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Here's another prompt reply to La Paige's prompt challenge. I've chosen the prompt Freedom. Enjoy! (I hope.)



Caitlyn wrote the word once more, right across the top of the page. Freedom. Caitlyn stared blankly down at the word she'd written across the sheet of music she had been drawing on.

"Caity? What'd you think?" Nate asked, interrupting her inner musings.

"Um, run it by me again," she instructed, holding down the red button in front of her so her voice would carry to the boys.

"We've run it by you four times already," Shane complained.

"Well run it by me a fifth time, Shane," she commanded, flicking the audio slider. The boys sighed, but picked up their microphones once more.

"I'm speechless, head-over-heels in the moment," the boys sang. Caitlyn sighed.

"Guys? Let's take a five. I'm not focusing and y'all sound like you need some Starbucks," she suggested. The boys nodded, dropping microphones unto the stand and filing out of the recording studio.

"Want anything?" Jason asked, his head peeking around the corner. "We're going down to Starbucks."

"No, I'm fine. Thanks," she waved him off, picking up her pen once more. She flipped the page over, drawing a little patch of grass and some music notes. After a second of staring at the little clearing she created, she drew a girl with bouncy brown curls spinning on the patch of grass. At the bottom, she wrote Freedom.

"What is freedom?" she mumbled. And then wrote that too. "To be free."

Caitlyn sighed, running a hand through her hand and down her cheek.

"What is freedom? What is to be free?"

She poked a hole in the paper with an angry sigh. Crumpling the paper into a ball, she tossed it into the bin. After a second, she got down on all fours and dug it back out. She opened the paper, spreading it out on the stereo and flattening it out.

"We're back," Jason cried, rushing around the corner into the studio. Caitlyn jumped, folding the paper into a tiny square and shoving it into her pocket.

"Don't scare me like that, Jase."

"Sorry Caity!"

"Kit-Cat, can we run the album line-up by you?"

"Um, sure…," she mumbled, catching the prototype jewel case Shane tossed her. Connect the Dots. "What kind of title is Connect the Dots?"

"Ask management; we just posed for the pictures," Nate muttered darkly. "I preferred 'Lines, Vines and Trying Times', but they told me that wasn't our material."

"Guys, what does 'freedom' mean to you?" Caitlyn asked suddenly, putting down the jewel case. The boys looked at her strangely, but, in the business, people asked you weirder questions.

"Playing our own music," Shane said.

"Making our own decisions," Nate added.

"Birdies! They're free. They have the easy life. They sing whatever they want, live where they want… and they don't have to worry about money or food or clothes!"

"Freedom," Caitlyn mumbled.

"Everyone's idea of 'free' is different, Caity," Nate explained, sitting in her chair.

"It's what matters to you," Shane added.

"Yes, but I don't know what my idea of freedom is!" she cried, frustrated. "You guys have an idea of free which basically involves making your own decisions music wise… and birds. But I don't know what my idea of free is!"

"Aw, gimme a hug, CaityCait!" Jason cried, launching himself at her.

"Dog pile!" Shane cheered, adding to the hug, taking Caitlyn and Jason down with him.

Nate laughed at his friends, piled on the floor caught in a hug and smile, diving to join the pile.

Caitlyn smiled, propping herself up on her elbows. Freedom is the ability to be free. Mistakes, lovers and friends included in the dog pile.


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