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I got the idea to do a series of one-shots based around the darkest powers series after I started trying to write a story on Tori. I realised that some scenes of the books might be interesting to read from other character's points of view. Some of the chapters in this fic will be just that, but others will be completely made up. Let me know what you think of this chapter and if you have any suggestions for the next character I focus on let me know!

"Would you please just shut up Tori?" I demanded as we walked down the small country lane that would hopefully lead us to Andrew's house. I was practically salivating at the thought of proper food. Bruised convenience store fruit can only satisfy a guy for so long.

"Whatever." Tori said heaving a massive sigh that would have sounded totally blasé and cool, which I guess was what she was going for, if she hadn't started yawning half way through. The sky was grey and the wind was cold and cutting. I pulled the hood on my jumper up to cover my ears but I didn't stop walking. "Do you think Chloe and Derek will be there?" Tori asked, already appearing to have forgotten I'd just told her to shut up.

"I dunno." I said speeding up in the hope of effectively ending this and all conversations for the evening. What had Derek been thinking taking Chloe off the bus with him when he knew he was going to change? I knew Chloe was stubborn, but come on! He could've taken her! He should have made her stay on the bus. And Derek? Why hadn't he woken me and told me what was going on? I would've come with him, we were brothers after all. Scratch that, we were closer than most brothers. If anything happened to him, I don't know what I'd do. Tori walked faster catching up with me again and falling into step beside me. Was this girl ever going to get the message?

"Aren't you worried?" Tori demanded. "I thought Derek was your brother? I know I'd be concerned if my sister went missing! Don't you have a thing for Chloe too? You don't seem all that shook up about this!" Whirling around I glared at her.

"Of course I'm worried you idiot! Just because I don't tell you what I'm thinking, doesn't mean I'm not thinking it! Besides, what do you care? I didn't think you did, you're just a cold-hearted bitch!" Tori looked like I'd just slapped her across the face. She recoiled back for an instant before marching past me and walking on in the direction we were headed. I pinched the bridge of my nose, sighing. I hadn't meant to say that to her, she'd just hit a nerve. I jogged up beside her.

"Am, Tori, I'm-uh-sorry." I mumbled. I didn't like having to apologise to her, not one bit.

"Whatever. I doesn't matter." She said, not stopping. Her tone of voice, betrayed her saying, it did matter, very much.

"No, really, I am." I said grabbing her wrist to stop her moving. She tried to jerk her arm out of my grip but I refused to let go.

"You have three seconds to let go of me Simon before I knee you so hard in the nuts that you won't reach Andrew's for a week." She glared at me.

"Look, listen-" I started.

"One." Tori said.

"I didn't mean it okay." Struggling for the right thing to say before I lost my chance at reproducing.


"It's just that I'm worried about them." I let go of her wrist but she didn't move.

"Yeah. So am I." Tori said staring down at her feet. "Do you think they'll be okay?" she asked scuffing one of her trainers on the ground.

"They'll be fine." I said confused at how we had got to here, me comforting her. "Derek can take care of himself and he won't let anything happen to Chloe." She nodded before starting to walk on slowly again, I followed her. Suddenly there was a bang of thunder and we both looked up. The sky started to pour rain. Things couldn't get any worst. We were starving, cold, lost, missing half our group and now to top it all off, wet.

"Things just got about as possibly crap as they could get, didn't they?" She said, shoving her hands in her pockets.

"Yeah." I said as we turned a bend in the road. In front of us stood a small house I remembered well from my childhood. Andrews.

"Thank God!" Tori moaned. "Dibs using the shower first."

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