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Shadow made it to Central City successfully. Once there had to locate Eggman and stop the building of the cannon. Shadow remembered this city it was where he stop Black Doom from his plan of evil and stopped it. Shadow stood atop a building and with what luck the egg carrier flew over him he took his green chaos emeralds out and teleported on board the ship, and with surprise he was in the bridge once again. "Eggman.'' he said quietly to himself. Shadow quickly hid behind a small water tower some roofs have. "Let's go back to that city now! Shadow has probably already came and we CANNOT let him see us!'' Eggman yelled into a comlink. Shadow growled furiously. It was all fake, Eggman wanted to destroy the other city much more.

He took out the green chaos emerald and focused all his power and a portal opened up back to the city for one last battle.

Shadow exited the portal and was back in the city he was on a skyscraper and he looked behind him and out in the ocean was a flying fortress bigger than the egg carrier and on it was the finished cannon aiming for the city. Robots flew over him and he chased after them and in midair he had an MP5 and shot them all out of the sky and he landed back on his feet on a building roof.

He noticed the city in panic and below in the group was kuki. He widened his eyes and saw metal sonic chasing the group of people. He was tired of him and he jumped down heading in metals direction. Metal flew above the crowd of people and they all separated and went to hide in the buildings, surprisingly Kuki was still running metal sonic landed in front of her she backed up and fell to the ground from above shadow held a AT4 rocket launcher and fired and the round hit the ground behind metal and the shockwave sent him flying over Kuki and landing behind her then shadow dashed down and a cloud of dust surrounded them, shadow got behind metal and grabbed him the wrists and started to pulling on them and quickly they were ripped off, metal fell to his knees and shadow took out a desert eagle and pointed it right to his head and fired a gaping hole was left in metal head and he fell sideways to the dirt.

Kuki watched the dust clear and she gasped heavily and saw shadow she ran to him fast and pulled him into a fierce hug and she was happy as she can be. "I need to take care of that cannon kuki, but I need more power though.'' he said sounding like all hope was lost then she held out a brown bag concealing the other six emeralds. He of course was shocked. "You're the best.'' he said smiling at her he stood still the seven emeralds swirled around him and in a quick shining light he was in his super form he gave kuki a thumbs up and headed to the cannon.

Eggman sat in his seat overlooking the large cannon ready to fire "I shall take over the whole world with this!'' he said victoriously then noticed shadow heading toward the airship, he gasped "Fire the cannon!" he ordered. Shadow stopped in the air as a large blue lightning laser fired from the barrel and headed to shadow. Kuki watched the laser come toward him, she clasped her hands "Please be okay.'' she said worriedly.

Shadow put his hands in front of him and he created a shield around him and the laser hit against his shield with tremendous force he groaned from the impact but he started to push back, whoever gives will pay the price of death. Shadow was being forced back by it and was barely holding on he then heard many voices in his head the words from the citizens shouting his name "Shadow I know you can do it!!'' Kuki's voice shouted. His body glowed brightly and with great force he pushed the laser back and the laser was still firing and didn't stop. "MORE POWER!'' eggman ordered. The laser then glowed bright blue as it still fired into shadows shield. Shadow still had more power and using every bit of strength he had, he flew forwards fast and the laser was inches away from the barrel. "Oh boy'' eggman said in failure. Shadow charged forward and the laser exploded inside the cannon wiping out the whole airship as flaming debris landed in the ocean. The people erupted into a cheer as shadow defeated Eggman's weapon of mass destruction.

Kuki went to the cities beach and she found his beaten and battered body laying on the beach. She ran to him and she went on her knees next to him, he slowly opened his eyes she smiled with joy. "Looks like we win.'' he said smiling she helped him up and she hugged him and then he picked her up and sped through the city with all the people noticing him pass by and they cheered once again. He took her to the highest building in the city and together they sat overlooking the scenery. "Well it's finally over.'' she said "I couldn't do it without you though.'' he told her "And now it's just you and me.'' he said looking back out to the city. "I love you shadow.'' she said kissing him on the cheek, "I love you too.'' he told her so they both sat and watched over the city, and together they fought against impossible odds, and did it together and forever their relationship can never be broken and so will their adventures continue? Possibly. These two will never leave each others side they will remain together and protect the city every time. So remember this: Shadow The Hedgehog and Kuki Sanban shall be together forever.