The way that Andrew had been looking at me ever since we had arrived at the safe house was starting to get to me. At first I thought he was just been wary – keeping his distance till he realised that I was still me. No such luck.

It had been two days now and he seemed to be waiting for me to turn on them all and rip them to shreds. I didn't plan on that or at least I hoped I didn't.

The last half transformation was definitely the last of its kind. Next time would be it. I was sure of it. My body had ached to finish it but something was holding me back. Not me necessarily more like some outside force.

Both Simon and Chloe had tried to tell me that just because some of the subjects had been genetically altered unsuccessfully did not mean that they all had or had even been tampered with at all. I knew this wasn't true. No way were a bunch of scientists going to pass up the opportunity to study mutations in werewolves. Why did Simon and Chloe think they had us in the lab in the first place? To study us from a sociological point of view?

It seemed odd to me that Chloe knew about my past. No one else bar her, Simon, my Dad and Andrew knew. She had somehow gone from troublesome girl to part of the inner sanctum. If you were to believe the werewolf books Dad had procured for me she was part of my pack.

Pack. The term seemed foreign to me. I have known what I am for my whole life but I still don't think that it has sunk in. My body will someday, someday soon, change into that of a wolf. It seems physically impossible. How could the human body do something like that? I smirk when I remember that my body isn't necessarily 100%human.

Chloe surprised me when we were trying to escape from Lyle house by not being repulsed by me. It was always in the back of my head that one of the reasons that werewolves tended to live in isolated packs in the countryside was because others find them terrifying, horrific beasts. Not Chloe. It was hard not to wonder whether she had any skills of self-preservation.

I heard Andrew warning her earlier today about the dangers of getting too close to me. I was dangerous – I understood that but Andrew had to understand that I wouldn't hurt Chloe. I wouldn't hurt any of them. Except maybe Tori but even then I didn't want to physically attack her. A few sharp words on the other hand…

Chloe for her part chastised Andrew for treating me like an animal. I couldn't help but rejoice at the fact that she didn't see me the same way that he did. Andrew had known me since Dad adopted me and no longer trusted or cared for me at all. Chloe on the other hand seemed almost protective of me…

I shook off the thought. Protective. Andrew had warned her about that too. He said that wolves mate for life. This I knew already but I didn't think that the concept applied to werewolves too and it doesn't. Sure Chloe was… Chloe but that sounded pretty intense and serious. Luckily Chloe seemed to reject the whole idea and didn't seem as concerned as Andrew wished her to be.

Besides, Chloe was Simon's. I knew that. He knew that. Tori knew it and I hope to hell that Chloe knew it too. He really liked her. More than any other girl I had ever heard him talk about. She obviously liked him too. Back in Lyle house the two of them were as thick as thieves and plotted their secret meetings without me present. In hindsight I couldn't blame them. I'd been more sharp with her than I had any right to be. It was easier for me to accept who I was. As impossible as the whole thing seemed at least I had known about it all my life. Chloe on the other hand was told she was a necromancer by a boy she met in a care home for teens with mental problems. If that wasn't enough she soon realised that her parents and aunt had been lying to her for her entire life. That must have been one hell of a week for her.

But she didn't let it stop her. Not once. Chloe stayed strong even when she accidentally raised those corpses. Yeah, she freaked out a little at the start but she'd gotten the job done. That's more than can be said for my half-hearted werewolf transformations. She didn't let me order her around either and called me out on my bullshit – something that no one else ever really did. I couldn't help but admire her strength and conviction. Not only was she smart and funny and pretty and …

I shook my head and groaned… maybe there was something to this mate theory…

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