesses.

"What happened?" Jenny asked. She saw the bandages on Gibbs' hand and the minor scrapes and bruises over his face.

"The clowns went psychotic," Gibbs took a deep breath. "Peoples' toys tried to kill people and we had just managed to survive," he said.

"The tent was destroyed… Things were scattered all over the place. The local hospital is overflowing, treating people for injuries, hysteria and shock. I demand to know what happened Agent Gibbs," Jenny demanded an explanation.

"I can't explain it," Gibbs said in a defeated tone. "Not until we get hold of the guy who was running the entertainment," he added.

He rubbed his face as when he stepped outside of the office. Jenny had instructed him to keep her updated. It was a given anyway. Gibbs reached Cynthia's desk when he heard the scream. Cynthia and Gibbs burst through the door to see Jenny lying on the floor with the Teddy Bear standing over her. Its claws were ready to strike. Gibbs pulled out his sig and fired at the bear, blood and fur went everywhere.

"Jenny," Gibbs bent down.

"It just got me by surprise," Jenny responded as she stood up. "My God, is that what happened at the circus?" She asked.

"No, this was only the bear," Gibbs said with a slight smile. This whole thing would be more serious if it wasn't so damn funny. Maybe the Ring Master did what he had promised to do, provide great entertainment. He doubted that a lot of people would see it that way but maybe entertainment is an interpretation.